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    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    MLBPA submitted a 89 game proposal, full pro-rata. Expanded playoffs.
  2. justBLAZE

    You make choices....and you live with them

    I love all my teams but I'd pick the Bulls simply because they have been a trash organization for a while now! All hail AK.
  3. justBLAZE

    Official NHL COVID season thread

    Gary Bettman announcing return to play plan at 3:30 CT across various media platforms. We are back.
  4. justBLAZE

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Would you share a link please.
  5. justBLAZE

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

  6. All of these scenarios seem like logistical nightmares, not only but players voicing their disapproval. I have a feeling MLB leaks these on purpose to gauge fans reaction. I dont see this happening.
  7. justBLAZE

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Article behind a paywall. Cliffnotes?
  8. justBLAZE

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    @caulfield12 are you still under quarantine? How are things going for you?
  9. justBLAZE

    Reds @ Sox | 3:05PM CT | Whitesox.com

    AZ doesn’t observe no silly daylight savings time.
  10. justBLAZE

    New York Times feature on Tim Anderson

    Interesting comments from Brad Keller of the Royals. “We had kind of a history with him in years past, so it was more of a team thing,” Keller said last week. “But you know what? Guys play the game how they want to, and if that’s how he plays it, so be it.”
  11. justBLAZE

    FS: Jake Burger: Forgotten, but not (yet) gone

    Can’t believe no one has mentioned it, but this man is a Packers fan?! TO HELL WITH HIM
  12. Can’t wait to see the numbers also Fake Steve Cishek giving Jimmy credit, which one of you is it? I vote RaBBit.
  13. justBLAZE

    White Sox Spring Training Thread

    2020 Spring Training just hits different!
  14. justBLAZE

    KW says "no Puig"

    I've read somewhere they had a rift that dated back to the Cuba days. Can't remember where I ready it. Glad the rumor is put to rest.
  15. justBLAZE

    KW says "no Puig"

    If the Sox are maxed out then this is awful news going forward. Puig be damned.
  16. justBLAZE

    Bench Utility Bat - Who do we want?

    Bummer, I thought he was a great fit here.
  17. justBLAZE

    White Sox Spring Training Thread

    Hiking and nature if youre into that.
  18. justBLAZE

    White Sox Spring Training Thread

    kudos to @chitownsportsfan for the second post. I am attending this year again, March 1-3, will be at Sox @ Angels, Padres @ Sox and probably Rangers @ Rockies at Talking Stick. Staying in Scottsdale, going to hike one of the days. See you there.
  19. justBLAZE

    Market/Financial Thread

    Thank you both, they match 100% up to 5.5%
  20. justBLAZE

    Market/Financial Thread

    All the financial gurus on here, my employer offers a Roth 401K and I was wondering if that's something I should be looking into instead of traditional. Does anyone have any thoughts?
  21. justBLAZE

    Yolmer left his heart in SF

    Steve Stone replying to someone I know on twitter said Brock Holt is a very interesting name when asked about Sox and he.
  22. justBLAZE

    Jake Burger Thread

    If you look at the feed from other beat writers nobody else mentioned Jake Burger. The term June-ish was used by Hahn when talking about Dane Dunning. It's crazy how one tweet just took off.
  23. justBLAZE

    Castellanos to Reds , rumored 4/64M

    I can't believe he said that but I hope he talking Mookie long term. dont stop get it get it!
  24. justBLAZE

    Non-Roster Invitees

    Both Palka and Delmonico back with the organization. Cool.