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  1. I thought about this and after the game it smacked me in the face like a blinding light - Trubisky's athletic ability is well-known, he killed defenses last year, so now the tape is out that defenses play to contain him. You can't really do much in the way of designed rollouts either because he'll just run right into a DE and end up throwing it away. He hasn't shown he can consistently make reads from the pocket and step up and make throws when he needs to, so they're not going to stop doing it.
  2. 4.4 y/a is brutal. 120 yards is acceptable if he had, say, 7 y/a, he had a game like that last year. But that tells the story.
  3. Honestly, and this is probably an unpopular opinion, but I don't think Nagy's gameplan was all that bad. He stayed committed to the run and tried to open up the passing game, but Trubisky just isn't executing - he was last year, but he's apparently regressed back to the guy he was Week 1 of last year. Trubisky's throws really aren't even inaccurate so much as he makes throws on the money, but a second too late because he doesn't anticipate the windows he has to throw as well as he should. There's only so much Nagy can do to adjust his playcalling to compensate for that before defenses get a schematic read on what he's doing. I don't think I'm being hard on Trubisky, and he does deserve credit for the clutch throw to put them in FG range, but i do think if he was a great player that would be evident by now. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and defended his progress but it's shit or get off the pot time now. No coddling.
  4. lostfan

    2019 Catch-All

    I just now saw this response, lol I made 2 batches of sake back in the spring. That stuff is really picky because the temperature really can't be higher than ~50 degrees, so it's a window of about 6 weeks where my garage is that temp range before it starts getting too hot/cold. But it's great, and I prefer the unfiltered nigorizake (I leave it yellow rather than filtering or clearing it, doesn't affect the flavor). Since then, long story short I was in the bottom of a depression spiral back in February and that was something I did to pass the time. I've got Sauvignon Blanc, Malbec, Moscato, Amarone, plum wine, mead, acerglyn (maple syrup), peach ice wine, Riesling ice wine... gonna make some Rose soon and try to make sparkling mead. Some of these are ready to drink more or less as soon as you bottle them but some of them need months to settle.
  5. At the very least I (like a lot of others) thought it was completely baffling that Pace gave up so much draft capital to move up one space, when he literally could not get that pick wrong. Someone trades ahead of you to get Trubisky you take Watson (everyone's revisionist about Mahomes, people weren't calling him a top 5 pick) and if the other team takes Watson you end up with Trubisky. I know this has been discussed to death but still.
  6. Nagy caught a lot of shit for that last year but the criticism died down because he kept winning games. This time it was glaring, and really hard to argue that was a good call.
  7. Most of the problems the Bears had tonight are fixable but not gonna lie, it was discouraging seeing Trubisky doing things he was supposed to have developed beyond by this point. I ignored his rookie season entirely, and I gave him a pass for his inability to progress on his reads until later in the season, but at this point he shouldn't be having those issues anymore. I don't think Trubisky even looked in Anthony Miller's general direction the entire game - that wasn't on Nagy either
  8. I would have to go look at the chart I saw (no idea where it is to find it again) but I would say about 15+ I think he's fine but the seam routes are where he struggles because he doesn't anticipate his WRs being open because he's turnover-averse.
  9. He is good to excellent everywhere in his accuracy charts but he's below average deep. Deep left, middle, right, doesn't matter.
  10. My favorite play was when the same coach that has David Montgomery on 3rd and inches had a 6'4" WR line up as the lone back and then runs him up the middle. When I saw him back there I was like "maybe this is gonna be a RPO" and before I even could finish the thought NOPE THEY ARE REALLY GONNA RUN HIM RIGHT UP THE MIDDLE THE FUCK
  11. I mean not even so much THAT. It's even more basic, even Mike Martz was probably watching that game wondering why he abandoned the run.
  12. I get why people are upset about this loss and people want a scapegoat but the point of a scapegoat is it can only be one person. If there HAS to be one guy to blame for that game it's Nagy.
  13. I mean, he did, but that wasn't the issue, it doesn't matter how accurate your throw was if you throw into double coverage, Robinson was never open. I guess he was trying to high-point it, just a bad idea considering the distance that throw had to travel. Of course, Baby Stillborn Fetus Gronk didn't do Trubisky any favors dropping a catch on the previous play.
  14. Trubisky's game was bad - really disappointing to see him not getting better at making reads, still staring down Robinson, and the inexcusable throw to Amos at the end of the game when it was obvious Robinson never open - but the penalties on offense made it worse than it is. By the time he started to settle down in the second half, the OL was canceling out all the forward progress with penalties (Trubisky was part of this too, two delay of game penalties on the same drive). 1st and 40 is simply not a thing that should happen in a professional football game. The lack of preparation by the entire offense, and Nagy in particular, was inexcusable. All offseason and preseason Nagy raves about David Montgomery, then he gets a few carries in the first half and looks legit, then Nagy just... ignores him the rest of the game, and abandons the run game completely. They were never down by more than a TD at any point and the clock wasn't an issue so there was no reason for him to do that. This was the worst coached game Nagy has had so far.
  15. lol well at least you actually said this out loud. 90% of the time when I talk to people about this people dance around actually saying that's what they're saying, or try to deflect or say something unrealistic like imply they should be paid relative to how good they (the person making the statement) think the QB is (which is not a thing at any position except for guys like Aaron Donald or Ezekiel Elliott).