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    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    Kawhi, being who he is, probably gave serious thought to joining the Lakers and thought about what that meant, and realized he didn't want to be the turd in this particular punch bowl. He's pretty much done the complete opposite of what Durant did.
  2. lostfan

    Time For Palka To Come Back Up

    Palka's been painful to watch this year.
  3. Dylan's curveball makes MY knees buckle and I'm sitting at my computer desk.
  4. Looks like he took something off his fastball cuz he's not so wild now
  5. Not the storybook beginning to his MLB career he probably wanted but you can clearly see why he gets so much hype.
  6. Cease's curveball is a beauty but his fastball is running to the left side of the plate, since he can't locate that he's getting roughed up right now. Don't matter if you're throwing 98 if they're not strikes.
  7. lostfan

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    The Bulls offseason moves in and of themselves are far from a disaster. I guess it's just kinda that this is the ceiling for the Bulls anymore.
  8. lostfan

    Postgame: Eloy Reigns! (White Sox winner)

    Off-topic but I recently watched Major League 2 and now every time I see you post I see Jack Parkman sneering
  9. lostfan

    The 2020 Rotation - What’s Your Plan?

    If we can change past rosters can we re-do draft picks?
  10. lostfan

    Postgame: Eloy Reigns! (White Sox winner)

    I have no idea what Eloy's MLB ceiling is as a hitter, but if you only look at the recent stats and not the earlier stats where he was adjusting to MLB pitching he's raking just as hard as he was in the minors. I'm even more excited to see what Luis Robert can do, he could be even better if he's anywhere even close to his ceiling.
  11. lostfan

    GT Chicago v Chicago, 6/18/19, 7:05 CT

    That's a Wrigley crowd for you
  12. lostfan

    GT Chicago v Chicago, 6/18/19, 7:05 CT

    Eloy Jimenez doesn't suck.
  13. lostfan

    GT Chicago v Chicago, 6/18/19, 7:05 CT

    My dumb ass was looking at the box score, saw Alonso was up and there was nobody on base, and thought Eloy hit in a double play and got sad. Forgot to look at the actual score.
  14. He looks like a pretty finished product, should fly through the Sox system
  15. lostfan


    A lot of people are wondering why he made such a small bet, he had no chance of catching her. He was banking on her missing the answer and she didn't, she played a flawless game.
  16. lostfan

    Amazon HQ2

    Amazon’s HQ2 Spectacle Isn’t Just Shameful—It Should Be Illegal This whole thing really has the feel of an elaborate con. They went through this whole year-long process to conclude that they were just gonna end up opening regional branches in NYC and DC (Crystal City is, for all intents and purposes, DC) and after all that staged drama they were like "we weren't really that serious about doing this in the first place." In the meantime, all these suckers were throwing money at them and Amazon's got the data to know what they can take people for the next time. Now that the public is finally starting to wise up to the idea that subsidizing wealthy sports franchise owners isn't really a benefit to the city, regular businesses are getting in on the sham. People apparently didn't learn from the Foxconn debacle in Wisconsin but Jeff Bezos sure did.
  17. lostfan

    2019 Catch-All

    I can't stop brewing. I have a problem. I did the Belgian white first which came out great (should've started with something easier though). Then I made a batch of pinot grigio, which was good but I didn't do a good job of separating it from the sediment so I ended up wasting about 3-4 bottles worth. Gave a bottle to each of my neighbors then got wasted trying to wait for my guests to arrive to my birthday party I was hosting. People started giving me equipment, so I made like 3 small batches of wine, some pinot noir, and some blueberry fruit wine. Now I really want to make some mead and sake but everything is sitting in the fermenters and carboys I have so I've got nothing left to use lol.
  18. lostfan

    2019 Video Game Thread

    I just buy the previous year's versions for cheap
  19. lostfan

    Goodbye Soxtalk

    I live 15 minutes from Camden yards, and I can't even adopt the Orioles because they're basically the AL East version of the White Sox.
  20. lostfan

    Amazon HQ2

    There was (vehement) local opposition to this deal months before AOC came into office so I don't know how everyone is so quick to give her credit/blame. Like a lot of NYers she wasn't a fan of this deal but she's not the mayor or governor and wasn't involved in negotiating the deal. This isn't even in her congressional district. She's just a lightning rod, I guess.
  21. lostfan

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    I'm simultaneously relieved and disappointed the Bears didn't sign Hunt. Like... I wanted him on the team for obvious reasons but I also didn't really want them to do it.
  22. lostfan

    Tax Refunds

    It's literally free money. You just... like... pay yourself to get it. I'm only doing the 5% right now (my job also has a pension) but if my return doesn't look good this year I'm probably going to bump that up to get my taxable income down. I have no idea what it'll look like - I got a new job halfway through the year that pays a lot more, my wife's income jumped way up, I sold some stocks with capital gains to pay, and I closed on a house right at the end of the year. This could mean a lot of things. I always have to wait for my 1099 until the middle of February, which is annoying.
  23. lostfan

    Tax Refunds

    Paul Ryan had this story about a waitress (who knows if she was a real person or not) who'd get a tax cut of $50 for a year and how much it would help her finances. He got ratio'd pretty hard on twitter for that.
  24. lostfan

    2019 Catch-All

    Long story short, I *just* got the rest of the money owed me from my job (i.e., the government) thanks to the shutdown. I only got half a check for the Christmas/New Year paycheck plus like 48 hours of OT and paid holidays. That was a LOT of money just kind of hanging out there.
  25. lostfan

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    Bulls being realistic about their cap space, basically admitting it's not gonna work in 2019 and punting.