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    NCAA basketball thread 2017-18

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ May 9, 2017 -> 11:14 AM) The MVC just invited Valpo U to join. A slight step up in competition for them. Not much left in the Horizon since Loyola and Butler left. I like them in the MVC. Good fit.
  2. demonbluess

    NCAA basketball thread 2017-18

    QUOTE (bmags @ May 9, 2017 -> 09:33 AM) If Bowen follows him that new stadium could be rocking. If they somehow land Bowen, game over. Just saw 247 now has DePaul as the favorite. Is this real life? http://247sports.com/player/brian-bowen-37000
  3. demonbluess

    NCAA basketball thread 2017-18

    DePaul just landed 5-star PG out of La Lumiere. Biggest get for the Demons in 10 years. As a long, long suffering DePaul fan, it's nice to wake up to some good news. Dave Leitao and Shane Heirman putting something together down in Lincoln Park. http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/colle...0508-story.html *Linked fixed
  4. demonbluess

    Buehrle jersey retirement

    June 24th. Also Jean Baptiste Day in Quebec. Coincidence? I think not.
  5. demonbluess

    New Banner

    Banner boner! Awesome!
  6. demonbluess

    RV Trip To Spring Training

    KOA has a campground in Apache Junction, AZ.
  7. demonbluess

    **7/10 Game Thread: White Sox vs Braves**

    Let's go! Big outing for Shields before the break. Time to step up.
  8. demonbluess

    Cashing in on Todd Frazier at the deadline?

    We just traded the farm to get this guy, an impact player. Now you want to trade him for the farm when he's making an impact?
  9. demonbluess

    PTC Opening Day Monday, April 4th

    Jimmy frickin' Rollins
  10. demonbluess

    Empirical evidence that the Sox will be good this year

    This thread is pointless
  11. demonbluess

    WLS Spring Schedule?

    Does anyone know if these game will come over the WLS Station on the Simple Radio app? Or is there a blackout for internet based radio apps?
  12. demonbluess

    Jason Benetti, new Sox home PxP

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jan 13, 2016 -> 07:15 AM) The ending of an era. It really makes me sad to think that the guy who has been the soundtrack of my fanhood is leaving. Swirsky?
  13. demonbluess

    (Insert Celeb Here) is Dead

    QUOTE (knightni @ Dec 29, 2015 -> 08:15 AM) Was he ill? Heart attack according to the radio.
  14. demonbluess

    (Insert Celeb Here) is Dead

    "Kenosha Brad" Jewell passed last night. Local sports talk contributor and long time caller to the Score. He had a weekly sports radio talk show up in Kenosha. I remember listening to him call in on the old Q101 Sherman & Tingle show pretty much every day. Super good guy. Sad to see him pass.
  15. demonbluess

    John McDonough

    QUOTE (jblastick @ Sep 27, 2015 -> 09:48 AM) With the Sox on the brink of becoming the equivalent of what the Clippers were in LA for two decades I agree with most of this thread, but let's not get carried away. The Clippers had like one winning season from 1980 to 2005. Their franchise player was Eric Piatkowski. I mean, we risk being long term bad, but never Clippers long term bad.
  16. demonbluess

    Well, it's that time of year again....2015 edition

    Made my annual trip over to Wrigley on Sunday (friend has season tickets). Man... just man... that place what downright electric. Near sell out standing and cheering every 2 strike count, every single... it was a tough pill to swallow, especially after this Sox season. We need meaningful baseball again. The jumbo trons and new bleachers were also pretty impressive.
  17. demonbluess

    Attendance 2015

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jul 8, 2015 -> 11:38 AM) As far as I could tell, last night' attendance of 17,028 was the lowest attendance of any June or July home game for the White Sox in at least the last 5 years and probably since 2005 (I got lazy after getting to 2011). ESPN writer Nick Freidell attempted a twitter callout of white sox fans after only 24k showed up for Sale/Buehrle on Monday asking: I'm sure you can guess how that went. That crowd looked bigger than 25K, and it definitely sounded bigger than 25k. Considering the threat of rain, I thought they drew well for a Monday night. Did anyone really expect a sell out?
  18. demonbluess

    Per Robert Feder: Sox/Bulls radio moving to WLS

    Gave WLS a listen this morning. 5 minutes yielded two knocks on the pope for being too liberal. SMH
  19. demonbluess

    4/25 Game Postponed

    Will my tickets from Friday get me in tomorrow for both the suspended game and the scheduled game?
  20. demonbluess

    Bench clearing brawl

    QUOTE (ChrisLikesBaseball @ Apr 23, 2015 -> 09:28 PM) What's the. Likelihood of suspensions? Jeff will be out at least a start. He sort of... lost his mind.
  21. demonbluess


    Let's take 2 out of 3. Otherwise it's looking like it could be a very bleak April.
  22. demonbluess

    Soxtalk Fantasy Baseball Signup

    We are short 3 teams in our 20 team "Grand Slam Baseball League" on Yahoo if anyone is interested. Draft is this Sunday. http://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1/14686
  23. demonbluess

    NCAA basketball 2014-15 thread

    Billy Garrett Jr. is by far and away the best player on the team going into his junior year. It will be interesting to see what they decide to do with BG Sr. He is currently an assistant coach. Do they clean house and risk losing the BG Jr.?
  24. demonbluess

    NCAA basketball 2014-15 thread

    QUOTE (fathom @ Mar 14, 2015 -> 03:19 PM) Should be Howland or bust for DePaul. Not likely to be a lot of big time schools looking for a coach this offseason. Howland is the target. Whether or not he wants the job? That's a different story. Ty Corbin has been mentioned. Mark Aguirre recently got his degree which means he now meets that requirement to coach at DePaul. With that said, he has basically zero coaching experience. Pass. Bobby Hurley is another named being tossed around. They need a big name, splash hire. I said that 5 years ago and we ended up with Purnell. It has been absolutely brutal to watch Blue Demon hoops over the last 10+ years. I check out by December most seasons.
  25. demonbluess

    RIP Minnie Minoso

    If you recorded the WTTW special, check it out. It was fantastic. What a character that guy was! Hearing him explain his name was absolutely fantastic.