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  1. justBLAZE

    4/30- White Sox vs Angels, 3:05, CSN/FS1, ESPNR

    it's the 30th my guy.
  2. justBLAZE

    TLR 2022 Thread

    Eww, that 2002 ANA team
  3. justBLAZE

    Casual Fans

    I'm not a casual fan but I live out of state, I make trips to Chicago to watch Sox in person, have MLB.TV subscription and went to Houston to watch them lose to Astros in the playoffs. I've watched one game this year, I just can't get excited for it. I hate to be Debbie Downer but I don't think Sox win anything with TLR at the helm. He was such a terrible choice for a manager, it might have worked for a bit last year but this team is just a drag ever since ASB last year.
  4. justBLAZE

    White Sox vs Guardians GT 4/21/22

    Leury batting third today. 😂
  5. justBLAZE

    Kimbrel traded for AJ Pollock

  6. The schedule goes to 7PM in May and after, has this been announced somewhere?
  7. justBLAZE

    Spring Training thread

    Would be nice to have a decent backup catcher then.
  8. justBLAZE

    Offseason Part 3 - Because Part 2 Was a Dud

    It's Aloha Mr Hand and KFidds from Sox twittersphere.
  9. justBLAZE

    Spring Training thread

    I feel the same especially that I won't be able to make "new" OD. Damn lockout.
  10. justBLAZE

    Offseason Part 2 - Lets the Rumors & Action Begin

    Are they out on Bryant then?
  11. justBLAZE

    Offseason Part 2 - Lets the Rumors & Action Begin

    I probably make this trade TBH and probably regret it later.
  12. justBLAZE

    The MLB lockout is lifted!

    Looks like 4/12 at home vs Mariners.
  13. justBLAZE

    The MLB lockout is lifted!

    When's the Sox Home Opener I NEEDZ TO KNOW
  14. justBLAZE

    The MLB lockout is lifted!

    There it is
  15. justBLAZE

    If we don't win at least one in this series...

    If TLR was really forced on Hahn then I think Hahn should stay and get his pick of manager.