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  1. Buehrlesque

    Promotions: Affiliate Predictions

    This all looks really good, and it's exciting to see so much talent moving up. The one name I would add to this is Ryan Cordell. Isn't he due to come back at some point? He'll need regular PT at Charlotte. Also, it would be nice to have regular ABs for all five of the guys you have listed as OFs at Birmingham. To make that happen, either Zavala or Collins would need to get promoted to Charlotte to open the DH spot, or Polo or FIsher could get promoted to Charlotte (not sure they've earned it yet), or maybe Fisher gets some time at 1B at Basto's expense. Lastly, is Corey Zangari around anymore?
  2. Buehrlesque

    Fangraphs Top 131 Prospects List

    People need to star this post and reread it every day leading up to next year's draft!
  3. Buehrlesque

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Me. I despise the idea of taking a catcher in the first round. I understand the counter arguments about scarcity, etc., but my philosophy is exactly the same as yours.
  4. Buehrlesque

    The 2018 MLB Draft Thread (Tracker in OP)

    Tampa Bay too. This is key. Without comp or competitive balance picks, going underslot early doesn't make that much sense, and it would have been a blunder for the Sox. So so happy they went with Madrigal.
  5. Buehrlesque

    2018 White Sox draft discussions thread

    I want Madrigal, and I think the Sox want Singer. My prediction is that the Phillies take one of Madrigal or Singer at 3, and the Sox take whichever is left at 4.
  6. Buehrlesque

    FS: We've Suffered Enough - Call Up Eloy

    Yes, absolutely. I don't think you should wait until you are "ready" to compete to start a player's clock. If you're ready to compete, your main contributors should already have major league experience. That's what makes you ready to compete.
  7. Buehrlesque

    FS: We've Suffered Enough - Call Up Eloy

    I would also rather have them for 2026. And 2027. Where do you draw the line? I can understand why people draw the line in different spots, but for me, setting the stage in 2019 and 2020 are more important than what may or may not happen in 2025. Having something to work on doesn't mean you have to stay in the minors. Tim Anderson is two years in as a major leaguer and has a lot to work on. He's not going to AAA to work on his fielding. Moncada does too. Lopez, same thing. None of those guys are finished products, but they all are major league ready. Kopech will be in the same boat before the end of 2018, if he's not already.
  8. Buehrlesque

    FS: We've Suffered Enough - Call Up Eloy

    Right, the idea he should be up merely to throw a bone to fans is obviously just a sports radio meatball take. I doubt anyone anywhere takes that seriously. But there are posters in this thread who voted to wait until 2019. That is nuts.
  9. Buehrlesque

    FS: We've Suffered Enough - Call Up Eloy

    Keeping Eloy (and Kopech) in the minors until May 2019 is missing the forest for the trees. When a player is ready, he should begin getting tested in the majors. Both because he's earned it, and it is best for the team long-term. The White Sox will be better in 2019 and 2020 if these guys begin orienting themselves in 2018. (And believe it or not, with Eloy, Kopech, Rodon, Burdi and a significant free agent or two, the Sox will more seriously and credibly attempt to compete in '19.) I understand keeping a player down for a few weeks to gain an extra year, and even avoiding Super Two status when it's possible. But leaving these guys in the minors for an entire calendar year is the move more likely to backfire — not bringing them up to begin getting their footing and acclimating with the future teammates and the big league environment it is artificial. Both players will be ready this year. It would be artificial and damaging to deny that.
  10. Buehrlesque

    2018 MLB Draft

    No, you're not. I'll be very disappointed if the Sox take him at number 4.
  11. Buehrlesque

    Kopech will have a chance to win a rotation spot next spring

    QUOTE (flavum @ Aug 29, 2017 -> 12:30 PM) If that's the case, then I also change my mind on Jimenez. They may get these guys to Chicago faster as long as they feel they can handle the inevitable ups and downs. QUOTE (CaliSoxFanViaSWside @ Aug 29, 2017 -> 01:13 PM) Anyone else get the impression the Sox might want to not tank next year ? I read a lot of Sox stuff and that's the impression I am getting. Yes. That's what I've thought all along, the Sox do not seem likely to tank in 2018, and they aim to compete in 2019. I don't think Kopech will break camp with the big league club, that's ridiculous, but I do think both he and Eloy will be up next year (and for good) before September.
  12. Buehrlesque

    AFL Rosters Announced

    QUOTE (Sockin @ Aug 29, 2017 -> 02:06 PM) Sox players going: Pitchers: Dylan Covey, Jace Fry, Matt Foster, Connor Walsh Catchers: Seby Zavala Infielders: Danny Mendick Outfielders: Tito Polo http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/events/afl/club.jsp?team_id=454 Personally, I like it. I don't think the Sox' top tier guys need the AFL time as much as these bubble and/or injury guys do.
  13. Buehrlesque

    Who has best farm system: ATL or Sox?

    QUOTE (Jerksticks @ Aug 11, 2017 -> 02:47 PM) Super quality thinking post here Mr Buehrle. Maybe overall talent under 25 yrs old? Overall talent under 1000 ABs? Yeah! Something like either of those would work. Or something that gives less weight to a recently graduated prospect, so he still factors into the ranking but not as heavily as players in the minors. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Aug 11, 2017 -> 03:28 PM) Prospects are quite literally defined by rookie status. If you don't have rookie status anymore, you aren't a prospect anymore. When comparing for the #1 system, losing the #1 prospect to the majors can effect that status. I just don't like the binary nature of today you are a "prospect" but after your next at bat tomorrow you are not. In the end, it's all just meaningless labels I guess.
  14. Buehrlesque

    Who has best farm system: ATL or Sox?

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Aug 11, 2017 -> 01:40 PM) FWIW, Moncada should be graduating just about any day now. Not a big deal, but does it irk anyone else that the day a prospect "graduates," they are worth zero in these kinds of rankings? I get that they have become major leaguers, and that lists like this are just a snapshot in time, but I would love some kind of system that uses weights of some kind so players could still factor in in some form. It's not like a guy like Moncada is a prospect with X major league at bats and not a prospect with X+1 major league at bats. It'd be cool if there was room for scale or gradient.
  15. Buehrlesque

    What is Blake Rutherford's upside?

    I get that power is important for a likely corner OF, but with all the power of Jimenez, Moncada, Burger and Sheets, et. al. in the system, I would rather Rutheford turn into a high average/OBP guy with middling power than a low average/OBP guy with a significant amount of homeruns. Basically, I hope his power develops, but I also hope he doesn't "sell out" his approach for dingers.