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  1. What I like about this isn't so much that I think Keuchel (and Gio to a similar extent) is going to be a revelation for the Sox so much as he gives them some breathing room they didn't have. If they don't have the best possible scenario with guys like Kopech and Cease and hope Dunning is coming right up behind them, hoping they come back from injuries AND reach their peak potential AND do so immediately, they'll be fine.
  2. lostfan

    WHITE SOX SIGN Grandal 4/$73, Palka DFAd

    "I don't know why this was a priority, they already had McCann and Collins" is a confusing take in comments I read on these articles but it's an efficient way to tell people to not waste your time talking to.
  3. lostfan

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    Markkanen has been the Trubisky of the Bulls.
  4. lostfan

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    I was surprised the Bulls won because I was only getting updates on the game from people's tweets, and just about all the tweets were negative and made it sound like the Bulls were getting wrecked.
  5. lostfan

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    So I really hate to be a stereotypical meatball Chicago fan who is always talking about the backup QB but Chase Daniel, while a statue in the pocket who will never be great, does not simply leave wide open receivers standing around and it's really time to seriously consider handing the reins over to him. I would not have said this even a month ago. The offense with him is barely average, but the offense with Mitch is as bad as anything John Fox's teams ran out there.
  6. lostfan

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Nah this is revisionist. Trubisky was absolutely considered a legitimate prospect in the draft and would've gone in the first round had Pace not drafted him. The completely pointless trade-up to get him and leaving Watson on the board is completely fair criticism though and I tried to tell myself it was water under the bridge but it was just utterly wasted draft capital and one of the dumbest trades in franchise history. Verdict is definitely out on that one. Edit: so I finished reading the thread and a bunch of people already jumped on this lol
  7. lostfan

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    So there's this meta-discussion happening and because I pay attention to which specific people in various places are saying things at certain times, I'm interpreting a lot of the more harsh criticism of Nagy being people low key making excuses for Trubisky. This is being couched in "Trubisky has to be better but Nagy's play calling..." or "yeah but Nagy isn't running the ball enough..." So while there are elements of truth in this it's irrelevant and these are people who are only recently, reluctantly admitting fault in Trubisky because they were apologists until this week. For all the shit Nagy takes for his play calling (7 run plays, ignoring Montgomery, letting Cohen become a non-factor, those things are completely warranted) the fact is the receivers ARE getting open (sometimes wide open!) and Trubisky either just doesn't see them or overthrows them by several yards. He stares down Robinson and never even looks at Gabriel - who is actually doing a great job and gets open often - or Miller or whichever running back is on a route. That isn't the running game, the offensive line, "Nagy's play calling" or anything else, Trubisky is specifically and directly accountable for that. If Nagy was doing anything more than he already is to help Trubisky he would have to throw the ball for him. Or Nagy does call a run in the form of an RPO but Trubisky will read P instead of R (Nagy has mentioned this while trying not to throw Trubisky under the bus) which makes the run-pass ratio worse than it already is. There is some blame to go around but not all of it can be shared.
  8. lostfan

    Something I want everyone to know.

    I'm not in an active mod group, I'm retired
  9. lostfan

    Something I want everyone to know.

    If I had the mod option panel to do it I'd suspend you again just for fun.
  10. lostfan

    2019 Video Game Thread

    LOL I didn't even see that. I just logged onto PSN last night and saw that and remembered the discussion from months ago
  11. lostfan

    2019 Video Game Thread

    The Show 19 is free in October if you have PS Plus
  12. lostfan

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Leno's issues are mostly mental mistakes. Long's are physical mistakes. I think it's time to reckon with the idea he might be done, which I hate to say because he's been my favorite player since his rookie year.
  13. lostfan

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    I haven't really cared much about the Bulls in November for the past several years, this is the first time in a while that I don't care about them *less* than I did the year before.
  14. lostfan

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    I'm actually feeling... optimistic? about the Bulls this year? Not like I expect them to be a contender, but they are in the "I actually want to watch the games and am at least passively interested in what happens"
  15. lostfan

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Cousins: 27/36 (75%), 233 yd, 6.5 y/a, 0 TD 0 INT 91.6 QB rat Daniel: 22/30 (73.3%), 195 yd, 6.5 y/a, 1 TD 0 INT 101.5 QB rat Those stat lines are extremely similar but it's easy to tell from watching the game which QB was better. Cousins has always excelled at that kind of empty production, even in Washington, that's how he's been able to skate by with people thinking he's better than he actually is.