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  1. Buehrlesque

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I know it is cynical of me, but part of the solace I would take if the Sox drafted Abrams is that his prospect value could be leveraged in a trade next year, or even this winter, for an established MLB player Kelenic-style. The Sox don't have many high upside guys like that, so it would be nice to have that as an option. And it could be accomplished before his actual minor league performance becomes a factor one way or the other.
  2. Buehrlesque

    Reacquire Adam Eaton

    Not sure. Obviously, if the cost is even remotely high, it's an easy pass. I'd try to start with one of Basabe/Gonzalez/Walker, then add a second piece (maybe Flores or Pilkington?)
  3. Buehrlesque

    Reacquire Adam Eaton

    This thought has actually crossed my mind before. In a vacuum, it's a so-so move. But when you consider the realistic options available, it's really not that bad.
  4. Buehrlesque

    Odubel Herrera anyone?

    They also have Nick WIlliams and Roman Quinn too. I think it's fair to think Odubel could be available. NBC Sports Philly was speculating about it yesterday.
  5. Buehrlesque

    Odubel Herrera anyone?

    In historically embarrassing, incompetent and cheap fashion, the Sox lost out on Manny Machado. This thread is not about him. Let's keep all the murderous rage and legitimate anger out of this thread, and just focus on any possible remaining moves now that that situation is resolved. The Sox seem to be set with an infield of Moncada (3B), TA (SS), Yolmer (2B) and Abreu/Alonso (1B/DH), and honestly, at this point I am fine with that. Alonso is obviously one of the worst possible acquisitions value-wise, but it is what it is now. The OF on the other hand, is a dumpster fire (and would have been with or without Machado). Would anyone here be interested in Odubel Herrera from the Phillies? He's about to get forced out when they (eventually) sign Bryce Harper. He's 27, bats left, can play CF or RF, and while he hasn't been outstanding the last two years, he was darn impressive in 2016 and still could tap into that upside, especially with a change of scenery and an everyday job. Compared to, say, Mitch Haniger, who would cost a Dylan Cease or something, Herrera would come relatively cheap, and still has several years on his contract left. What do you guys think? I'd say Herrera is my guy right now. Anyone else worth considering? Joc? JBJ? Pony up for Haniger or Starling Marte?
  6. Buehrlesque

    Creative Trades

    I really like this idea. Probably a little light though — throw in Carson Fulmer and an org-type guy.
  7. Buehrlesque

    Sox acquire Alex Colome For Narvaez

    I don't mind selling high on Narvaez, but for two years of a relief pitcher? Doesn't seem like the best use of his value. I guess Colome will get flipped for different prospects sown the line anyway.
  8. Yeah, there is just about literally no way a 10-year contract could work out for the Sox. If Harper/Machado bypass their opt outs, that means they are underperforming and overpaid. Best case scenario is they set the world on fire for the Sox, opt out and then become some other team's problem if their performance falls off into their 30s.
  9. Buehrlesque

    White Sox trying to trade Avi Garcia?

    The club option makes this interesting. Ultimately though, I don't think Avi would do that. He could just take a one-year contract and hit FA after 2019. The club option hurts him without any real upside for him.
  10. Yeah, right now, this is the Sox' clearest path to getting a big fish.
  11. Buehrlesque

    Creative Trades

    Not necessarily. The Phillies will almost certainly get one of Harper or Machado. If they choose Harper, the Sox are left to outbid the Yankees for Machado, which won't happen. But... if the Phillies opt for Machado, the Sox path for Harper would be a little clearer since the Yankees aren't interested. So anything the Sox can do to nudge the Phillies specifically toward Machado could pay off for them in the long run. That said, trading for Santana could open 1B for Hoskins, which opens an OF spot for Harper. So that could be bad. But trading for Franco to open an infield spot could help the cause.
  12. No, in this model, the worst-case scenario is not signing Harper altogether because you wouldn't relent on the opt-out at year three. So instead he signs elsewhere, that team enjoys success in 2020 related to Harper, then he uses his opt-out leverage to get a raise for the remaining years on his contract without hitting the open market. The Sox, meanwhile, save $40 mil/year for three years but have nothing really to show for it.
  13. Buehrlesque

    Creative Trades

    Creative trades you say? Angels get: Luis Robert, Nick Madrigal, Dylan Cease, Dane Dunning Sox get: Mike Trout That's four top-100 prospects for two years of Trout. Who says no?
  14. That's just not realistic. Harper is getting an opt out no later than year four. If the Sox want a leg up on the rest of the bidders, they should should front load the contract and acquiesce to the opt out after year three. Sure, it's a serious risk that they lose him after three years, but at least they'd have the leg up on renegotiating with him in that scenario (like ARod with the Yankees, Upton with the Angels, Kershaw last week with the Dodgers, etc.) The greater risk is not signing him altogether. It's better to have Bryce'd and lost than never Bryce'd at all!
  15. Didn't Jason Heyward get an opt out after his third year? I don't see why Harper or Machado would settle for anything less. Give either guy $40 mil/year for the first three years with an opt out at that point. The rest is just details, as chances are very high the opt out is exercised. (If it's not exercised, that's a bad sign and you're probably screwed at that point anyway.)