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  1. JoeCoolMan24

    Brit newbie

    Welcome! I love hearing stories like this. I find it so interesting how people like you (and Feeky) end up choosing a less popular team across the world to root for.
  2. JoeCoolMan24

    Alec Hansen

    Retaining those 2020 season ticket holders!
  3. JoeCoolMan24

    Zack Collins Criticism

    I disagree. I think he would be far less valuable of a prospect obviously, but there are plenty of 1B/DH types who are massive power/walk/strikeout guys. He can still be a decent major leaguer with his offensive skillset alone, it just obviously becomes magnified.
  4. JoeCoolMan24

    4/23 Games

    As long as he retains his pitch selection and plate vision, I'm still hopeful he can iron out the swing. Not too dissimilar from Moncada right now in the batters box.
  5. JoeCoolMan24

    4/23 Games

    Well you can start by not b****ing about Collins every day. That would be great. We get it, he's not doing well. Maybe find something else to complain about, or hell, even talk positively about? But maybe just baby steps for now. And yeah, I'm an milb.tv subscriber, I "actually watch him play this year", yet somehow I resist the urge to repeat myself ad nauseam. Go figure.
  6. JoeCoolMan24

    4/23 Games

    I vote we b**** about Collins in every thread in which he doesn't have a good game for the rest of the season. It's really fresh, and not at all annoying to have to skip through.
  7. JoeCoolMan24

    Automobile Thread

    What was the color? I'm almost certain I am going "midnight silver metallic", but as someone who loves white cares, whenever I see a white Tesla, my mind wanders a bit. Midnight Metallic Silver w/ Chrome Delete https://gallery.bayareadetails.com/Tesla/Tesla-Model-3/Tesla-Model-3-Midnight-Silver-Metallic-Stealth-PPF/
  8. JoeCoolMan24

    Lopez one of the best starters in baseball so far

    More like one of the luckiest pitchers in baseball this year.
  9. JoeCoolMan24

    4/22 Games (Covey, Adams, Flores, Henzman)

    Anecdotal, but he crushed that HR yesterday through the wind. It didn't have huge distance, but it was loud off the bat and the wind was knocking everything down to LF that day. The girlfriend was making fun of how tiny he is right before that pitch.
  10. JoeCoolMan24

    2018 MLB Draft

    They even joked about how Hostetler HAS to say they are wanting to go under-slot, and even joked he would be fired if he ever said they planned to go overslot for someone. He said his answer to that question every time will be underslot, no matter what. So don't let that answer affect anything.
  11. JoeCoolMan24

    Tim annoys Verlander

    "Who gives a fuck"
  12. JoeCoolMan24

    Site BackOnline

    I'll take whatever mine was last, ChiliBananaHammock7 or whatever. If it's not easy to figure out, Joey Doughnuts is fine.
  13. JoeCoolMan24

    Site BackOnline

    I agree. I don't know if it's too much white on white, or maybe because each person's post takes up so much of the screen now, but it is not very asthetically pleasing. Are there options to tweak colors/themes from each users end? Or maybe if we had a couple options of different colors? I honestly can't remember what the old site looked like in terms of background colors and whatnot, but this one seems harder to read.
  14. JoeCoolMan24

    Sox at Oakland 2:35 CDT: Fulmer versus Triggs

    Not saying Delmonico is even talented enough in LF to make that catch, but what the f*** is the point of slowing up and turning your back to ball to get the hit off the wall, when you know full well the game is over if you don't catch it.... The ball ended up hitting towards the bottom of the wall. He could have at least busted his ass towards the wall and made a leaping attempt. Instead he slows down, turns, and squares up to the wall waiting for the bounce, and then once he fields the bounce it seemed to click in his head that the game was over. Whoops.
  15. JoeCoolMan24

    2018 MLB Draft

    QUOTE (GenericUserName @ Apr 18, 2018 -> 03:20 PM) Only other thing I wanted to bring up from the Kiley chat was him saying one team in the top 5 is seriously considering Bart. He'll probably mention it when they do the mock, but I just thought that should be brought up considering there is a 20% chance its us. I would say it's a 50/50 chance it's us, otherwise he would have said top 3.