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  1. Buehrlesque

    2019 OD Roster Thread with a focus on Eloy

    It's possible, but he would have to split time at 3B with Vlad Jr., with the rest of his at bats presumably coming from DH or 1B. Maybe that would be a more comfortable situation for him, coming off an injury and all. But if he wants to play 3B everyday, the Jays won't be a great option.
  2. Buehrlesque

    2019 OD Roster Thread with a focus on Eloy

    I agree with this: Donaldson is best on a one-year deal, keeping multiple options open for 2020 and beyond. I don't think he'll get a QO — either the Jays will trade him this week or, if they don't, not offer one because they wouldn't want to block Vlad Jr. anyway. Edit: and AJ Pollock is underrated, though injury-prone.
  3. Buehrlesque

    2019 OD Roster Thread with a focus on Eloy

    What kids? Yolmer? Jose Rondon? Donaldson doesn't block anyone at 3B and represents serious bounceback upside. If he sucks, you lose nothing but $14 million-ish you otherwise wouldn't have spent anyway. If he's good, you're either in playoff contention or you can trade him for a prospect. I don't see any downside.
  4. Buehrlesque

    2019 OD Roster Thread with a focus on Eloy

    Definitely. I'm sure the Sox will throw their hat in the ring, but I don't see any way they actually come away from either of those two though. Donaldson and Pollock aren't superstars, but they'll come at more reasonable prices on much shorter contracts.
  5. Buehrlesque

    2019 OD Roster Thread with a focus on Eloy

    Speaking only of Donaldson and Pollock — neither of those two will be blocking anyone at the major league level. The only cost is $$, and the Sox will have a lot to use for 2019, with no real added benefit of just banking it. Donaldson probably (hopefully) won't even cost a draft pick (if he's traded this week or the Jays don't extend a QO). To me, the risk level is low here.
  6. Buehrlesque

    2019 OD Roster Thread with a focus on Eloy

    I think Josh Donaldson and AJ Pollock are excellent fits for this team next year and I think/hope the Sox will pursue them. I think a SP like Keuchel/Corbin would be a good fit too, but I don't see the Sox shelling out for that.
  7. Buehrlesque

    Is Luis Gonzalez really this good?

    Oh definitely. I agree and hope he breaks through.
  8. Buehrlesque

    Is Luis Gonzalez really this good?

    This is what I see for Basabe as well, and it's not a bad thing. As for Gonzalez, the stats are impressive so far, but as a polished college hitter, Birmingham will really tell the tale. Here's hoping for a big 2019 for him!
  9. Buehrlesque

    Kopech called up

    Pour one out for the 2025 White Sox 😪😪😫 Seriously though, this was the right move. The Sox have a history of striking pre-arb deals with studs like Sale and Q to buy out year one of FA, and a good will call-up like this will only make the relationship better and that outcome more likely.
  10. Buehrlesque

    Offseason trade idea: Sox-Reds

    In general, I'm not really in favor of a low level prospect for prospect trade. There are too many unknowns that make it unsettling, and that's probably why it pretty much never happens (minus change of scenery types, which I'd be in favor of). To me, the whole point of having prospect depth at a single position is that you don't know which ones will pan out and which ones won't. You undermine that advantage by trading one away. What if the one you trade turns out to be a major leaguer and the ones you kept don't? Sure, there's high reward if the guy you trade busts, but it's super risky and, unless you have a inkling you are selling high on a prospect, I'd rather wait.
  11. Buehrlesque

    Levine: Eloy to be called up soon, possibly this week

    You must have crazily high expectations for what it takes to compete if they don't think the White Sox will even be "close to contending" in 2020. Yes, 2020 matters.
  12. It sure feels like it. But he did get 46 games in at Birmingham with a line of .245/.313/.337 and 15 SBs before missing the last two months.
  13. Nice list! Especially happy to see Eddy Alvarez get a mention — I hope he gets a cup of coffee this Sept. Looking forward to the full list over the next couple of days. So barring any surprises, I extrapolate that Fisher, Polo, Yurchak, Zangari, Skoug, Trey M. are waaay off the radar at this point!
  14. Buehrlesque

    "Magic/al" Madrigal

    Moncada is the best fit at 3B. I hope he is accepts that role in the future because, barring an unexpected acquisition, that's where he'll be if Madrigal arrives as planned.
  15. Buehrlesque

    Hahn Interview

    This all screams Josh Donaldson to me. Machado and Harper are total pipe dreams and will not happen. Donaldson will (most likely) be coming off a down year and could be looking for a shorter-term bounce-back contract. He fits a position of need with the Sox, won't be blocking literally anyone and has big time upside (or, worst-case scenario, flipability). Only thing that gives me pause is he may require losing a draft pick to sign.