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  1. 1 minute ago, Jack Parkman said:

    You're not getting a receiver better than Robinson in FA. Unless you want to give up more 1st round picks for Antonio Brown, there just isn't one out there. 

    I think Robinson is somewhere in the 8-15 range league wide, so guys better just don't become available. 

    They don't need a WR better than Robinson, they need a speedy guy who can reliably run vertical routes. Taylor Gabriel is just ok. Much as I hated Johnny "Caused Half Of Cutler's Fucking Interceptions" Knox, he would fit perfectly in this offense right now.


  2. 2 minutes ago, thxfrthmmrs said:

    Let me rephrase this. Bears do not have a true vertical big play threat and which is why we couldn’t move the ball against Eagles in the first half. Robinson makes his money on route running, he has some ability as a deep threat but isn’t explosive enough to be one consistently, especially post injury, also at the same time Bears did not call a lot of deep plays for him this year, Eagles know it and it is why their defensive game plan worked earlier in the game.

    That's a fair take. I think Robinson is a solid option though. Hopefully Miller takes that next stop next season, the learning curve for WRs is steep.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, thxfrthmmrs said:

    This. Robinson isn’t a true number 1 for me, maybe border line 1/2. I am not sure Miller is either but I will give him time. If we have the luxury of adding a big play receiver we should go for it and replace Gabriel (but I think he still have a year of guarantee left).

    Think of it this way, how many more passes could Mitch have made or how many times he wouldn’t have to scramble if Gabriel had a bigger catch radius, where Mitch could throw “mistake passes” and know that Gabriel would still go get it. Us ranking in the bottom 3rd in pass offense is also a product of the personnel we have.

    i don’t know our cap situation right now, but to me that’s one of our biggest needs.

    Gabriel's catch radius was definitely a thing this year. Especially early on before Trubisky figured out his stride, if the throw wasn't perfect Gabriel wasn't completing it.

  4. 1 minute ago, AustinIllini said:

    This is actually pretty crazy, because QBR is a rounded QB stat.


    The reason for this being that QBR weights its plays based on the situation, so if Trubisky gets a 5 yard pass on 3rd and 5, he gets a lot of credit for that, whereas traditional stats (like y/a which factors into QB rating) would "punish" him for not getting more yards on the throw.

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  5. 11 minutes ago, thxfrthmmrs said:

    We gotta to figure out who we are on offense next season. Are we a passing team, are we a running team? If we’re are a passing team we need a better top 3 receiver than what we have now. If we are committing to the run, we need to replace Howard. The dude does a fine job pass blocking, but his explosiveness is all but gone this year. If Howard gets stuff a few times, we completely give up on the run and live and die on Mitch’s arm. That’s exactly what happened today. Against a weakened Eagles defense, it shouldn’t have come down to a Parkey field goal.

    They didn't really die by Trubisky's arm though. Trubisky and Robinson were great today. Miller kinda hit the rookie wall this year so he'll be better next year, and Burton was missed as Shaheen was a non-factor. Dude is soft as baby thighs.

  6. Just now, Soxbadger said:

    He was mobile but he used that mobility entirely differently than Trubisky. 

    Which is why Trubisky and Rodgers is a horrible comparison.

    Not to mention Rodgers top skill was arm strength. It was a long time ago but im pretty sure coming into the NFL one of the reports was he could throw 60 yards from his knee.

    Its a horrible comparison, besides for playing QB Rodgers and Trubisky are not similar.

    What is your argument here exactly? Is it that Trubisky's mobility is not similar to Rodgers's earlier in his career? Because that'd just be plain false. They use their mobility differently because they have different coaches but physical tools are physical tools.

  7. 6 minutes ago, Soxbadger said:

    Thats not the point. Its the style of play. Rodgers was a throw first, second, third and fourth option. 

    I doubt Rodgers has run read option 10 times in his career. 


    It feels like you are using a really specific and narrow definition here. Rodgers wasn't a "running QB" the way people think Cam Newton is but he was definitely a threat to pick up yards with his legs. He didn't have an offense designed around that but almost nobody did then except maybe Tebow (because he couldn't do anything else). He used his mobility to extend plays, one of the reasons he got sacked a lot.

  8. 8 minutes ago, SoxAce said:

    He was awful. I won't rip the guy though. Not every QB is good in his first NFL playoff game. I do cringe everytime he runs or takes his sack. Dude is literally one knee injury away from becoming RG3.

    Lets hope Trubisky is good tomorrow. Hell, even Mahomes could struggle (although I doubt that ;)).

    There was a point in the 4th quarter where he ran on a first down and tried to run between 2 Colts LBs instead of just sliding and taking 6-7 yards. He got maybe 2 extra yards out of it. I guess it's hard to convince football players not to do that but still.

  9. On ‎12‎/‎25‎/‎2018 at 12:12 AM, RockRaines said:

    My favorite thing about my job is effecting consumers on a daily basis. My favorite up to today is the Starbucks app, but the new Walgreens one is about to take over. 

    Can you please let the NFL know they have the shittiest app of all the major sports, and that their website sucks too

  10. It's a running joke with me and @Y2HH that I suspended him a bunch of times back when I was an active mod, but there's always a discussion about what to do before suspending someone and no mod really *likes* doing it. There's a delicate balance, because we don't want to be seen as over-moderating to the point where people can't be themselves.

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