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  1. Big Daddy Kool

    Rios, $1M traded to Rangers

    QUOTE (The Ginger Kid @ Jul 31, 2013 -> 01:24 PM) Doug Padilla ‏@ESPNChiSox 55s Time running out to move Alex Rios. Last comment from Rick Hahn: "There is no urgency to make additional deals." Sigh
  2. Big Daddy Kool

    Peavy to Boston, Avisail Garcia + 3 low lv specs to Sox

    QUOTE (Jake @ Jul 30, 2013 -> 12:11 PM) Question for discussion: If Peavy is traded, which do you expect? a-more impressive return than expected b-less impressive return than expected C. A whole lot of b*tching regardless
  3. Big Daddy Kool

    Peavy to Boston, Avisail Garcia + 3 low lv specs to Sox

    I don't either, but I forgot to add I was skeptical.. QUOTE (SoxPride18 @ Jul 25, 2013 -> 04:20 PM) I don't know if I buy that
  4. Big Daddy Kool

    Peavy to Boston, Avisail Garcia + 3 low lv specs to Sox

    From Ryan Baker's Twitter: https://twitter.com/RyanBakerSports/status/...506230873128960 @JakePeavy_44 looks like he was saying his goodbyes to his #Sox teammates after 7-4 win over #Tigers. Expect a trade announcement soon...
  5. Big Daddy Kool

    White Sox winter meetings thread...

    Pagan back to the Giants
  6. Big Daddy Kool

    White Sox winter meetings thread...

    QUOTE (The Ultimate Champion @ Dec 3, 2012 -> 10:51 AM) Except they're paying him to be a 1B. $13M per for a first baseman who sucks? Maybe someone will take Dunn now because teams this offseason are acting just stupid. His Fenway #'s are nuts however
  7. Big Daddy Kool

    White Sox winter meetings thread...

    QUOTE (flavum @ Dec 3, 2012 -> 09:57 AM) Napoli close to a deal with the Red Sox. Let's see what happens with Salty. 3 years $39 per Jon Heyman
  8. Big Daddy Kool

    Steve Stone NOT leaving

    Singleton got much better once he left. Heard him and ironically Rooney call an ESPN game this year and he was really good. QUOTE (Soxfest @ Oct 9, 2012 -> 01:12 PM) Singleton is horrid...................he could not carry Rooney's lunch.
  9. Big Daddy Kool

    Hawkins promoted to Winston-Salem

    The organization isn't messing around. Also, Trayce Thompson to AAA. QUOTE (Cerbaho-WG @ Aug 29, 2012 -> 10:08 AM) Wow. http://web.milb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=2...sp&sid=t487
  10. Big Daddy Kool

    White Sox Rumor Catch-All

    QUOTE (HickoryHuskers @ Jul 31, 2012 -> 02:32 PM) If NBC were involved, we wouldn't hear any of it until primetime.
  11. Big Daddy Kool

    Trade Deadline Top Pitching Targets

    Sanchez traded to Colorado for Guthrie. QUOTE (Chet Kincaid @ Jul 19, 2012 -> 10:43 PM) No I actually meant Jonathon Sanchez. I know his numbers are bad and he was just released by the Royals, but maybe Coop can get SOMETHING positive out of him. Plus you won't have to give up anything to get him.
  12. Big Daddy Kool

    2012 MLB draft talk

    Why do you assume it's a token pick ? What's the scouting report? QUOTE (danman31 @ Jun 6, 2012 -> 04:02 PM) And now the token pick from the White Sox Academy in Chicago: DeJohn Suber from Morgan Park HS.
  13. Big Daddy Kool

    2012 MLB draft talk

    That's not a reason not to draft a player. Also OSU produced Ventura.
  14. Big Daddy Kool

    Quintana to start Friday

    To the DL per the Suntimes Van Schouwen via twitter QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ May 24, 2012 -> 04:26 PM) There is no trade, has to be some injury. Update: shoulder strain.
  15. Big Daddy Kool

    2012 Cuban signees thread Cespedes/Soler/Concepcion

    They've had it per the Deadspin documents, they've been sitting on revenue sharing money. Also they have back loaded some of their FA deals. IIRC, the had to increase spending to starve off a MLBPA complaint. QUOTE (Swingandalongonetoleft @ Feb 13, 2012 -> 12:53 PM) It's justifiable because the addition of Ozzie itself guarantees 2 Championships over the course of his contract.