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  1. Just now, Soxbadger said:

    Yeah i pointed out the 3 to 1 pass to run ratio earlier. Also im not sure Trubisky took a snap under center.

    Ive always hated shot gun on 3rd and inches.

    My favorite play was when the same coach that has David Montgomery on 3rd and inches had a 6'4" WR line up as the lone back and then runs him up the middle.

    When I saw him back there I was like "maybe this is gonna be a RPO" and before I even could finish the thought NOPE THEY ARE REALLY GONNA RUN HIM RIGHT UP THE MIDDLE THE FUCK

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Soxbadger said:

    The second paragraph is my biggest problem with the game. It was clear to me Trubisky wasnt having a night where he could just carry the team. So why are they not working to get Cohen/Montgomery easy touches to help Trubisky out. There were a few times where I felt Montgomery was open coming out of the backfield where he could have gotten him the ball with some space. 

    That being said, Nagy just seemed to have no feel for the game. 

    I mean not even so much THAT. It's even more basic, even Mike Martz was probably watching that game wondering why he abandoned the run.

  3. 1 minute ago, Chisoxfn said:

    This. And it is one game. One game. This thread is absurd.  There are a lot of fingers on offense and they need to clean this up. Looked like a unit totally unprepared. 

    When they got momentum, penalties or drops would immediately shoot them in the foot. No rhythm to the play calling either and I totally didn’t get the use of all the running backs. 

    They will get better (and this is coming from the guy who a couple days ago specifically said I had major questions about the offense). I also didn’t see a ton of explosiveness from the wideouts or others. Didn’t see a bunch of wide open guys all over the field who Mitch was missing. 

    One game. Period. Move on. 

    I get why people are upset about this loss and people want a scapegoat but the point of a scapegoat is it can only be one person. If there HAS to be one guy to blame for that game it's Nagy.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Soxfest said:

    Trubisky said on interception in end zone he put the ball in a good spot wtf!

    I mean, he did, but that wasn't the issue, it doesn't matter how accurate your throw was if you throw into double coverage, Robinson was never open. I guess he was trying to high-point it, just a bad idea considering the distance that throw had to travel.

    Of course, Baby Stillborn Fetus Gronk didn't do Trubisky any favors dropping a catch on the previous play.

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  5. Trubisky's game was bad - really disappointing to see him not getting better at making reads, still staring down Robinson, and the inexcusable throw to Amos at the end of the game when it was obvious Robinson never open - but the penalties on offense made it worse than it is. By the time he started to settle down in the second half, the OL was canceling out all the forward progress with penalties (Trubisky was part of this too, two delay of game penalties on the same drive). 1st and 40 is simply not a thing that should happen in a professional football game. The lack of preparation by the entire offense, and Nagy in particular, was inexcusable.

    All offseason and preseason Nagy raves about David Montgomery, then he gets a few carries in the first half and looks legit, then Nagy just... ignores him the rest of the game, and abandons the run game completely. They were never down by more than a TD at any point and the clock wasn't an issue so there was no reason for him to do that. This was the worst coached game Nagy has had so far.

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  6. Just now, Jack Parkman said:

    That's my point. At current prices, those guys are the only ones worth paying. 

    lol well at least you actually said this out loud. 90% of the time when I talk to people about this people dance around actually saying that's what they're saying, or try to deflect or say something unrealistic like imply they should be paid relative to how good they (the person making the statement) think the QB is (which is not a thing at any position except for guys like Aaron Donald or Ezekiel Elliott).

  7. 2 minutes ago, Jack Parkman said:

    They should let those guys walk. The difference between say, Dak Prescott and Case Keenum isn't that big. The difference between Prescott and Russell Wilson is huge. It's just stupid to give these guys that type of money. Flacco, Garoppolo, Cousins, etc. They're not good enough to take up that much cap space. The only way to get this done is to give GMs more job security. 

    Yeah but again Russell Wilson's career is on a HOF trajectory, if you're using him as a measuring stick then nobody has a QB worth paying

  8. 28 minutes ago, Jack Parkman said:

    It's better for your cap to recycle those tier 3 guys while trying to find that guy. When Tier 3 guys like Cousins are making 30M then it has become out of control. 

    The one accountable for that is the GM who gives him all that money but it doesn't really change the overall thought process involved for anyone else. I don't even think Cousins is the most extreme example, I think that's actually Joe Flacco. Ravens tried to extend him, he turned it down, then he literally led them to a Super Bowl and put them in a position where they HAD to give him a huge deal, then he reverted to form the next several years and tied up their cap. (If Jimmy Garoppolo doesn't pan out he'd probably be the best example but it wouldn't be fair to include him before he's had a chance to prove anyone wrong.)

    The only real alternative to not paying these guys is to let them walk in FA and start over, and most of the time where fans are mocking whichever team extended their guy that's just not a realistic option. Like why the fuck would the Lions let Stafford walk, or the Cowboys let Prescott walk? We're not talking about, say, Matt Schaub here.

  9. 20 hours ago, Jack Parkman said:

    17 INTs is unacceptable in the modern NFL. Single digits or let him walk. 10-12INTs is a down year for top QBs. NFL teams are getting really stupid with their QB contracts. You shouldn't get $25 M just because you're a QB. Did you see what Goff got paid? This is getting beyond ridiculous. 

    It's gotten to the point that if you don't have a future HOF, you need to keep searching and let the guy you have walk. 

    I feel like we (meaning, the broader NFL fandom) have a carbon copy of this discussion every time a QB gets a contract extension. It's just supply and demand. Of guys where there's a consensus among all fans and they are actually "worth" $5 million or more there MIGHT be 5 or 6 guys and they are all perennial Pro Bowlers or first-ballot Hall of Famers, if that's the standard (nobody ever actually says this but it's always implied) then that's absurd, almost everybody will be recycling QBs every year. Of course that's not how it works though, you have a QB who meets a baseline of competence, where at any given time about 20-25 guys starting in the NFL will meet that standard. The other third or so of NFL teams is looking for a QB and as any Bears fan (or Browns fan) knows, that is an awful place to be in. It takes a sustained multi-year effort to put the QB in a position to succeed, and then a fair amount of luck. If you don't pay them then another team will and you're back in the draft starting over hoping you find Aaron Rodgers when even the Packers didn't find him that way.


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  10. On 9/3/2019 at 1:14 PM, Chisoxfn said:

    I will caveat that our depth at wideout is still pretty unproven. Gabriel isn't great (he had a few really good games, but also some non-existent games) and Miller looked solid for a rookie, but he has had injury issues and hasn't gotten a ton of work during training camp.  Wims and Ridley have proven absolutely nothing at this point and Ridley was missed a ton of training camp.  People are overselling the depth at the position.

    In general, I see plenty of reasons this season can be a step or two back.  Part of that is to cool expectations a bit, but we have a tougher schedule, unknowns around health, probably most notably within the secondary (CB & TE) where there is very little proven depth beyond our starters.  Now many of these things are just the nature of the NFL, but just want to point all these things out. We also have people assuming we are going to all of a sudden have a strong ground game, but the Seahawks, a team who likes to run the football, weren't that interested in getting Davis back and Montgomery is still a 3rd round rookie (normally projecting immediate greatness out of a 3rd round pick seems a bit delusional and many fanboys are doing just that).  And of course there is Trubisky, who is still to me squarely in that median range where he could take a big step forward or he could prove that he's not much better than a Tannehil / Marriotta / etc.  

    In Gabriel's defense that wasn't really his fault. Once Trubisky had his breakout the defenses took away a lot of his deep routes and forced Trubisky to adjust underneath (his completion percentages deep are below average for a few different reasons, the rest of them are excellent). A lot of that was the limitations of Jordan Howard and the predictability of having Cohen in there.

  11. 2 minutes ago, ptatc said:

    Good call. You will enjoy the deck and it probably won't get all of your 14 back but it will increase the value.

    And I'm not trying to sell a house I just moved into, so not really too worried about it. (That and we just put solar panels on it)

  12. I had a house built last November and to save money I didn't have the basement finished or the deck added. I just did a VA streamline (after 7 months) and got to skip 2 mortgage payments in a row, so after I get my escrow refund that's gonna be about $10k to spend. It's been driving me crazy that I have a sliding door in the back of my house that I can't use, it's like a big part of my house is missing, but thanks to this unforeseen mini-windfall I can go most of the way to the ~$14k or so the deck will cost.

    Ordinarily I would've just taken that money and put it back on the mortgage but thinking about it, that doesn't really make any sense, plus the deck is gonna go right towards equity on the house so it's basically the same thing as if I had just built the deck on my original purchase in the first place, but with a lower mortgage payment.

  13. 5 minutes ago, SoxAce said:

    No kidding. Weird considering Anthony Miller had the more serious surgery and he's out there practicing. Gotta be something else wrong with him to likely miss the season opener. 

    Yeah and this isn't the John Fox regime, they are usually pretty forthcoming about these things

  14. On 8/26/2019 at 11:44 AM, Chisoxfn said:

    The entire franchise looks different if Jay doesn't break his thumb late in that San Diego team. That offense and team were just rolling.  Like rolling.  

    Fucking Johnny Knox getting beat on a slant and letting Cutler take the blame for the turnover AGAIN putting Cutler in a position he never should've been in

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  15. 14 minutes ago, Dick Allen said:

    What I am looking forward to with TA is him cutting down on boneheaded defensive plays. Lately he has made some spectacular plays look really easy.

    He's got Alexei Ramirez syndrome. He'll have a screaming one-hopper far away from him headed to the gap and he'll make it look routine then the next play will be fairly routine and you're like "WHAT WAS THAT"

  16. 11 hours ago, Chicago White Sox said:


    You guys must not be visiting game threads, because that’s where most of the hot takes, especially in regards to Lucas, happen.

    It is in fact the specific reason WHY I don't visit game threads.

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  17. Just now, mqr said:

    I mean, a gag reel of Trubisky throwing left went viral like a week ago. 

    Yes football fans are dumb as shit and the vast majority do not actually understand what they're watching or care to learn. But at a certain point in the offseason that's all people do because they get bored and try to force discussion.

  18. 3 minutes ago, gusguyman said:

    95% of the takes on this thread are that he is a strong #2 with some inconsistency because he is still young.



    Is anyone even reading the thread? Who are ya'll even arguing with?

    This makes me think of the Bears fans on Twitter who keep mocking the "Trubisky can't throw to his left" takes. Nobody's been seriously saying that since the middle of last year at the latest.

  19. 16 hours ago, Look at Ray Ray Run said:

    If you're comparing this to your business, it doesn't work. By your business sense, the White Sox are likely outstanding. Regardless of what they say, they worry about the bottom line. They're not trying to win the game of value if the value costs more than their break even point. 

    Teams that go into the luxury tax very clearly aren't worried about maximizing profits and the bottom line when constructing their team. They take it into consideration, but there's a value to winning to them. No one can say one player pushing you over the luxury tax warrants the penalty because he gives you a better chance to win the World Series. 

    Winning a World Series really isn't all that much more profitable than losing a 1st round wildcard game. 

    For all the discussion last offseason of collusion and the disparities between the marquee free agents and the number of teams actually interested in them, it really just comes down to this right here. Baseball teams are a business, and they don't really have any incentive to spend money to win games the way you would in, say, the NBA or the NFL.

  20. I was on WSI before I was here, I really don't even know how or why I found it. I spent most of my 20s obsessively posting on sports message boards, that was my thing before social media. I never liked the vibe over at WSI and the mods there really got off on suspending people for the sake of doing it, once I found this place I never looked back. The constant repetitive b****ing that happens here does get annoying at times but that's sports fandom. I just wish I was here during 2005.

  21. 18 hours ago, SoxAce said:

    Another year, another Kyle Long fight in practice. That guy fights every year it seems. I get it, you are very competitive and get the best out of yourself, but enough is enough. Lots of players fight in practice, but when you are now getting a rep about you every year, it isn't ideal.

    I'm a big fan of Kyle Long, he's probably my favorite player, but yeah he really doesn't need to be so extra all the time. Dial it back now and then, nobody will think less of you. Dude is a teddy bear once he leaves the field though.

  22. 1 hour ago, GoSox05 said:

    There are almost daily articles that Aaron Rodgers is now not one of the best QB's ever, but is actually bad and wants to fight his coach.

    NFL journalism has some really good people covering, but it also has a lot of people who like the attention of saying dumb things.

    Yeah I've noticed that. Since McCarthy got fired and there was that big article about the Packers (that had a lot of quotes from pro-Favre ex-players with a clear anti-Rodgers agenda for some reason) and now there's an attempt to force a narrative.