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  1. lostfan


    Don't scare us like that Eloy, we are still in therapy over that last injury That said I promised last night to not talk shit about his defense for 24 hours.
  2. lostfan

    9/14 GT: Angels @ White Sox, 7:10

    Gavin's home run landed somewhere in the vicinity of where the Ida B. Wells projects used to be
  3. lostfan

    GT 9/12: Red Sox @ White Sox

    Kimbrel gets the "Win" for today, I hate that stat
  4. lostfan

    In Defense of Leury

    It was annoying earlier in the season to see him playing every game, and for a while it was like he was up *every time* the Sox had RISP in a high-leverage situation, but that wasn't really his fault. He's a utility guy, in that role, he's great
  5. lostfan


    I don't really know where Gavin Sheets fits in with this team long term, but that's a problem for another day. For now he's really nice to have here
  6. Well within his range, he just added a little drama to it
  7. 70% of the earth is covered by water. The rest is covered by Luis Robert.
  8. The 400M women's hurdles were pretty spectacular this year too
  9. I'm an Eloy fan and I think he's gonna be the best pure hitter this franchise has had since Frank but he's nowhere near as toolsy as Robert. All Robert's tools grade out at 70 or 80 (whether they all develop all the way into long-term MLB success is a whole other story)
  10. lostfan

    Jose a MLB GOAT according to TLR

    We seamlessly went from Frank Thomas, to Paul Konerko, to Jose Abreu, and then after that maybe to Vaughn?
  11. I think about this a lot. We've got so many metrics now to measure things we didn't really know how to quantify when I was a kid and I would've been so into that in the 90s. Stuff like spin rates on pitches, launch angles, exit velocity, WAR (especially dWAR), UZR, all those things.
  12. I asked a version of this question on Facebook and a guy said Richie Allen, I was like bro I'm 39 not 69 😂
  13. I, too, possess this special negative power but it only seems to work on the Bears but I'll give it a try Luis Robert is a bust. Another embarrassing failure by our scouting department.
  14. lostfan

    Playoff odds

    I had plans to go to Vegas to see the Bears w/my friend but she wanted to pivot towards the White Sox playoffs (and I agreed). As of right now it looks like they'd be playing Houston - we're both from Chicago obviously and she lives in Houston, so that'd work, but damn, the Astros beat us like we stole something this year