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  1. Abreu picks that ground ball every day of the week to end the inning but you go on with your panic complaining.
  2. macsandz

    What Should They Do with AV?

    100%. He's gotta learn to hit when he's tired, frustrated and in between like every other MLB hitter. It's a process. He'll be fine. He'll be good.
  3. macsandz

    What Should They Do with AV?

    This is hilarious. Did you wanna send Robert AZ last September? This fanbase is insufferable.
  4. Also a weird fit chemistry wise. Never really fit in with the clubhouse. Strange kid.
  5. Yeah it's real for sure but Kaplan is a stooge
  6. They're not gonna "rely on this" on any level. Cease isn't gonna get starts so you deploy him as needed. It's not complicated.
  7. This is literally Kaplan trying to build a deadline market for his Cubs
  8. Great point as 2020 Rodon and 2021 Cease are the same guy and Katz was a genius last season.
  9. True but they'll work him into that role as the season winds down. He'd take Heuer's role and his stuff will play up even more.
  10. Cease will be a lethal bullpen weapon in the postseason people.
  11. All those praising Kopech for his candor and honesty on mental health issues need to view Yermin through the same lens. This has been brewing for a long time and is more than just "drama" or "immaturity". Yermin a good dude.
  12. macsandz

    7/19- Twins at Sox Gm 1, 4:10

    LOl he literally hit a HR like 24 hrs ago
  13. macsandz

    The TLR Manager Thread

    Run scores. Tie game.
  14. macsandz

    5/18 White Sox @ Twins 6:40 PM

    Yeah that's highly doubtful. He's chilled out but he's still a bit of a loose cannon. Sox fans haven't seen that side of him yet.