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  1. I was on WSI before I was here, I really don't even know how or why I found it. I spent most of my 20s obsessively posting on sports message boards, that was my thing before social media. I never liked the vibe over at WSI and the mods there really got off on suspending people for the sake of doing it, once I found this place I never looked back. The constant repetitive b****ing that happens here does get annoying at times but that's sports fandom. I just wish I was here during 2005.

  2. 18 hours ago, SoxAce said:

    Another year, another Kyle Long fight in practice. That guy fights every year it seems. I get it, you are very competitive and get the best out of yourself, but enough is enough. Lots of players fight in practice, but when you are now getting a rep about you every year, it isn't ideal.

    I'm a big fan of Kyle Long, he's probably my favorite player, but yeah he really doesn't need to be so extra all the time. Dial it back now and then, nobody will think less of you. Dude is a teddy bear once he leaves the field though.

  3. 1 hour ago, GoSox05 said:

    There are almost daily articles that Aaron Rodgers is now not one of the best QB's ever, but is actually bad and wants to fight his coach.

    NFL journalism has some really good people covering, but it also has a lot of people who like the attention of saying dumb things.

    Yeah I've noticed that. Since McCarthy got fired and there was that big article about the Packers (that had a lot of quotes from pro-Favre ex-players with a clear anti-Rodgers agenda for some reason) and now there's an attempt to force a narrative.

  4. Just now, Jose Abreu said:

    From what I've seen, I think it's less being defensive about bad takes, but being annoyed by lazy journalism. More specifically, someone will publish a very positive Trubisky article with only one semi-negative sentence about him, and the national media will highlight that one sentence and run with it, and suddenly that's all the article is known for. This has literally happened three times with verified reporters in the past week and it's just disgraceful journalism. I totally agree with your overarching point, it just sucks that the media has already made up its mind on the kid. It reminds me of the pre-2019 Moncada takes. 

    This is definitely what Evan Silva did with a recent Tribune article, which had a balanced take on Trubisky (discussing both how good he looks and the times he's struggled) and he more or less fabricated a quote from Nagy that he is frustrated with Trubisky and is simplifying the offense for him. However, with only a few exceptions, this is all the NFL media is or ever will be.

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  5. I really kinda wish Bears fans collectively would stop getting defensive about every bad Trubisky take by the national media. The NFL is the best source of content slop(like Game of Thrones was but on steroids), and it doesn't have to be good content, just be there to get clicks. The vast majority of people who consume it are by and large people who don't actually watch the players/teams being discussed (and are also mostly morons), and this also includes many of the actual reporters/pundits. Unless Trubisky wins MVP this season there will be dumb external takes - we really should've learned this from the Cutler saga - the only thing that matters is whether he's good enough for the Bears to win games.

  6. 2 minutes ago, bmags said:

    From what it sounds like he was very close to going to the other LA.

    It seems like he considered a whole bunch of different scenarios. The Lakers seem to be completely caught off-guard that OKC went along with trading PG. I was guessing he would stay in Toronto, personally, and I guess they just couldn't compete with his desire to go back to his Southern California roots

  7. 8 minutes ago, Chicago White Sox said:

    Totally agree.  The core is starting to take shape and we got a fuckton of money to fill the big holes.  I get the skepticism coming off the Machado miss, but the Sox are going to spend and put a legit contender out there in 2018.  Exciting times indeed.

    If we can change past rosters can we re-do draft picks?

  8. A lot of people are wondering why he made such a small bet, he had no chance of catching her. He was banking on her missing the answer and she didn't, she played a flawless game.

  9. I can't stop brewing. I have a problem.

    I did the Belgian white first which came out great (should've started with something easier though). Then I made a batch of pinot grigio, which was good but I didn't do a good job of separating it from the sediment so I ended up wasting about 3-4 bottles worth. Gave a bottle to each of my neighbors then got wasted trying to wait for my guests to arrive to my birthday party I was hosting. People started giving me equipment, so I made like 3 small batches of wine, some pinot noir, and some blueberry fruit wine. Now I really want to make some mead and sake but everything is sitting in the fermenters and carboys I have so I've got nothing left to use lol.