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  1. justBLAZE

    MLB top 100 prospects quarter season list

    Madrigal still on the list.
  2. justBLAZE

    Sox vs Indians 5/14 1:10PM CT

    Welp, this might one might be getting out of hand.
  3. The Moncada day off game...
  4. justBLAZE

    5/13 Games

    Sure is, no way he was clearing the stadium in BHAM
  5. justBLAZE

    Rodon TJS

    Also worth noting: Nate Jones had surgery on tear in flexor mass, also out for season.
  6. justBLAZE

    5/13 Games

    Was this Rutherford HR in Bham?
  7. justBLAZE

    Sox vs Indians, 5/13 7:10PM CT

    Any word on how long Leury will be out? Assuming he's banged up from yesterday.
  8. justBLAZE

    5/13 Games

    Thank you. I'm a bit paranoid by the current situation in BHAM, it's great to see Robert starting to pick it up.
  9. Lopez vs Bieber Line up to follow. Going for 3 in a row!
  10. justBLAZE

    5/13 Games

    Fine? Need him to DOMINATE
  11. right on mate, Gio was outstanding today, Timmy and McCannon!
  12. justBLAZE

    Sox @ Jays 5/12 12:07CT Happy Mothers Day!

    YoYo having a game to forget.
  13. justBLAZE

    Sox @ Jays 5/12 12:07CT Happy Mothers Day!

    I hope so but I will need more proof.
  14. justBLAZE

    Sox @ Jays 5/11 2:07 PM

    more like extend him!