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  1. ChiliIrishHammock24

    July 2nd Latest from Futuresox & our James

    But isn't that typically because they are teenagers who can't agree to anything yet? Does this also happen with 21 year olds?
  2. ChiliIrishHammock24

    July 2nd Latest from Futuresox & our James

    If Colas would be someone who might be pushed to the July 2021 signing period, what would be the reason for his switch in agencies at this current time? Could they "agree" to something w/ the Sox this far in advance and just not have it become official for another 14 months?
  3. ChiliIrishHammock24

    The Pet Thread

    God damn, that's awful Josh. And as the owner of the Mastiff, how can they even look you in the eye after that? I took my parent's Brittany to meet Santa last Xmas when my fiance worked at a vet clinic and when another dog passed by, my parent's dog lunged at the dog and nipped it's fur on it's back leg. The dog got scared and the owner just started lasers through me as she walked away. I was mortified and felt so embarrassed that she did that. I can't even fucking imagine if my dog ever did serious harm or especially killed someone else's pet. That's so sad to hear, especially when the owner is lazy and often lets it happen. UGH
  4. ChiliIrishHammock24

    MLB THE SHOW: 20

    White Sox have fallen to 2-3 now. Lost yet another extra innings game, this time in 12 innings against the Indians. Cesar Hernandez with a 2-run no-doubt walk-off HR off Cishek. Sox lose 3-1. Robert, Moncada, and TA7 all compiled 2 hits a piece. Madrigal finally picked up his first ML hit. A soft gork shot over 3B. Gio Gonzalez was great in his long-awaited Sox debut. 7 IP, 5 H, 0 ER, 3 BB, 5 K. Jimmy Cordero gave up a run in the 8th, getting charged with a BS. The score remained 1-1 until the 12th when Bummer let a man on, and Cishek gave up the game ender. Giolito gets us back to 3-3 by pitching a CG shutout of the Indians. 10 Ks, 1 BB, and 8 hits. I simmed this game. (They did ask me if I wanted to come in to the 9th and finish off the shutout. I obliged)
  5. ChiliIrishHammock24

    MLB THE SHOW: 20

    Yessir. My hitting difficulty is on Hall of Fame right now, so it's pretty difficult.
  6. ChiliIrishHammock24

    MLB THE SHOW: 20

    Tatis is 1 for 19 with 1 BB, 10 K. We took the first game against Cleveland. Rodon with a nice start. Eloy hit his 4th HR. Robert got a bases loaded seeing-eye single for his first major league hit. Madrigal....still hitless.
  7. ChiliIrishHammock24

    MLB THE SHOW: 20

    You guys.... I got bad news. I started my franchise and the Sox go 1-2 against the Royals in the opening series. Danny Duffy just threw a CG shutout against me, allowing 2 hits with 10 K and 0 BB. Luis Robert is 0-14 with 5 K and 0 BB. Madrigal is 0-10 with 1 BB, 1 K. And less important, Mazara is 0-12 with 1 BB, 4 K. The good news? Eloy has 3 HR and TA7 is batting .385. As for the pitching, Kopech had a great first start. 7 1/3 IP, 1 ER, 0 BB, 7 K. Giolito struck out 8 batters in only 3 1/3 IP before a rain delay wiped out his Opening Day start, but he was tagged with 3 runs. Colome has been bad. 3 2/3 IP, 3 ER, 2 HR, blown save. I'm sure you all would love for more updates on my 2020 White Sox.
  8. ChiliIrishHammock24

    MLB THE SHOW: 20

    Thompson is there. No Dalquist. James Beard is the only one I cared to add because he is immediately a weapon off the bench.
  9. ChiliIrishHammock24

    MLB THE SHOW: 20

    Just started my franchise. Had to create and add James Beard to the Sox org. And, per usual, I had to tweak a lot of the Sox player's atributes. It seems they are always so far off when it comes to speed and defense. I think Moncada had like a 64 speed or something.
  10. ChiliIrishHammock24

    MLB THE SHOW: 20

    They already released a version 1.5 that apparently fixes the issues.
  11. ChiliIrishHammock24

    2019 Video Game Thread

    RidinRosters, basically the official OSFM rosters just came out an hour ago. That's what you'll want to use before you start your franchise.
  12. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Market/Financial Thread

    I bought my first house last April with a 5.25% rate. Should I be refinancing right now? What are the downsides? Upfront costs? We only planning on staying in this house for another 3-4 years before we likely build a home. Do they freeze our credit again and run credit checks like they did when we first bought the house? We are getting married in September and my fiance just got laid off her job 3 weeks ago. It's hard to google this stuff without knowing if it's a website/person just trying to get my business.
  13. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Sox to sign Dyan Jorge?

    I'm good with that nickname.
  14. ChiliIrishHammock24

    White Sox Spring Training Thread

    Not a very good point at all. In 2019 he hit in the 1-4 spots in the line-up 104 games, the most coming in the #2 hole with 41 starts. He started only 7 games in the bottom third of a National League lineup. In 2018 he started in 111 games, and spent 46 of those starts in the #3 and #4 spots. He spent 22 in the bottom third of a National League lineup. The most starts in his career have come in the 4th and 5th spots in a lineup. I'm not sure why you would think his elite on-base skills are due to being pitched around to get to a pitcher or worst hitter in an NL lineup.
  15. ChiliIrishHammock24


    51.2% for the Sox! First lead of the contest! Put all your call to all the celebs you follow on Twitter. I feel like Chance the Rapper and Sean Evans from Hot Ones have the best chance of actually getting involved. Tag them all!