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  1. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Official NHL COVID season thread

    Imagine if Kane and Debrincat get going... 👀
  2. ChiliIrishHammock24

    MLB Pipeline 2020 Sox Top 30

    I could be thinking of someone else, but I thought I had heard that Lux was not even impressive defensively at 2B this spring/summer, and was part of the reason he was sent down. So him playing SS just based on skill alone might be a bit dubious at this point.
  3. ChiliIrishHammock24

    16 added to Schaumburg squad

  4. ChiliIrishHammock24

    16 added to Schaumburg squad

    Thursday is the first day that Madrigal can be called up without costing the Sox a year of control. What are the odds they don't even pretend to hide their intentions and just call him up prior to Friday's game? Or will they wait until the Brewers series on Monday figuring they can get past the Royals without him just fine?
  5. ChiliIrishHammock24


    Moncada, Ruiz, and Mazara have been the only positives so far.
  6. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Sox @ Tribe, 7/27, 6:10 CT, Gamethread - PPD Rain

    You don't need to "force" the issue when you are already the best available option.
  7. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Kopech sitting out 2020 - files for divorce

    What a sad situation for all 3 individuals involved. Ugh.
  8. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Jason Bennetti Haters Club

    I asked me soon-to-be-wife about him and she loves him!
  9. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Automobile Thread

    The road trips I have done have never changed our route because of charging, or affected our destinations, but it obviously adds time to the trip. Last time I went to my buddy's house in Nashville I left Northwest Indiana I stopped for the first time south of Indy (150 miles, charged for 30 minutes), a second time in Louisville (110 miles, charged for 25 minutes), and then made it down the rest of the way to Nashville and then charged at his house in to a 110v outlet. So about an hour of charge time. That was also in the winter though, when range takes a hit. I'm doing the drive again in a month and I can make it down to Louisville on a single charge and not have to stop in Indy at all since the efficiency is better in the summer. But as these chargers start changing over to V3 chargers, the charge times are pretty much cut in half. You get back 150 miles in only 11 minutes.
  10. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Kopech sitting out 2020 - files for divorce

    I never took it. Been working 40 hours through this all. Just doesn't seem right to do that to the company, especially when $990 is still a pay cut and won't help me earn sick time, vacation time, 401K, hazard pay, etc.
  11. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Kopech sitting out 2020 - files for divorce

    My employer has allowed employees to take the last 4 months off and still file and collect unemployment. $990 a week to stay home and know they have a job waiting for them whenever they wish to come back.
  12. ChiliIrishHammock24

    2021 White Sox Schedule Released!

    Seattle to Vancouver to Banff to Calgary!
  13. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Kopech sitting out 2020 - files for divorce

    Fans of Vanessa Morgan apparently think that they are getting a divorce. None of her social media posts recently have involved him. Hope whatever it is he finds peace with it and this gives him enough time to clear his mind and come back next February.
  14. ChiliIrishHammock24

    2021 White Sox Schedule Released!

  15. ChiliIrishHammock24

    2021 White Sox Schedule Released!

    She is such a "basic white b****" and she's not even white.