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  1. QUOTE(witesoxfan @ Mar 13, 2008 -> 08:09 PM)
    Ozzie does love speed, and while it (possibly) seems as though he's recognizing that OBP is more important at the top of the order than a track star, he will want a guy that can steal bases somewhere on his team. Currently, I don't think anybody has proven they can steal at a proficient clip other than Owens, so it would be nice to have a speedster that can come into the game in the 8th inning or so and steal a base. Of course, he'll get thrown out now and then too, which would really suck, but s*** happens.

    Anderson's got pretty decent speed, as does Fields FWIW. But he doesn't have the hang of getting good jumps yet so it doesn't translate into SBs. Come to think of it Owens doesn't always get the best of jumps either but he's so damn fast it really doesn't matter.

  2. QUOTE(BearSox @ Mar 13, 2008 -> 07:59 PM)
    I got nothing against fathom, but he said seemed to fix his swing. I didn't see it, but all I'll say is bad habbits have a way of returning.

    Hitting is repetition and muscle memory... Anderson basically had to tear down what he knew and start from scratch at some point during the '06 season and to do that he needed consistent ABs (just as he does now). It was something he could get away with in the minors against less talented pitching but it was exposed in spades against MLB pitching. This is why he seemed to simplify his plate approach after the ASB and hit a lot more liners instead of trying to swing a power bat.


    I would go out on a limb and say that if it looks like he has in fact fixed his mechanical issues and keeps doing what he's doing, he's probably not going to regress.

  3. QUOTE(JFields27 @ Mar 13, 2008 -> 06:07 PM)
    I pick Josh Fields. Knightni didnt even mention him in his post and then not even in the poll.


    There may be a lot of Crede Fans but everyone talks about him and maybe Fields gets mentioned with him. You dont see much on Fields though

    I think you're nuts... everyone is ecstatic about having a young power hitter. Of course they talk about him.

  4. QUOTE(YASNY @ Mar 9, 2008 -> 02:02 AM)
    Enough said. :lol:

    lol, I knew that was coming.


    For real though it's what Chicago politics is all about, for every apparently likable one that's produced like Barack Obama you have several turds like Rod Blagojevich. It's been that way since before even my dad can remember.

  5. QUOTE(NorthSideSox72 @ Mar 7, 2008 -> 10:27 PM)
    1. Other cities DO have these problems. Most of them do, in fact.


    2. People have historically, especially in the last 2 or 3 decades, not made an issue of it because the city has done so well. Its gone through a virtual renaissance.


    3. Also during that period, until recently, the city appeared to run much better than others. The streets are cleaner, potholes are fixed faster, things work better. Ask people who lived in Chicago but also in other cities (myself included). Its only been the last few years where people have noticed that the quality has dropped a lot, but the high taxes continue. That's when there is trouble.

    I didn't mean to imply that other cities don't have these kinds of problems although reading my post I could see how you'd think that's what I was saying. But like you said nobody has made an issue of it because for the most part Chicago was doing all right at least on the surface (when downstate politicians don't interfere anyway e.g. CTA "crisis" that was a self-inflicted wound from the state government). That much I can agree with.


    For the record I know my profile says I live in Maryland but I was born and raised a Southsider.

  6. QUOTE(Greg The Bull Luzinski @ Mar 7, 2008 -> 11:23 PM)
    Almost time to change the name of this topic to say "Brian Anderson was hitting". He sees runners on base and retreats into a slump.

    Good god, the only other place you see ridiculously polarized arguments like this is with Rex Grossman.

  7. QUOTE(southsider2k5 @ Mar 6, 2008 -> 09:18 AM)
    Probably less than what they are paying now for the bloated bureaucracy of Cook County, especially if they join another existing county.

    I'm surprised nobody is talking about this at length in this thread yet. Chicago probably has one of the most inefficient local governments I've seen anywhere in the country. There's so much nepotism and good-old-boy mess going on that it stifles the government. Howcome no other big city seems to have these budget problems all the time? If all that was streamlined, eliminated, and cleaned up (corruption) the gov't could probably still provide all those services and lower taxes a good amount. But nobody ever takes them to task so it just gets perpetually worse.

  8. QUOTE(mr_genius @ Mar 7, 2008 -> 06:41 PM)
    no one said it's the only one, just that the gov is usually the worst. corruption, no competition, cost raising bureaucracy, don't care about customer service cause they are the only show in town, ect.

    Not disputing all of the above but Option B is not always automatically better. The corruption factor is the same when it comes to large amounts of $$$$. Power is susceptible to corruption and money=power


    Don't think I'm arguing in favor of the gov't running more things because I'm not.

  9. QUOTE(kapkomet @ Mar 7, 2008 -> 06:11 PM)
    It is not the only organization as such, but it is one of the most inefficient and incompentent forms of "doing business" there is because there's no reason for efficiency at all. None.

    There is a lot more accountability among government employees than the average person seems to think.


    Now, if you want to talk about elected officials... that's a whole different story.

  10. QUOTE(mr_genius @ Mar 5, 2008 -> 07:12 PM)
    Government controlling health care isn't going to lower costs. Health care is going to cost just as much, if not more, once big government corruption gets involved. The only difference is it will be a socialized pooling of money.

    Why do people talk about the government ("government" being a general term but usually applying only to the federal one) is the only organization capable of being corrupt and/or incompetent?

  11. I've been wondering this for a while. My logins are long enough for individual visits to Soxtalk but whenever I close the browser window (Firefox, I can't recall if it does it on IE too) I come back a few hours later and I have to log back in. No other message board does that, I usually stay logged in indefinitely or until I log out or clear my cookies. Does anybody know why? Is it something in my settings?

  12. QUOTE(Dick Allen @ Mar 6, 2008 -> 10:59 PM)
    If Quentin develops like they think, he will eventually. I don't think it will be this year though. Maybe they move Dye to LF next year.

    I think as long as Dye is on the team and producing he'd be playing RF, if he's healthy his defense is not that bad and he still has the arm. He's just getting a little long in the tooth so who knows how much longer he'll be around. But considering Quentin's tools I think he could play RF no problem, it was just an assumption I made when he came to the Sox.

  13. QUOTE(Dick Allen @ Mar 6, 2008 -> 10:47 PM)
    I think pesky is more important that fast in the leadoff spot. I know the White Sox are talking up Jerry Owens but lets face it, they were willing to go way over budget to replace him with Torii Hunter and gave up a lot to get Swisher to apparently play CF. KW went with the dramatics to say they specifically targeted Quentin, so he must be who they see eventually most of the time in LF. I really doubt another GM would try to get the fans of his team excited by saying they specifically targeted Jerry Owens, unless its mental care professionals seeing potential new business. I hope if the roster stays as is, that Swisher leads off.

    I figured Quentin was eventually going to replace Dye in RF. /shrug

  14. QUOTE(Tony82087 @ Mar 6, 2008 -> 07:47 PM)
    You answer your own question in this post.


    It's also really not about fans being hostile to Owens himself, but more the fact that he is seemingly being handed the LF spot, along with leading off, when he hasn't show he is a capable of doing either, and to top it off, their are better alternatives on the roster....

    If you're talking about the first sentence, I did that on purpose.


    I realize there are (apparently) better alternatives on the roster, but the hostility has gone on since 3/4 of the way through the season even while he was improving, and it went beyond "I really wish we had a better CF" which in and of itself is a valid complaint. It's not like he's going to play the way he did in his rookie season forever, hell I wouldn't be surprised if, in a hypothetical season of full ABs, he hit in the high .280s with a respectable OBP of about .350. He still is never going to have an arm though.