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    How many times have we been shutout since 09?

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Jul 1, 2012 -> 06:16 AM) 2009:13 2010: 5 2011:10 2012: 8 And the winners are 2009: 17 Pitt 2010: 17 Dodgers 2011: 19 San Diego *2012: 11 Oakland
  2. DonkeyKongerko

    2011 ALCS: Detroit Tigers vs. Texas Rangers Thread

    It's pretty damn impressive these days to make the World Series in back to back years. Rangers deserve to win at least one I guess.
  3. DonkeyKongerko

    Konerko for manager?

    Veeck woulda got a kick out of this one.
  4. Funny, I don't feel so bad rooting for the Tigers even with the pounding they gave us this year.
  5. DonkeyKongerko

    AL teams with similar 33 game starts

    Except they could just as easily have had the 16-8 run in April and the 11-22 run in August/Sept. They've largely been a .500 team the rest of the year and that's just plain not good enough for their paygrade.
  6. DonkeyKongerko

    Who will finish with more bombs?

    This is kinda awesome and yet sad at the same time.
  7. DonkeyKongerko


    Holy hell, Four friggin months
  8. DonkeyKongerko

    Mark Teahen Appreciation Thread

    Thanks for that one game in Toronto and the HR against Washington... and all those other games
  9. DonkeyKongerko

    2011 AL Central Catch-All Thread

    Now pitching, Michael Cuddyer :lol:
  10. DonkeyKongerko

    fire walker

    QUOTE (maggsmaggs @ Jul 20, 2011 -> 01:15 PM) Walker has been the Sox hitting coach since 2003, and since then, here are the White Sox rankings in runs scored in the AL: 2003: 791 runs (8th in the AL) 2004: 865 (3rd in the AL) 2005: 741 (9th in the AL) 2006: 868 (4rd in the AL) 2007: 693 (14th and dead last in the AL) 2008: 811 (5th in the AL) 2009: 724 (12th in the AL) 2010: 752 (7th in the AL) 2011: 389 (10th in the AL, on pace for 650 runs) It started out well, but has been bad from 2007 on (with 2008 a good year). Well I was curious about park adjustments so here you go: wRC+ & AL rank from FanGraphs 2003 - 101 6th 2004 - 100 8th 2005 - 94 10th 2006 - 102 4th 2007 - 85 13th 2008 - 101 7th 2009 - 90 12th 2010 - 100 8th 2011 - 90 11th 2008 offense was very average really
  11. DonkeyKongerko

    Is there any way to dump Dunn and get Pujols?

    In a world where a man can trade his way from a paperclip to a house, surely this is possible.
  12. DonkeyKongerko


    When is the BP Cup parade? Maybe Monday
  13. DonkeyKongerko

    White Sox vs Cubs First Pitch 3:10 CT

    Humber Thornton Pierre?
  14. DonkeyKongerko

    White Sox @ Rockies, 7:40pm, WCIU

    Wow, haven't seen the video yet, but sounds like this play pretty sums up our whole season.
  15. Well at least it can only count as one loss instead of 3
  16. QUOTE (kitekrazy @ Jun 24, 2011 -> 08:08 PM) Did this really happen? (and if it was in a forest and no one heard it, did it really happen) Well MLB hasn't posted a video yet so I'm thinking no. Edit: Well, I'll be damned
  17. Whoa my MLB Gameday is all messed up. Says Teahen just tied it on a PH 3-run HR lol
  18. DonkeyKongerko

    2011 AL Central Catch-All Thread

    QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Jun 19, 2011 -> 02:35 PM) The Twins are so winning this division. Yeah. Might as well put down some money in Vegas to ease the pain
  19. DonkeyKongerko

    2010-2011 NHL thread

    http://youtu.be/jGf2QK098OM A few levelheaded Samaritans are all that keep this store owner from being beaten to death.
  20. DonkeyKongerko

    2010-2011 NHL thread

    Only question is will the riot in Vancouver be worse than 94.
  21. DonkeyKongerko

    2010-2011 NHL thread

    Canucks are like the Cubs of hockey. Couldn't happen to a better team
  22. DonkeyKongerko

    OAK @ Humber 6/12 Gamethread

    Smoak HR: 7-3 Mariners now
  23. DonkeyKongerko

    OAK @ Humber 6/12 Gamethread

    Wow, when did we get Adam Dunn??? Glad we got rid of that other guy
  24. DonkeyKongerko

    GAME THREAD: OAK @ CWS, 6/10, 7:10pm

    f***ing disgraceful this team
  25. DonkeyKongerko

    Chicago White Sox at Oakland A's

    Sunday day game. In Oakland. Rubber match. Buehrle starting. Against Cahill? What team is this that wins this game? Surely not the Sox