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  1. rockren

    2018 MLB Draft

    QUOTE (fathom @ Jul 29, 2017 -> 05:04 PM) Kelenic been impressing people. He's in the UA game at wrigley in an hour http://www.baseballamerica.com/draft/under...otes/?amphtml=1 Kelenic has to be on the WSox radar. He played for the WSox in the area code games in Long Beach last summer (Sox coaches loved him: www.baseballamerica.com/area-code-baseball/kelenic-making-name-known-2018-class/%3famphtml=1) He won the MVP of the Double Duty Classic at Guaranteed Rate a few weeks ago (the Minoso family presented him with the MVP) His bat speed is the real deal...I'm starting to jump on his way too early bandwagon for our first pick next year.
  2. rockren

    Can Rodon become a quality mlb starter?

    QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Aug 4, 2017 -> 09:15 PM) Bump... Can we change the thread title to "...become an ace?"
  3. rockren

    Site BackOnline

    Thank the gods its back.
  4. rockren

    Updated teams interested in Q

    QUOTE (oldsox @ Jun 3, 2017 -> 06:59 AM) Why would the Brewers give up Top Rated Brinson for Q? They wouldn't- not just because they love Brinson, but because the Brewers won't be buyers this year...at least not for as anyone as significant as Q. I live in the Milwaukee area and head down to spring training every year to catch the WSox, but see a lot of the Brewers behind the scenes at their practices w/my dad. Don't believe anything you may hear- the Brewers would still sell if they were in 1st at the deadline if they could. The Crew knows they're more than a Q away from actually hanging all year with the Cards & Cubs...not only does their rotation have future problems, but that bullpen has played above their heads at times (much like ours) and the Crew know this. With that being said, just for entertainment purposes...the Crew could totally get a deal done for Q w/o Brinson and probably even w/o Hader (although Hader has been terrible this year...hes still an arm you'd really want). Diaz, Ortiz, Phillips and a lottery ticket for me would work. I understand a lot of people here would want more for Q...but Isan Diaz is really underrated. I believe him to be a better prospect than Brinson is...at least with the stick...guy is a middle infielder and may have a middle o the order bat in the bigs.
  5. rockren

    Spring Training notes thread

    Sorry I didn't see a 3/12 game thread from Sunday- I was four rows behind home plate in Glendale for the early game against Texas. Kopech probably throws as hard as I've ever seen for a starter. We asked a few of the scouts behind us with radar guns and they said he touched 100 multiple times. The Rangers just sat fastball every pitch and hit a few...but were blown away a few times. I think Kopech was up in the zone more than he liked. Kopech's off-speed looked better then expected as he threw them for strikes plenty. However, I'm not sure if Texas swung at any other than Middlebrooks going down swinging on a 3-2. I don't know what it is, but Texas just laid off of off-speed vs Kopech. My guess is he's tipping off-speed. When I watched Lopez on Thursday the Brewers knees would buckle every time Lopez threw off-speed.....Rangers didn't buckle at Kopech's off-speed- just laid off. Regardless...with some polish as Coop said... he's going to be a killer. Jacob May had a really good game. Leury Garcia at SS is terrifyingly bad. I love me some Leury but good lord. It felt like the Rangers ran on Kevan Smith every chance they got and were always safe by a mile. Burdi threw...and yes scouts with the radars confirmed he also hit 100 with regularity. Puello took him deep for a three run bomb that felt like it was going to hit the Dodgers building. Rick Hahn and Kenny were both up in the booth...for the entire game.
  6. rockren

    3/10 game thread

    QUOTE (hi8is @ Mar 11, 2017 -> 01:45 AM) Wow! I'm beyond shocked to read this. I had always pegged him like Frank... willing to sign for hours. Maybe we just caught him on bad days the past few seasons- I have heard good things too. We'll see Sunday...when we're in Camelback to watch Kopech!
  7. rockren

    3/10 game thread

    QUOTE (hi8is @ Mar 11, 2017 -> 01:09 AM) Good posts here and in the other thread. Thanks for sharing and congrats to your family on the memorable experiences! Thanks! It was pretty great. Brewers are always first rate when we're around- my son said Braun was easily the most social with him. He walked by Frazier in the tunnel and Frazier said hi to him and asked him how he was. He said Frazier talked to a Brewers rep and said that they have been getting their asses worked off this Spring. Frazier & Anderson were very social with fans today. Moncada apologized to fans saying he didn't have time to sign, but was nice. Abreu (just like last spring) was rude and blew everyone off.
  8. rockren

    3/10 game thread

    My son was a bat boy for the Brewers today. He said everyone in the dugout called Lopez nasty- he blew Braun away on three pitches during Braun's 1st AB I believe. My son said Braun said to him as he was in the hole awaiting his 2nd AB, something along the lines of, "the way he's throwing I'm just going to have to hope he misses off-speed and find a way to get on base." Braun walked after a great AB. Lopez was absolutely dominant today.
  9. rockren

    White Sox Scout Yankees for Potential Q Trade

    FWIW Rick Hahn was a few rows behind me at Sox/Brewers today in Maryvale. I didn't notice he was there until the 5th or so until after Lopez was done (he could have been there way sooner). He sat next to another WSox rep who had a radar gun- they were gunning Jennings and watched him HARD. I didn't see them gun the others. I'm pretty sure Rick ducked out right after Moncada's go ahead rocket double to center in the 9th.
  10. If anyone could offer any trade secrets as to where to be at what time to catch extended BP/practice and things like that before spring games at Camelback- I would appreciate it. I've been down with my family the past few years- talked to Jim Thome a bit during BP before a WSox/Brewers game, but I want to make sure we're not missing anything. Do the WSox at Camelback allow kids to run the bases after Sunday games? I know the Brewers and Giants do this (maybe everyone does this, I'm not sure). I know the Brewers have practice at their facility the morning of road games, which they have open to the public. Do the WSox do anything like that? I'm not an auto/eBay guy....my 10 year old (who is a really good player in his own right!) has really read up on the batch of young talent coming in and I'm excited for him to grow with this rebuild. If you'd rather message me- feel free. Thanks in advance, guys.
  11. rockren

    Quintana Rumors: Round and round and round we go

    QUOTE (hi8is @ Dec 23, 2016 -> 01:29 AM) True. I clearly need to go to bed. As soon as you do....BAM...trade goes down. You'll be the last to know and never really know all of the details as to how it went down. Stay up.
  12. rockren

    White Sox News FA / Rumors / News

    QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Nov 20, 2016 -> 12:20 AM) Jeff PassanVerified account ‏@JeffPassan Sale, Quintana, Frazier and Robertson fits what the Dodgers need. And White Sox like Bellinger, Verdugo, DeLeon, Calhoun and Yasiel Puig. Fine. Q and Frazier for those 5.
  13. QUOTE (hi8is @ Nov 18, 2016 -> 10:59 PM) So far this offseason the White Sox have: Added: Urias Puig Bellinger Alvarez Lux Calhoun Under Comissioner Review: Chris Sale for Bregman, Martes, Tucker, Moran, and Whitley. Lost: Quintana Frazier Jennings Still Listening On: Abreu Robertson Melky Eaton Jones Lawrie Keep up the good work.
  14. QUOTE (miracleon35th @ Nov 19, 2016 -> 12:03 AM) Yes, sir, but you know that line "The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry ." Teams now seem to be of this mindset where they covet and will never trade their top tier young players and prospects and will only trade their second tier prospects and players who have issues, injuries or other issues. If that turns out to be the case, then what do we do ? There may no longer be a Draft day pay-off for tanking seasons in an era where there is a race to last so teams can game the system like the Cubs did. With such a weak FA class and the current money value as well as sell-high value on the Sox up for trade....now is absolutely the time for the Sox to do this.
  15. rockren

    The Rebuilt White Sox

    QUOTE (pittshoganerkoff @ Nov 18, 2016 -> 09:19 AM) I believe that if the Sox do it right, they can trade one of Sale or Quintana along with Robertson and Cabrera and still end up with a decent team that could compete as early as 2018. Again, if they do it right. Unfortunately, I don't think there's a lot of confidence in that happening. Personally I think they need to hold on to Eaton. He's the type of guy you can build around, and as someone else mentioned, he could be the leader with an attitude of the newbies. Also, I'm not against the Sox extending Frazier. However, a move like that would make a proper rebuild a necessity. You only extend Frazier if you think you can compete in 2018. All that being said, I'll be happy if they get the right packages back for whoever they trade. We'll have a good idea what they're plan is as the dominoes start to fall. If both Sale and Quintana go, I would expect a tear-down and build from the foundation situation, which would mean a few year process. Same goes if Eaton is traded along with one of Sale or Quintana. I agree I'd rather them hold onto Eaton, but if Toronto did center a package around Vlad Jr....you'd really have to consider flipping him. I'm really not crazy about building a team to compete in 2018- the Sox need to tear it down and build from the ground up with eyes closer to 2020. What the Astros and Brewers have done is what I wan the Sox to do.