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  1. QUOTE(Texsox @ Mar 21, 2008 -> 10:34 PM)
    I am not an originalist. I do not believe the framers of our constitution were the most brilliant individuals to ever walk our earth. They did manage to write an amazing document that has served us well for over 200 years.


    To keep strong, I believe we can, and should, carefully update the Constitution when necessary.


    I believe they intended the citizens to grab their guns and come a runnin' when the government called. Such is clearly not the case today.

    I believed they realized that most citizens would be shootin' up some food, and realized a gun would be a necessary tool. Such is clearly not the case today.


    I think we have individuals in this society that should not have guns.

    I think there are many times more that are responsible and should have access to guns if they choose.


    I think owning a gun is fine.

    I think owning enough guns to arm a small city, should be looked at.


    I think practical guns and ammo, for reasonable activities, should be allowed.

    I think some types of ammo, extreme calibers and loads, fully auto weapons should probably be unavailable to ordinary citizens


    I think for a gun to be useful for home protection, it needs to be readily available, unlockable in seconds, and loaded.

    I think that is a recipe for disaster with kids in the house. I felt a home security system was a better option for my family and kept all my weapons securely locked, partially disassembled, and my ammo was under separate lock and key. I slept better at night knowing my guns would not hurt my kids.

    Great post... plenty of common sense here. Only thing I have some issue with is the part about guns being readily available - the easier it is to access, the easier it is to be found by an intruder and used against you. That's a slippery slope.


    What are your thoughts on gun collecting by the way? Curious.

  2. BTW we haven't taken this turn in the conversation yet and it didn't occur to me earlier but it needs to be said - a lot more of black problems, as a race, are self-inflicted than some care to admit and they should be thinking about that before they start thinking about who to blame or what people think of them. That isn't what started this whole mess but in theory it should be the easiest thing to fix. At least simple things like "get up off your ass and go do something." Other things, like "I got robbed on the way to the store b/c my neighborhood sucks and I can't afford to move out" or "the schools around here are pathetic" you can't do anything about.

  3. QUOTE(BearSox @ Mar 21, 2008 -> 01:00 PM)
    If we didn't bomb Japan, we would have lost at least half a million soldiers, if not more, trying to invade Japan. We gave them all the warning in the world, but they brushed it off thinking there is no way we'd bomb them. If they didn't surrender after Nagasaki, there would have been another bomb dropped, and if they still refused, another one, and so on. You are completely correct, that was not terrorism, but war.

    Well... at that point I don't think we had any more yet. We could've made more since we knew how of course, but from the way I understand it we were basically bluffing (if you can really refer to killing 130,000 people as "bluffing").


    The stuff you said about surrender in the next post is pretty spot-on though, I was reading some article about Japanese soldiers they'd find in the woods like 30 years later who'd been lost from their units or whatever. These guys were some hard-core old guys who as far as they were concerned were still in the military and just were waiting to be reunited with the army, had no idea the war ever ended, and refused to believe it when they were told.

  4. QUOTE(Rex Kicka** @ Mar 20, 2008 -> 10:40 PM)
    Yellowcard. One more inflammatory post, and this is closed.

    What did I do? The second line of my post had the words "you" and "your" in them but it was referring to me.


    I'm behaving myself. I think.

  5. QUOTE(Alpha Dog @ Mar 20, 2008 -> 10:19 PM)
    If you were running for President, sure. And I will agree with you it is silly to 'flip out'. No where did I flip out. However people flip out over any slight verbal miscue from a white person in power, so I was just pointing it out. You know, to remind you that it happens both ways. To channel my inner lost fan, reading comprehension is a skill. learn it.

    I didn't say you flipped out, I was trying to make a point... however, after seeing your replies it appears your focus wasn't on Obama saying "typical white guy" as much as it was on the double standard. Which, considering what I was actually trying to point out, I don't really disagree with.


    Yeah maybe my reading comprehension does suck, you have the same arguments across several different forums on the internet and they get crossed up in your head sometimes.

  6. QUOTE(Balta1701 @ Mar 20, 2008 -> 10:15 PM)
    Despite the rules being more open here...name calling on either side is not permitted...please keep an eye on the personal attacks, before someone who actually has the power to get annoyed by this statement shows up. This has been a nice thread, it'd be a shame to watch it closed.

    I'm trying really hard not to.

  7. QUOTE(mr_genius @ Mar 20, 2008 -> 10:12 PM)
    Dude, your post definitely implied he was a racist.

    How? I quoted a comment of his and used other examples of the PC police flipping out over other things, asked him if he thought they were his feelings (and admittedly trying to lead him into saying "no") that are minor and suddenly I am calling him a racist.


    Seriously, what the hell are you talking about?

  8. QUOTE(Alpha Dog @ Mar 20, 2008 -> 10:08 PM)
    I don't really care what color people are. I have had or do have friends of most races, and will employ anyone who will make me money, regardless of color or race. All you whiny liberal beyoches scream and moan when a white guy says anything that can be considered racist, and I am just pointing out that it goes both way. Change the word white with black, and the race of the person saying it from black to white, and see the media frenzy. When I am hiring someone, I don't see color, I see potential dollar signs. The ability to to the job is all I care about. Same with friends. not the money part, but the I don't care part.

    So you are, in fact, saying that it's fair for people to accuse me of being un-PC (or whatever you want to call it) when I say something like "white guy" or "white girl" (in reference to actual white guys and white girls) because of a double standard that doesn't have anything to do with me? (Note: it's equally as silly for someone to flip out when talking about a "black guy" or "black lady")

  9. QUOTE(mr_genius @ Mar 20, 2008 -> 10:09 PM)
    lol OK buddy.


    you're response is either intellectually dishonest or you are dumb as hell

    your pal,


    I was accusing him of a ridiculous degree of PC-ness not being racist. Please stop the name-calling and try to pretend you matured past 11 years old

  10. QUOTE(mr_genius @ Mar 20, 2008 -> 10:03 PM)
    Of course, accuse Alpha of being a racist. Nice retort. But hey, you got nothing else. Go to the well.

    Reading is fundamental, this is actually not worthy of a response though so I actually don't know why I am wasting keystrokes.

  11. QUOTE(Alpha Dog @ Mar 20, 2008 -> 09:54 PM)
    He utters the phrase 'typical white person'.

    Are you the type of guy that would flip a s*** if you were a co-worker of mine and I said something about a "white guy" or a "white woman" and make a big deal out of my use of the word "white" and how I was being politically insensitive... or... the type of guy who wonders why the 10% of black students at a majority white school like to hang around each other, and speculate as to why they're being racist by refusing to associate with white people? Or any other number of silly-but-true hypotheticals I've observed. I'm really getting that impression.

  12. Hey I got a good idea... if you're upset about your prophet being insulted and having him and your religion portrayed as terrorists in a silly cartoon, in response, go burn things, blow s*** up, and kill foreigners... that'll show em you're not all a bunch of terrorists. If that doesn't work, then actually threaten major terrorist attacks to remove all doubt that you should be portrayed as a terrorist

  13. QUOTE(DrunkBomber @ Mar 19, 2008 -> 08:16 PM)
    Either way theres nothing I can do about it. I can see why people discuss it as a problem but that isnt going to accomplish anything either. Like I said earlier, this has been an issue for a long time and nothing drastic seems to be happening. If its going to be harped on than it will always create tension. Allocation of funding for schools is set up by the government not by us. I would lump it into the conversation of injustices by the government on people before I would label it a race issue.

    It's not a race issue though. By itself anyway.

  14. QUOTE(DrunkBomber @ Mar 19, 2008 -> 08:04 PM)
    Im not saying they arent relevant, Im just saying that are lots of other issues that are never discussed and thats what I was getting at. Public schools have been discussed in that regard for a long time and we are still at this "stalemate" There are much more important things in this conversation than public schooling because in a sense individuals like us cant control things like that but we can control our thoughts and opinions and thats what needs to be explored more than stuff people have been arguing about for decades.

    I'm not even sure that our personal thoughts and opinions are as much the issue as they were 20, 30, 40 years ago though. I mean of course that's still around, hell you've got idiots at places like www.amren.com spewing nonsensical garbage as always. But as I said a few pages ago the vast majority of white people I've known are genuinely not racist and have no issues with seeing minorities succeed, and I've never personally experienced blatant racism. That couldn't be said in, say, the 1960s.


    Talking about it doesn't hurt, though.

  15. QUOTE(DrunkBomber @ Mar 19, 2008 -> 08:01 PM)
    I wasnt trying to compare Obama to those people. I was just saying that those types of people are one of the biggest hurdles to accomplishing the goals that were the point of the speech.

    Now that I think I get your point of view, I agree.


    I would make the case that they're misunderstood but I'm convinced that Jackson and Sharpton are in it for Jackson and Sharpton and that's the only reason they do anything. They aren't leaders, they're opportunists.