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  1. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Yankees AND Dodgers both going strong into FA

    I don't think you are following the conversation correctly. I said we are already trained to expect to settle for consolation prizes like Wheeler and Ozuna, even though both of them would be instant upgrades. You disagreed, apparently, that Ozuna is a better player than....*checks notes*....Ryan Cordell.
  2. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Yankees AND Dodgers both going strong into FA

    Not exactly sure why we are using batting average, especially half a season's worth, to judge a player, but Ozuna hit .219 in the 2nd half. Also saw his BB% spike to 14% and his K% fall slightly. Not to say he had a good 2nd half, but using one empty metric to make the decision is strange. He's a 2.5-3 fWAR guy. We haven't had an OF break even 2.0 fWAR in either of the last 2 seasons.
  3. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Yankees AND Dodgers both going strong into FA

    Probably the reason why most Sox fans are just aiming for Zach Wheeler right out of the gate. Wheeler and Ozuna are the type of consolation prizes we are used to, despite them both still being instant upgrades for this team.
  4. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Relationship Advice Thread

    Oh man, if I waited any longer, she would have proposed to me. Not that we've been dating very long, a bit over 2 years, but she's way more than ready to start popping out kiddos.
  5. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Relationship Advice Thread

    Just bought a ring. Proposing on Sunday. 👀
  6. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Madrigal Wins Gold Glove

  7. FInally lost this week. Was projected to score 118, which would have won it for me, but Mahomes, Kelce, Cook, Howard, Cowboys D....all underperformed. Oh well, no one got hurt and the other guy who was also 5-0 lost as well. I'm just glad that Chark and Gordon didn't have good weeks either, so making that trade didn't cost me this week.
  8. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Team USA 2020 Olympics team has 2 Sox prospects

    So then maybe he goes from a Josh Donaldson comp to a Nicholas Castellanos comp. 25 HR, 40-60 doubles, .280+ average, but walks a bit more than Castellanos. That's still a 3+ WAR from a bat-only player. I'm ok with that from our...what....5th best position player in the line-up?
  9. ChiliIrishHammock24

    **2019 Water-cooler Thread**

    I thought El Camino was good, but not great. I don't think I would say I was disappointed, but I would say I was expecting something different. Without spoiling anything, I'll just say it's entirely about Jesse and doesn't really dive in to anything broader about the other characters. I guess I wanted to know about the aftermath of Walt's legacy and not just Jesse on the run.
  10. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Steve Stone not returning to the booth next season???

    Why not both? Lots of ways to go about it this off-season.
  11. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Steve Stone not returning to the booth next season???

    Well, they got 2 shots to get a TOR in Cole and Strasburg. And then if you are looking at the trade market, maybe some names like Sonny Gray, Marco Gonzales, or Joe Musgrove would be available as #2-#3 type starters to give us depth.
  12. ChiliIrishHammock24

    **2019 Water-cooler Thread**

    I'm trying to plow through the 5th season of Breaking Bad right now before El Camino comes out. I'm hosting a watch party at my house Friday night. I'm pretty damn pumped.
  13. Just got offered LeVeon Bell for Travis Kelce. I would still have Evan Engram at TE, but he's currently hurt. Not sure if I should pull the trigger while Engram's health is in question.
  14. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Steve Stone not returning to the booth next season???

    No, I took that to mean as long as the Sox spend a ton of money, don't complain that it wasn't all spent on one guy.
  15. Could still be vetoed. It's a 12 team league and requires 6 of those other 10 teams to vote no. This trade was offered to me, by the way. I had given up trying to get Cook from that owner. 😎