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    Should fans 'Blackout' Opening Day?

    I respectfully disagree. If you do it too much it loses the nostalgia. Save it for when we really need it (I.E. clinching games).
  2. demonbluess

    Getz is the leader for 2B

    QUOTE (knightni @ Mar 19, 2009 -> 03:23 PM) Since Nix has been nixed, Ozzie gets Getz. Haha how long have you been waiting to say that?
  3. demonbluess

    Add any player to the Sox

    Michael John Caruso
  4. demonbluess

    Fantasy Baseball

    I'm up to join a league. If #4 is up and going, an invite and/or details would be uber appreciated.
  5. demonbluess

    Norm Van Lier

    Chicago lost a great one today. RIP buddy. We'll miss you.
  6. demonbluess

    ST Game 2: Sox @ Rockies (Tucson)

    Hey NorthSide, this is a little OT but... where did you your little strip sig? I've been meaning to ask you for a while.
  7. demonbluess

    Official Squared Circle Thread

    I didn't see this posted yet. Have you guys seen the roster release for the Legends of Wrestlemania game yet? So epic. Only one that is missing is the Macho Man. http://www.destructoid.com/legends-of-wres...ry-121844.phtml
  8. demonbluess

    The President of the US is a White Sox Fan

    Any word on whether or not he'll accept that opening day pitch yet?
  9. demonbluess

    No more Warthogs

    Well I thought I'd shoot an e-mail to the Dash to kind of notify them about their logo. I used the e-mail listed on the contact page and got an undeliverable back. I'm guessing they probably haven't the slightest clue about this growing internet buzz. Oh well, nothing left to do except embrace the purple phallace with comptetitive vigor.
  10. demonbluess

    Favorite Morning Radio Show?

    Def. Waddle and Silvey
  11. demonbluess

    Cell phone ringtones

  12. demonbluess

    De La Hoya vs. Pacquiao

    I've always been a fan of boxing moreso than MMA. MMA just seems too brutal to enjoy in my case. With that said however, it is impossible to deny its place in the sporting world. It has effectively eclipsed boxing as the ring event of choice. What can the WBA do? Roll out an over the hill De La Hoya once again, and promote the crap out of it. How long has it been since we've seen a new icon break on to the boxing scene? Even Floyd Mayweather lacks the name recognition of the De La Hoyas and Trinidads of the world (much less the Tysons, Fraziers, and Alis). Boxing is in a coma. I miss Butterbean.
  13. demonbluess

    Official Squared Circle Thread

    I'm really looking forward to that movie.
  14. demonbluess

    Kerry Wood

    I'd be up for offering him a 1 year, although he will probably make some decent change somewhere else. Any chance we take a shot at Randy Johnson for the 5th starter spot? I hear a lot of talk about Colon and Garcia on this board and personally it gets me a little shakey.
  15. demonbluess

    Off-Season Suggestion Thread

    1. Fire Greg Walker. I've had it with our streaky hitting veterans. Just because we have a veteran ball club that has found success in the past doing it their way (Konerko, Thome, Cabrera, Swisher, etc.), doesn't mean that they shouldn't be open to teaching and making necessary adjustments. Every season, despite our sometimes goudy and impressive offensive numbers, I can't help but think how much more we are capable of. Hell, if 2 guys in the starting 9 could actually lay down a bunt, we might have scored well over 20 more runs this season. 2. Figgins at 3B, make it happen. Pretty self explanatory. Crede is probably out and Fields was a dissapoinment this past season. 3. JJ Hardy at SS, Cabrera out. 4. Re-assess pitching staff. Find a middle of the road 5th starter and a good number 2-3 guy. Vasquez out. 5. Griffey out. Find a CF or platoon Swisher/Anderson (god forbid).
  16. demonbluess

    For those who were at the game....

    QUOTE (greg775 @ Oct 1, 2008 -> 11:06 PM) This might be a dumb question by why were they chanting Paulie when Thome homered? Cause he was up next and might go back to back? Yep Yep. It was after he crossed homeplate. My favorite moment by far was the diving catch for the win. Everyone in my section jumped off the groud with a collective gasp then cheer. I've never seen the look of relief on so many faces in my life. Relief not from making the catch, but from making the playoffs after so many mixed emotions during the season. It was the first time in a long time we could all enjoy the win without leering apprehension. Also the 30 seconds of Journey after the game gave me chills remembering '05. Too bad it was cut short by Thome's ode to the fans.
  17. demonbluess

    Who will be at the game tonight?

    I'll be there, Section 529! TAKE IT TO THESE FOOLS!
  18. demonbluess

    Tickets for Tomorrow's game vs MIN

    I'm in!
  19. demonbluess

    Tickets for Tomorrow's game vs MIN

    Stubhub is probably season ticket holders.
  20. demonbluess

    Tickets for Tomorrow's game vs MIN

  21. demonbluess

    Ushering in a new era: The Rally Dweezy

    Best thing I've heard all week.
  22. demonbluess

    Cheerleader Chant At The Cell

    I always thought it was R-O-W-D-Y (pronounced Y-EYYYYYYY) Maybe I am wrong.
  23. demonbluess

    DJ....He Gone

    QUOTE (Milkman delivers @ Sep 14, 2008 -> 01:25 PM) Wow, I never realized so many people are tired of Hawk and are fans of DJ. Seriously. DJ provides some of the most bland coverage I have ever listened to. He was a very average commentator and the fact he has made it this long in Chicago really amazes me. Not a bad guy... but just doesn't bring anything useful to the broadcast aside from his insight on playing Japan.
  24. demonbluess

    Carlos Quentin has a broken wrist

    This just... sucks. Time for Jr. to step it up. Hopefully we can ride our horses to the playoffs... our mostly ageing, very slow, horses... I still like our chances stacked up against the Twins though. Whether we do anything in the playoffs though is a different story.
  25. demonbluess

    Fantasy Football Signup

    I'm in.