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  1. justBLAZE

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    Man I do not know what to think of these Hawks, I saw them live in Dallas and they looked really good, totally opposite from most of the games I watched on TV. I hope they can pull it off and get a wild card spot. These young guys are fun to watch.
  2. justBLAZE

    New Banner

    Timmy, Kopech, YOYO.
  3. justBLAZE

    3/11 @ Brewers?

    Doesn't look like it. Gameday.
  4. justBLAZE

    3/10 vs A's, 3pm, whitesox.com

    Looks like Nova tomorrow, Rodon vs Mariners / Evan Marshall @ Royals on Tuesday. Mad Kenny coming thru!
  5. justBLAZE

    3/10 vs A's, 3pm, whitesox.com

    @flavum any chance you know the scheduled chuckers for next week?
  6. justBLAZE

    Spring Training Thread

    LOL. Alright Ash.
  7. justBLAZE

    3/4 vs Angels

    I guess game is starting delayed on MLBN
  8. justBLAZE

    3/3 vs Cubs, 2pm

    "we really can surprise people this year"
  9. justBLAZE

    3/2 vs Rockies, 2pm, whitesox.com

    Looks like Moncada will batting 2nd this season vs righties.
  10. justBLAZE

    3/1 vs Rangers, 2pm

  11. justBLAZE

    To anyone "qutting being a Sox fan"

    Emotions run high for some of us, time heals.
  12. Hahn denying to speak acutally speaks volumes. Clown show.
  13. justBLAZE

    Guess the Opening Day 25 Man

    Traded to Dodgers straight up for Joc