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  1. This is fantastic, even though there are still some questions that are going to be impossible to answer (the main one I think everyone has, exactly how much would Josh Gibson have raked?) The inconsistent stat keeping and uneven levels of talent they played shouldn't really be an argument against them because that's like punishing the Negro Leagues again for something MLB did to them. You can say "they didn't face MLB talent" but you can just as easily say "MLB didn't face Negro League talent" right back. Satchel Paige never faced Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio but they never faced him either.

    So yeah, compiling the statistics and making them apples to applies is kind of a mess, but certainly better than not even acknowledging them at all.

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  2. 27 minutes ago, Soxbadger said:

    4d chess man. They lost so bad on purpose because they want to get to the SC faster.

    That's how all the good lawyers do it.

    I have seen them literally saying this on twitter

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  3. 3 hours ago, southsider2k5 said:


    "With prejudice" loosely translated means "if you don't get the fuck out of my courtroom, and do not bring this nonsense in front of a federal judge again"

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  4. 48 minutes ago, Chisoxfn said:

    I already have been telling my kids we are in. I probably won’t be first because of prioritization but like you I am pro vaccine. I also assume between all of these companies a ton of analysis is being done etc. I am hoping by March/April my family and I have vaccine in us. 

    I'm gonna have to talk my wife into getting it because there's some hesitation on her part, but she is also scared to get the virus, so she is gonna have to cave

  5. I'll do it, I'm a very pro-vaccine person, I just don't wanna be the first to do it. A lot of my friends are skeptical but Black folks are like that about vaccines because *gestures broadly at Tuskegee experiments, Henrietta Lacks, entire history of the United States, etc*

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  6. Lucky enough to have both consoles so far. I like both Sony and Microsoft (I guess I leaned more towards Microsoft in the mid 2000s which I think was the golden era of Xbox) so I don't really have loyalties one way or the other. For Playstation it's all about the exclusives, as it always has been, for Microsoft, Game Pass is amazing. Plus the Series X is def pushing more horsepower (slightly faster SSD on the PS5) so for multiplatform games I'm getting the Xbox versions of most things. The Series X is more powerful than my PC right now (Ryzen 7 2700x with GTZ 1070, so a lot more powerful unless I got like a 3080 or something like that).

    Also the PS5 is GIGANTIC. Geeeeeez.

  7. 7 minutes ago, RG23SoxFan said:

    yes, the reporter wrote "That injury left the White Sox with significant concerns for the long-term future of a prized pitching prospect"...Long-term future? Of course TJ would be bad news, but nowadays coming back from that surgery 100% healthy is almost certain.  Wouldn't exactly consider one season away for a 21 year old pitcher having a major impact on his long-term future.

    Significant concern for his SHORT-TERM future, yes. Long-term future? nah. Maybe he is throwing 98.5 instead of 101

  8. 1 minute ago, chw42 said:

    Given the health issues and his huge decrease in exit velocity, I think it's clearly COVID that's getting him. You don't go from hitting balls at 93 MPH on average in a 162 game season to hitting them at 87 in the prime of your career unless there's something wrong physically. 

    That's why I'm worried, yeah. Like is this short-term or long-term? I don't think it's an issue with his talent or playing ability or anything like that

  9. 3 minutes ago, harkness99 said:

    Bennetti really has no clue so many times... I knew that was gone off the bat


    But bennetti thought it was just a fly ball,,, until he realized it wasn;t...

    I'm a fan of Jason but a lot of times on hard-hit balls he will be like "and he hits a fly ball to left, that's deep left, and... ANDITISGONE!" like he realizes it belatedly even though it sounded like a 155mm howitzer coming off the bat

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  10. There are a lot of variables about what could've gone different with another 102 games, but I think a lot of them even out

    -Kopech probably doesn't opt out 

    -Bullpen not likely to be taxed as heavily over the course of a full season

    -Lopez still struggles, it's just not as glaring over 162 games

    -Dunning starts the season in AA/AAA and has more endurance before getting called up to the majors

    -Rodon is probably still Rodon either way

    -Other players likely to do IL stints

    -Robert regresses to mean like he is now, but has plenty of time to figure it out

  11. With all due caveats that this is all hypothetical considering this is barely more than 1/3 of a season, for those of us wondering how this shortened season translates to a "regular" season I did a little math.

    162/60 = 2.7 so each game counts for 2.7 games. Given that, the White Sox "regular" record right now is 89-46. Their current winning % is .660, so if you want to know how many games they're on pace to win, multiply that by 162, it's a pace for 107-55.

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