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  1. 8 minutes ago, Chicago White Sox said:

    Totally agree.  The core is starting to take shape and we got a fuckton of money to fill the big holes.  I get the skepticism coming off the Machado miss, but the Sox are going to spend and put a legit contender out there in 2018.  Exciting times indeed.

    If we can change past rosters can we re-do draft picks?

  2. A lot of people are wondering why he made such a small bet, he had no chance of catching her. He was banking on her missing the answer and she didn't, she played a flawless game.

  3. I can't stop brewing. I have a problem.

    I did the Belgian white first which came out great (should've started with something easier though). Then I made a batch of pinot grigio, which was good but I didn't do a good job of separating it from the sediment so I ended up wasting about 3-4 bottles worth. Gave a bottle to each of my neighbors then got wasted trying to wait for my guests to arrive to my birthday party I was hosting. People started giving me equipment, so I made like 3 small batches of wine, some pinot noir, and some blueberry fruit wine. Now I really want to make some mead and sake but everything is sitting in the fermenters and carboys I have so I've got nothing left to use lol.

  4. 22 minutes ago, ChiliIrishHammock24 said:

    Yeah, I was 100% going to get it this year (I skipped out last year), but now that the Sox will have done nothing exciting for 2019, I might just skip out on it again. Sigh.

    I just buy the previous year's versions for cheap

  5. There was (vehement) local opposition to this deal months before AOC came into office so I don't know how everyone is so quick to give her credit/blame. Like a lot of  NYers she wasn't a fan of this deal but she's not the mayor or governor and wasn't involved in negotiating the deal. This isn't even in her congressional district. She's just a lightning rod, I guess.

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  6. 5 hours ago, ptatc said:

    Adding to the 401k seems to be the best, especially with the free money for matching. People are nuts not to take advantage of that free money.


    as for debt free, I wish I could claim that. Between the house and kids going to college, it isn't going to happen soon. however, I would say we mange the debt well. nothing too crazy or in any one spot. my credit score is 846 so I'm not doing too bad.

    It's literally free money. You just... like... pay yourself to get it.

    I'm only doing the 5% right now (my job also has a pension) but if my return doesn't look good this year I'm probably going to bump that up to get my taxable income down. I have no idea what it'll look like - I got a new job halfway through the year that pays a lot more, my wife's income jumped way up, I sold some stocks with capital gains to pay, and I closed on a house right at the end of the year. This could mean a lot of things. I always have to wait for my 1099 until the middle of February, which is annoying.

  7. 10 hours ago, southsider2k5 said:

    That sure wasn't the way it was sold to the American People.  Not that I am surprised the most successful con-man in the history of American politics lied to people, but you get the point.

    Paul Ryan had this story about a waitress (who knows if she was a real person or not) who'd get a tax cut of $50 for a year and how much it would help her finances. He got ratio'd pretty hard on twitter for that.

  8. Long story short, I *just* got the rest of the money owed me from my job (i.e., the government) thanks to the shutdown. I only got half a check for the Christmas/New Year paycheck plus like 48 hours of OT and paid holidays. That was a LOT of money just kind of hanging out there.

  9. On ‎2‎/‎3‎/‎2019 at 1:56 AM, Jack Parkman said:

    For all of the popularity and attention the NBA gets, they have to do something about competitive balance, because if they don't they're going to continue to lose fans like they lost me. Lack of competitive balance sucks the life out of any sports league, and all leagues are having a problem with it. The NHL probably has the best competitive balance out of any league (however, it is somewhat artificial due to how they award standings points) and they can't get a mass audience. I find it interesting that the leagues that are worst in terms of competitive balance(The NBA and NFL) are more popular than leagues with better competitive balance. There hasn't been a back to back champion in baseball since 2000, and there have only been two since 1995 in the NHL. Furthermore, for all of the whining about lack of competitiveness in the AL, there have only been 2 back to back champions in baseball since 1980: the Blue Jays in 1992-93 and the Yankees from 1998-2000. 


    Everyone says this about the NBA all the time and I want to know when this mythical time was everyone speaks of, where the NBA was balanced and people didn't have a general idea of who'd be in the conference finals in October.

    In my lifetime (I'm 37) it's basically been Celtics, Lakers, Pistons, Bulls, Lakers, Spurs, Heat, Warriors with a few blips here and there and the league is as popular as it's ever been.


  10. On ‎1‎/‎18‎/‎2019 at 6:30 PM, KiwiSox said:

    Hate this idea of handing anyone a job. UDFA's and vets looking for work will be fine. Whoever can handle the pressure of fighting every day in training camp for the chance at an NFL lifestyle for a year (and maybe beyond) can handle the pressure of high-leverage field goals.

    Gould was literally a UDFA, so yeah

  11. 15 hours ago, nitetrain8601 said:

    Ron Mercer signed with the Bulls. He was traded with Artest and Miller for Jalen Rose and Travis Best. 

    Eddy Curry was actually looking good his last year I'm Chicago until he had the heart problems. He was traded for a 1st and some ok vets. It was the right move. Trading Chandler for cap space was stupid, compounded by the fact that he looked like an all star immediately after he left. Jamal Crawford was also traded by Pax to NY as Hinrich was chosen over him. 


    Either which way, I'm apathetic to this franchise with a FO that is ignorant, tone deaf or flat our doesn't care.


    Even though I'm not really sure what they were trying to do at the time, the Eddy Curry trade ended up being one of the best trades in franchise history. Maybe behind the Pippen deal and that's probably it.