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    Sox Fan Bernie Mac Dies

    Always sad to see a Sox fan and Chicagoan go, especially so young. Bernie was the epitome of cool. We'll miss you Mac!
  2. demonbluess

    Ozzie Suspended 2 games and no Sox players punished

    Ozzie's beef was justified. MLB is terrible with damage control. However, this could have turned out a lot worse.
  3. demonbluess

    August Wallpaper

    Superb! Thanks.
  4. demonbluess

    Ken Griffey Jr. + Cash to the White Sox

    I really can't wait for some CSN coverage on this deadline stuff. WSCR and MJH expert "insight" is really hurting my head.
  5. demonbluess

    Coop to Boone "Get your head out of your butt"

    QUOTE (elrockinMT @ Jul 28, 2008 -> 04:23 PM) I like it when people in management can be brutally honest Well we certainly have no shortage of that here on the south side.
  6. demonbluess

    Ozuna rejects assignment to AAA

    Gracias Pablo! You were superb in your role the past 3 1/2 seasons. Hopefully you can get a productive starter somewhere.
  7. demonbluess

    White Sox sign Esteban Loaiza/Option Wassermann

    Time to break out the old jersey shirt!
  8. demonbluess

    Here's to Frank Thomas.

  9. demonbluess

    OFFICIAL: Sox Sign Linebrink - 4 yrs, 19 mil

    Even if it is, what is KW supposed to do? Stand pat? This is a good aggressive pickup for a pretty good veteran pitcher. I like it. With that said ... what is our median age now? About 35?
  10. demonbluess

    Jon Garland

    Thanks! 92-81 for the Sox, 4.41 ERA over 8 seasons. ... oh yeah ... and a World Series ring.
  11. demonbluess

    how about a catcher

    Thank you for the welcome.
  12. demonbluess

    how about a catcher

    I think catcher is the least of our pressing concerns. No problem with AJ catching most of the games back there. There is no way Hall can be as bad as he was last season ... although if someone worthwhile was available for a reasonable price, perhaps.