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    Merry Christmas Soxtalk!!!

    Merry Christmas!
  2. demonbluess

    Konerko to address media this afternoon

    Looks to be the end of an era. "Those fellas are all gone now." God damn, great memories. Where does the time go?
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    Hawk Harrelson Documentary

    QUOTE (flavum @ Jul 18, 2013 -> 07:59 PM) I'd rather he not die in the booth though. He's almost 72. If he's still here when he's 75, it's going to get real sad...not just annoying like it is now. That last scene was just awesome. I don't know how many times my buddies and I have joked about him having a heart attack in the booth. Just classic!
  4. demonbluess

    Hawk Harrelson Documentary

    I enjoyed it. No matter your thoughts of him in the booth, the guy certainly has some stories to tell. This film was a perfect forum for that. There is no denying he has rubbed shoulders with some of GIANTS in all of sports, not just baseball. Mantle, Williams, Orr, Marciano, Lombardi, Palmer. Pretty cool stuff IMO.
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    Congrats to Mhizzle (Marcus) for making the Fan Cave

    Hip hip! Glad this forum could agree on something! Grats!
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    Feeling Nostalgic

    Trippy man... What's with the 59 second loop of scrolling text at the end?
  7. demonbluess

    AJ Pierzynski Appreciation thread

    QUOTE (iamshack @ Dec 30, 2012 -> 11:53 AM) Yeah, I saw one yesterday on Facebook, too. Really well done and a nice gesture. Does anyone have a link to this?
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    How and why did you become a Sox fan?

    Went to my first game in 1990 at the age of four. My parents took me with a couple of my dad's buddies. I don't remember who won that day, but I caught (more like "picked up") a foul ball from Angels 1B Wally Joyner. We waited outside the clubhouse after the game and got him to sign it. From that day I was hooked, not only on the White Sox, but on baseball in general. While I have fond memories of Ventura, Thomas, Karkovice, and Black Jack, I really grew into my fandom around the 1999 and 2000 "The Kids Can Play" teams. This is when I really owned it. Being a left-side infielder in little league, my favorite players were Mike Caruso and Greg Norton.
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    2012-2013 NCAA Basketball thread

    QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Dec 1, 2012 -> 09:25 PM) It's extremely sad but Rick has taken 3 or 4 leave of absences from coaching to lose weight and get his health in check and he never has. I feel terrible for his family but when I heard the news I wasn't surprised at all. A hell of a ball coach, and from what I hear, an even better guy. He was a major part of my college hoops memories growing up. In recent years, I found myself watching far too many SLU games for comfort. Rest in peace Big Rick
  10. demonbluess

    So what type of 3rd baseman do we need?

    I think Craig Counsell is available.
  11. demonbluess

    My Sox Summer - 50 games for under $500

    Phenominal stuff! I have been reading and enjoying all season. The idea at it's conception was really cool. The fact that you actually carried through with it was even cooler. It looks like you had a an unfortgettable summer for less than the price of a weekend getaway. Keep fighting the good fight for the common fan! I look forward to seeing the video. Go Sox!
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    RIP Michael Clarke Duncan

    QUOTE (sunofgold @ Sep 4, 2012 -> 05:24 PM) Actuall I think is misleading. I think that it is the NJCAA not the NCAA. I remember DePaul was a top NCAA team in the 80s With Ray Meyer. Maybe even were #1 at some point. 1978-79 season. They were ranked number one and made it to the Final Four. They lost to Larry Bird's Indiana State team in the semi's, who, in turn, lost to Magic Johnson's MSU team in the finals. Yikes that's tough competition!
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    Favorite Random Hawk exclamation?

    The first time he broke out "hell yes!" a few years back I think it captured the feeling perfectly.
  15. demonbluess

    Next Home Game

    QUOTE (BFirebird @ Jul 23, 2012 -> 11:59 PM) It was a good crowd tonight..about 37K. Did the wave though...I hate the wave. This. A rather enthusiastic big one too. Grr....
  16. demonbluess

    What happened to Cowley

    Cowley built his "brand" on Twitter. Being the WWE-style twitter/radio heal got him way more notoriety than his columns ever did. Being censored severly neuters that. Nobody really cares about this guy's flat baseball & organizational insight. With Ozzie gone, he brings nothing more to the table than any other beat writer.
  17. demonbluess

    Aaron Rowand Working Radio During Yanks Series

    QUOTE (retro1983hat @ Jun 28, 2012 -> 10:22 PM) The Fire and the Passion This. I'm so glad we have a reason to talk about Aaron Rowand again.
  18. demonbluess

    Chance of being in 1st by ASB?

    I agree we're better than Cleveland & Detroit. That doesn't change the fact that the next three to four weeks of schedule is brutal for us with a mixture of quality opponents and long road stretches. They NEED to take care of business at home vs. Chicago and Milwaukee. This will make those series' against NYY on the road and Texas and Toronto at home much less vital.
  19. demonbluess

    White Sox releasing $5 upper deck ticket for TOR series

    My immediate reaction to this was unnerving. I spent $13 a ticket for seats for Tuesdays game with my 7-game plan. I'm not entitled to the discount because I supported a team with a partial season package pre-season? That's $16 difference for 2 seats.
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    Can anyone find how many runs we had through May the last two seasons?
  21. demonbluess

    White Sox vs Indians. 3:10 CST

    Ventura Bobblehead Day FTW!
  22. demonbluess

    Kevin Hickey dies

    If there is any silver lining in our recent losses, it's that they have shown us how tight the White Sox family really can be. I've never even heard of him before today, but I'm sad for his loss. When you make an impression on this ballclub via hard work, great numbers & character (BMS), or even a great story, you're a White Sox for life.
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    Pale Hose vs. The Tribe 5/1/2012

    This is bordering on ridiculous
  24. demonbluess

    Pale Hose vs. The Tribe 5/1/2012

    Let's go Kong!
  25. demonbluess

    Pale Hose vs. The Tribe 5/1/2012

    Disregarding the error, great to see Alexei move the runner over for a change.