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  1. Revisiting this list for predicted landing spots: Freeman: LAD Correa: HOU Story: STL Bryant: PHI Castellanos: BOS Schwarber: TEX Suzuki: SF Rizzo: NYY Soler: MIL
  2. McNeil is a Swisher/Eaton hybrid who is a terrible fit for this squad in the clubhouse and that's a serious concern. That said he's a quality 2B/RF that hits from the left side who's available at a discount for the same reasons stated above.
  3. Nobody knows. It's the wild west out there right now.
  4. They know less than the White Sox.
  5. macsandz

    Mets could shop McNeil, Sox could have interest

    He's an Eaton/Swisher hybrid. No thanks.
  6. macsandz

    2022 Offseason Plan Thread

    I'd guess MIL, TEX, BOS, maybe SF.
  7. macsandz

    2022 Offseason Plan Thread

    They are. I get the sense he's not.
  8. macsandz

    2022 Offseason Plan Thread

    Couldn't say but it wouldn't surprise me. I'd guess that's about right. 5/90. The guy is coveted by several teams.
  9. macsandz

    2022 Offseason Plan Thread

    Still talking last I heard. A lot of interest in him but I like their chances.
  10. macsandz

    2022 Offseason Plan Thread

    Trades will pick up further after the deadline as teams can talk/finalize during the lockout and announce after. They've got plenty of talks in progress.
  11. macsandz

    Sox to talk about Semien with Boras

    Sox fans crying "cheap" annually is so tired. The Sox set the market for SP, C and closer the past three seasons. They converted on 2 of 3. Wheeler chose Philly for other reasons.
  12. macsandz

    Sox to talk about Semien with Boras

    Against the same pitcher. Twice.
  13. macsandz

    Conforto rejects QO, enters free agency

    Conforto's gonna cost more than 4/$65M. Potentially a lot more.
  14. macsandz

    All the Cubans....again?

    Can we change the name of the thread to "Recency Bias" ?
  15. macsandz

    Offseason Thread

    You framed the deal as Madrigal/Heuer for "2 months of Kimbrel" and that's simply not the returned value for that package regardless of how much you want to trash the trade.