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  1. QUOTE(Texsox @ Feb 20, 2008 -> 02:13 PM)
    Sure it is fun to mock something that others people hold as sacred.

    Posting a picture of something is mocking it? I think not.


    I could see if we had a large number of Muslims who posted on this board and they collectively said "we don't appreciate you posting pictures of our prophet b/c it's forbidden in our religion" and someone did it anyway but thats not the case.


    Now, to say something like "I bet Mohammed was a Jew" just to get a laugh... THAT is mocking.

  2. QUOTE(Reddy @ Feb 8, 2008 -> 04:37 PM)
    i hate it when campaigns base their campaign entirely on meaningless rhetoric to rile up emotions instead of actually dealing with issues. this is why the candidates i support always lose - they're issues candidates.

    I'm assuming you're talking about Obama, and IMO this is getting blown all out of proportion, any time I hear a Republican (or sometimes a Hillary supporter) say something like "Obama is shallow and all talk, great speaker and nothing more" or "Obama's supporters probably don't even know what his policies and plans are, they just like hearing him talk" it makes me wonder how much they really know about Obama. Truth be told Obama has voted in lock step with the Dems since he's been elected to the Senate (he's not different from any other Democrat) and on most of the major issues, his stances are either really close or identical to Hillary's. If someone really doesn't know where Obama stands on major political issues by now they have to just be deliberately ignoring him.

  3. QUOTE(SoxAce @ Jan 20, 2008 -> 09:30 PM)
    Yea I didn't want to say below average. Thought I'd be generous. Corey does have his moments.

    Patterson is a much better defensive CF than Owens... I'd call Owens average at best. Bad instincts which are mitigated by plus speed make average range. But he throws like a girl.


    Patterson would be a decent #9 hitter though. When he was in Baltimore (I went to several games) they'd periodically try him at the top of the order and he'd suck, but in the 9 hole with no pressure he's pretty good and he has very good speed to boot.

  4. QUOTE(BearSox @ Jan 21, 2008 -> 04:04 PM)
    Overpaid (unless there are incentives we don't know about), but I like the signing in general. I have always been a big fan of Dotel's, and if healthy, he can be a top SU man.

    "Overpaid" just comes with the territory, these days just about anyone who reaches FA healthy and has above average stats will get a contract worth at least 10 million. That's subjective really. I mean, at the beginning of 2007 people were saying Javier Vazquez was overpaid, same thing about Lilly on the Cubs, but nobody [smart] is saying that now.


    Baseball players make a ton of money, that's just how it is. My 1 year old is favoring his left hand, so you'd best believe I'm putting a baseball in there as soon as he learns to grip it.

  5. QUOTE(max power @ Jan 8, 2008 -> 07:39 PM)
    Are you a fan of the show lost or did someone lose you between the seat cushions?

    Originally it meant "lost" as in "displaced" considering I now live in Maryland and I'm a Bears/Sox/Bulls fan (in that order of priority). Now it's pretty much just a screen name that I use on every sports site I post on.


    I tell you what though, whenever I get to arguing with certain types of people and they disagree with me on something, usually when I'm right and have other people on my side, and they are very wrong, they say "wow lost, you're just like your name!" That automatically lets me know that I'm dealing with the internet's sports message board lowest common denominator, i.e. someone well below average intelligence. So far there has only been one exception to that rule.

  6. QUOTE(RockRaines @ Jan 8, 2008 -> 05:32 PM)
    There are only 4 slow-footed vets on this team, I would say the core is now younger and more athletic, or older and quick (Ocab) Fields, Quentin, Swish, Richar, are young, athletic, and promising, couldnt you say thats our core as well?

    I really like the fact that we have a lot more speed in this lineup and less station-to-station baseball, it makes us so much more versatile. And if we ever managed to land a true leadoff hitter... man.

  7. I still really like Danks. The tools are there, he has decent stuff and a Buehrle-like demeanor on the mound. He needed to add another pitch. If memory serves me correctly he needed to refine another off-speed pitch and he would've been good to go consistency-wise. You look at his walk-to-strikeout ratio and it wasn't too bad. I'm hoping he can put up an ERA of about 4.5 next year.

  8. QUOTE(Jeremy @ Jan 7, 2008 -> 02:40 PM)
    Anderson and Young weren't equally good prospects at the time of the trade IMO, Young had an edge. I for one wouldn't have been too nervous about Young playing CF in '06. Skipping AAA isn't unheard of and the stuff about a raw player struggling with his batting average is revisionist history since he hit .277 in AA right before we dealt him. Also, let's not forget that the pressing hole we filled at the time was "sixth starter." Trading Young was by no means essential to defending our World Series Crown. Look at Boston, you don't see them bending over backwards to deal all of their top prospects.

    I'd say Young had a higher ceiling than Anderson, but he was more raw. Either way both of them were legit prospects. Looking at his career batting averages in the minors he's never really hit for a very high average, I think his average in the minors was .260 when we traded him.


    Eventually at the MLB level he will learn to hit for contact reliably, but I don't see that happening if he comes up to be the uncontested starter in 2006.

  9. QUOTE(witesoxfan @ Jan 7, 2008 -> 01:46 AM)
    How much is it going to have to snow to stop the New England passing attack? 4 inches?


    This looks like an easy win for New England, especially with a week of rest.

    New England is unbeaten, not unbeatable. It's not a coincidence that the teams that actually have the balls to blitz Brady aggressively and force him into making mistakes are the ones that have been the closest to winning. Those teams also have a versatile rushing attack... NE had no answer for Addai, Westbrook, or even McGahee off the top of my head. I happen to think Jacksonville has a very good chance of beating the Pats. I don't necessarily think the Jags will win but it certainly won't be easy for the Pats.

  10. QUOTE(Jeremy @ Jan 7, 2008 -> 03:18 AM)
    No offense to anyone but I think you'll almost always find most Sox fans in favor of a prospects for major leaguers deal.


    First of all, despite Sox fans' reputation as pessimists, most fans I've encountered defend the overwhelming majority of Kenny's moves. Look no further than the Chris Young trade: the consensus in baseball is that Young is a highly promising young player and we got hosed in the deal but many White Sox fans still adamantly defend the deal. People moan about Young's OBP even though he improved markedly in the second half of his rookie year and posted a .358 OBP in the minors.


    More importantly though, Sox fans seem very willing to throw their support behind any deal where "unproven" prospects are deals for established players. People in this thread seem to be explicitly saying they believe a prospects for major leaguers deal is always a good deal, which I find completely mind boggling. Every All-Star and Superstar player was a prospect once and most of them where highly touted prospects like DLS and Gio.

    You know what really kills me about the Chris Young deal... they act like we got completely screwed on that deal and that Kenny should've KNOWN he was going to be a better CF than Anderson, shame on him for having a broken flux capacitor on his Delorean and not being able to know in advance. If you're ready to defend a WS title and you have to bank on one of your two really good, 5-tool prospects filling a hole, are you going to go with the one that's still a raw AA project that is still working on hitting for average (power numbers notwithstanding), or the (apparently) refined player who tore up AAA and hit close to .300 in the minors? If I have to flip a coin I'm going with the second. Does anybody think Chris Young would've been the same impact player he is for AZ that he is on the Sox if he was put into the starting role in CF in 2006? I somehow don't think so. I tend to think we would've been just as impatient with him as we were with Anderson.


    Yeah that choice obviously blew up in Kenny's face but I don't really fault him for making it at the time. Although... last time I checked, that hole in the roster brought Jim Thome, who doesn't exactly suck (not happy about Frank leaving, but whatever, what can you do). And the player we gave up bought us a legit #2 starter.

  11. QUOTE(Balta1701 @ Jan 6, 2008 -> 06:29 PM)
    I think it's entirely possible that both Floyd and Danks will be roughly "Average" next year, and if that happens, we'll consider Floyd more valuable simply because he's almost guaranteed to give us more innings and remain fresher longer.

    If both of them are average I think the team really wouldn't be in very bad shape. Danks pitched reasonably well before taking a dive from a tired arm or whatever in the stretch run, and Floyd wasn't THAT bad, with some work he'd make a decent #5 as long as he doesn't blow up and have an ERA of 6.50. It'd just take a lot of luck for both pitchers to reach their highest potential.

  12. QUOTE(Soxpranos @ Jan 6, 2008 -> 04:50 PM)
    Well said, not to mention our Pitching sucks .


    Williams screwed up big time in my eyes.

    I didn't expect for this team to be 100% rebuilt and ready to contend for the AL in one season though. Step 1 was getting rid of the dead weight, step 2 was adding some youth and speed in the lineup. Step 3 is solidifying the rotation unless Contreras trips and falls into a fountain of youth and Danks and Floyd pitch out of their minds and turn into bona fide MLB starters. Danks I can see pitching well enough for a #4, not sure about Floyd.

  13. QUOTE(BearSox @ Jan 5, 2008 -> 07:43 PM)
    Free agency is the only realistic way we can get better.




    ...and how much.


    What free agent who is out there right now is going to make the Sox into a WS contender all of a sudden?


    We have question marks/holes in the rotation but unfortunately there is no magic switch that the GM can flip to fix it. Either the guys we have are going to do well or they aren't, that's just how it is.

  14. QUOTE(BearSox @ Jan 5, 2008 -> 06:54 PM)
    Then how will we compete? By trading some prospects for major league players? That's a nice theory when you actually have prospects other teams would want to trade for... how how about we bring up some prospects who can contribute a la Joba Champerlin? Oh wait, we don't have any good prospects who we could call up and make a difference.

    We should've given $100M to Hunter and $350M to A-Rod, just for good measure, no way they could've refused that. Next year we should throw $200M at Johan Santana. But KW won't give all that money to free agents, so he sucks, and we will suck.


    Geez dude, I thought I was overly critical of KW sometimes, I mean damn.

  15. QUOTE(JFields27 @ Jan 5, 2008 -> 07:00 PM)
    yeah oh well when Crede came up what did everyone say, he had great defense hes gonna get everything, but where the hell is his bat. He got his bat with some experience. Fields comes here with a great power bat, and last season he made some very nice plays at 3B and at other times it was just like damn what was he thinking with that, I think he could be taught some skills at the position to make him better

    I'm not saying he's not going to improve, but hitting tools are more likely to develop than fielding tools, especially if you hit well in every level of the minors like Crede did. Fields, on the other hand, has been playing professional baseball for several years now and it's not like fielding at the MLB level is much different from fielding in the minors, so I don't expect him to become a significantly better defender although he is pretty athletic. It'd be nice if he did though.

  16. QUOTE(BearSox @ Jan 5, 2008 -> 06:20 PM)
    I love it... people complain how we have no prospects and then we go and trade our 3 best prospects, everyone then goes, well their just prospects. LMAO.

    Meh the farm system just went from really bad to virtually non-existent. There isn't much of a difference. The farm system was already going to have to be rebuilt anyway.

  17. QUOTE(Jeremy @ Jan 5, 2008 -> 04:17 PM)
    Unfortunately, absolutely nothing indicates that will be the case. Buehrle was excellent in the minors whereas Broadway has been very mediocre.

    Broadway was unimpressive in AAA last year (although not outright bad, either) but to say his whole minor league career has been mediocre is a stretch. Both he and Buehrle were so-so at A and good at AA, Broadway didn't put up good stats when he got called up to AAA though (Buehrle came straight from AA, IIRC).


    However, I'm not trying to imply that I think Broadway will ever be the pitcher Buehrle is... Broadway doesn't have anywhere near the command Buehrle does so he won't be able to get away with not having overpowering stuff as easily.