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    Sox @ Red Sox (Game 1 and Game 2)

    I finished my lunch just in time to catch Malcolm & Eddy and this damn baseball game was on ... pissed.
  2. demonbluess

    Just a small town girl

    that's the way you need it!
  3. demonbluess

    Just a small town girl

    QUOTE (maggsmaggs @ Sep 2, 2010 -> 08:21 PM) born and raised in South Detroit... Chicago*
  4. demonbluess

    The Manram Thread

    QUOTE (SexiAlexei @ Aug 31, 2010 -> 06:26 PM) I agree. If I'm not mistaken, manny doesn't play day games after a night game, so he'd only play in one of the next two anyways. This entire philosophy is such a joke to me. The sense of entitlement with some professional athletes makes me sick. God forbid you go the extra mile to help your team in a pennant race.
  5. demonbluess

    Official 2010-11 NFL Thread

    Hey Soxtalkers, Didn't catch the Fantasy Football wave early enough this year. Just wanted to invite any of you last minuters (like myself) to join one of my public leagues. It's free and just for fun. 16 teams, 3 round playoffs, +2 for home field advantage. http://games.espn.go.com/ffl/leagueoffice?leagueId=716450 Draft is tomorrow @ 8:00 PM CT. Go Sox!
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    7/6 - Los Angeles vs. Chicago

    This looks bad.
  7. demonbluess


    This victory was possibly huge in terms of momentum. We let this one get away, we're losers of 3 in a row. Now we have a chance to win yet another series without skipping a beat. The AJ peg down to 2nd in the 9th, AWESOME.
  8. demonbluess

    Are you in or out

    Win me the next 3 series, and I'm all in. Realistic shot at 7-2(ish?) next 9 games. Tigers have been playing well, Twins win last two in PHI. Still have some work to do! Get within 4 by the break.
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    Just waking up from the bedlam last night! What a morning! ENJOY IT CHICAGO
  10. demonbluess

    Who was the most reviled current Sox here

    Ramon Castro. Poor backup catchers...
  11. demonbluess

    How well do you remember the 2005 roster

    got me.
  12. demonbluess

    Soxtalk Fantasy Nascar

    Yeah, I'd be up for that.
  13. demonbluess

    Jake Freakin Peavy

    Considering the time of the acquisition, I feel like he's flown a little bit off the radar this offseason. I've spent so much time pondering the DH question that I keep forgetting we potentially have one of the most dominate rotations in baseball. It gets me giddy too!
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    What message boards do you frequent?

  15. demonbluess

    Merry Christmas Soxtalkers!

    Merry Christmas Soxtalk
  16. demonbluess

    Jim Parque

    Really a great read. Brings to light bigger issues than PEDs and baseball.
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    QUOTE (santo=dorf @ Jul 15, 2009 -> 05:42 AM) Cardinals fans won't boo the Sox because of our common dislike for the Cubs. It was completely political Give me a break. Do you really think that Cardinal fans would even remotely be thinking during politics their shining moment? It was in the midst of the introductions of the greatest Cardinal players of all time, community allstars, and the righteous hometown steroid free savior of baseball today. The last thing on their minds was, and should have been, politics. Last night was about baseball, plain and simple. A healthy boo from an anti-Chicago baseball city is all in good fun.
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    In a see of Cardinal red, among the greatest Cardinal players in history... that statement was pretty bad ass.
  19. demonbluess

    American Needle Vintage Sox Caps $7.99

    Confirmed at TJ Maxx on Irving Pk. and Naraganssett and Marshal's at Cicero and Irving Pk. Also 1990-91 navy/red script "C" hat available.
  20. demonbluess

    6/16 Sox @ Cubs 7:05 CSN - PPD

    Not much out west though. http://www.intellicast.com/national/radar/...cation=USIL0028
  21. demonbluess

    Peavy Rejects Sox Offer; Deal Now Dead

    QUOTE (EvilJester99 @ May 21, 2009 -> 12:28 PM) FWIW... Schuster on the Score said he fully expects Peavy to decline this deal due to the concern about pitching in a launching pad such as US Cellular.... If this is seriously the deal breaker, all I see him as is gutless. Any pitcher that doesn't welcome a challenge and opportunity to prove himself is someone I just can't respect... even if that pitcher is a perrenial Cy Young candidate.
  22. demonbluess

    4/28/09 Mariners @ White Sox - Game 1, WGN

    There goes my night. DH tomorrow is pretty good though.
  23. demonbluess

    Other April Fools Thread

    Got me...