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  1. QUOTE(southsider2k5 @ Dec 12, 2007 -> 03:11 PM)
    Its insane to hold someone's work ethic against them.

    I'm not holding anybody's work ethic against anybody. In fact TBH I could care less about the work ethic of Kenny Williams, Jerry Angelo, or John Paxson. I only care about the end result and right now, I can't be too optimistic, because I (and many others) haven't seen too much of anything. I used to think KW was a genius, now, not so much.


    There is a pretty lengthy thread about that so I'm not going to comment too much further.

  2. QUOTE(hitlesswonder @ Dec 12, 2007 -> 02:14 PM)
    But I am sure the Sox lineup would score more runs with a .790 OPS player in it than a .640ish OPS player in it.

    I didn't say anything to imply it wouldn't. But you're not going to put said .790 OPS player at the top of the lineup if he's not that fast and if his OPS is high because he hits home runs... no, you're going to bat him like 6th. If it was .790 because he hits a lot of doubles/triples and draws a ton of walks, then by all means, but I don't see anybody like that. You need a reliable presence at the top to fill that role or you're gonna fall flat when the bats cool off.

  3. QUOTE(hitlesswonder @ Dec 12, 2007 -> 01:58 PM)
    That's right -- I don't see how CF could be anyone but Owens/Crisp/Pierre. Otherwise the Sox would have no leadoff hitter! That's why the Sox need to put a .650 OPS player into CF rather than a .790 OPS player

    I think OPS (and SLG% by extension) is an overrated stat for leadoff hitters especially if you have enough power elsewhere. It's not completely unimportant because doubles really matter, and because obviously batting yourself in is a lot more reliable than relying on the heart of the order to do it, but not everybody can have a Granderson or Soriano there. OBP and speed is what matters most. Owens def. has speed but not so much OBP, at least he has yet to show it.


    My main beef with having Owens in CF is his arm, he throws like a girl. And his defense is about average, he has great range that is negated by his bad reads. So, as an overall player, Rowand is an upgrade... but unless Fields is in the everyday lineup, Cabrera is the leadoff hitter, and I'm not sure I like that. I agree with the poster above that said a Rowand signing would have to have an accompanying trade.

  4. I notice there's a lot of people down on Richar, with the Sox' recent track record developing young talent that doesn't surprise me. I saw quite a bit of potential in Richar's bat and after a shaky start, he was playing excellent defense. He's gonna be really good with patience... and if he loses playing time to Uribe I'm gonna be pissed. Actually I'll be kind of worried if Uribe doesn't get dealt before the season starts, because I just can't shake the feeling that Ozzie will be tempted to play Uribe if he's there.

  5. QUOTE(Vance Law @ Dec 12, 2007 -> 01:43 PM)
    Granderson hit a silly # of triples- I just don't see that again. If Granderson = Sizemore, a 50 point drop in OPS is not surprising. Players have good years and great years. Beltran's .878 OPS last year is quite good, but it was a 100 point drop from the year before.

    Ok, I'll buy that. In A-Rod's "bad" 2004, he had a .887 OPS, so many players wish they could sniff a OPS that high in their best years.


    But, while Granderson's numbers may or may not go down, I don't think his impact/contribution to the Tigers lineup is going to necessarily be weaker.

  6. QUOTE(NorthSideSox72 @ Dec 12, 2007 -> 01:27 PM)
    Rowand is next. And he'll probably make contact.


    And if Owens did start, one thing you could rely on is he probably would steal 50 bases.

    Actually I'm a big Jerry Owens fan and I like what he brings to the lineup, I (like most) just don't feel like he's a reliable everyday MLB leadoff hitter, at least yet. And I don't want to pin all my hopes on him hitting his ceiling as a player. But you're probably right, at the pace he was going last year, he could EASILY have stolen 50 bases with a full season's ABs. If he was a better hitter and got on base at around a .370 clip, he could probably steal 70.


    But if this team did sign Rowand, who would lead off? Owens is really the only one... Cabrera is the next best thing but he really isn't a leadoff guy. We'd still be in bad shape.

  7. QUOTE(Vance Law @ Dec 12, 2007 -> 12:40 PM)
    He's good. But I don't think he's as good as 2007. We'll see.

    I just think he is. He showed flashes of what he could be his rookie year if he cut down on his strikeout numbers, and he did. He has power and crazy speed, he hits a ridiculous number of triples. Plus he's a highlight reel on defense. I'd be surprised if his numbers declined, or weren't something close to 2007.


    I think Sizemore = Granderson btw

  8. I kind of like Danks, his stuff, the way he goes after hitters and stays composed... I dunno, maybe I'm the only one left. His pitching style was influenced by Buehrle, although obviously he doesn't have the stuff of a Buehrle. And for the first half of the year his numbers were affected by the bizarrely pathetic defense he was getting. But... yeah too many homers. And that's why he's still a back-of-the-rotation pitcher. If he can work that out he'll be really good... but that's not something you can just fix overnight.

  9. QUOTE(Steve9347 @ Dec 12, 2007 -> 12:23 PM)
    Yeah, once you see the players actually in the lineup, it really becomes obvious.

    The only thing we can hope for is the same thing that happened to us last year happens to them, but I highly doubt it will. If it does, they have a lot of question marks on that pitching staff that won't be able to hold them over. But right now yeah I really am kind of scared to play them. I don't even think the Yankees have been this strong.