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  1. rokimar

    White Sox Acquire Manny Ramirez

  2. rokimar

    Major earthquake strikes Haiti

    I have traveled to Haiti three times and its really a beautiful country with great people. Its really too bad that they cant seem to catch a break. I have worked on water and school projects with two organizations that are planning relief efforts. If anybody is looking for a great way to help ... please visit the following links: http://www.haitioutreach.org/ http://www.cchaiti.org/ Community Coalition for Haiti is planning immediate medical relief hopefully sending a group down this weekend with Doctors and supplies Haiti Outreach is planning more long term relief. Their focus has been on drilling wells throughout the entire country. I'm sure we will be working on fixing basic infrastructure including water.
  3. QUOTE (2OutRally @ Oct 4, 2009 -> 10:23 AM) pods dh, beck5, q7, jd9, kotsay3, rios8, ram6, castro2, lilli4. Danks pitching. I'm surprised AJ isn't catching... Castro's last game as a pro?
  4. rokimar


    QUOTE (GasHeGone @ Sep 9, 2009 -> 11:23 PM) Think about this. Detroit's lost two in a row (to Kansas City). The Sox win in the bottom of the 13th tonight. Momentum... If Detroit goes 9-15 the rest of the year and we win each of our last seven series -- meaning we go at least 14-7, we both finish 6 over. Then, we play them in a one-game playoff (with which we have experience) and rip it up. Believe. Detriot 9-15 = .500 rest of way for them + 2 x getting swept by Sox Whitesox 14-7 = sweep Detriot X 2 + 8-7 rest of way
  5. rokimar

    9/6 Sox v. Sawks - 1:05 CDT CSN/TBS

    QUOTE (The Ginger Kid @ Sep 6, 2009 -> 03:41 PM) like I said, I love the Ramon Castro era flowers would have 3 hr by now
  6. rokimar

    Red Sox @ White Sox, 3:05PM, FOX

    I think it is safe to say Getz will be on this team next year
  7. rokimar

    Red Sox @ White Sox, 7:11PM, WCIU

    QUOTE (Baines3 @ Sep 4, 2009 -> 09:14 PM) I hope Ozzie puts in Flowers catching perhaps in the 9th or so. I'm assuming Flowers caught Hudson in AAA?
  8. rokimar

    Red Sox @ White Sox, 7:11PM, WCIU

    QUOTE (Jordan4life @ Sep 4, 2009 -> 09:12 PM) That team is flat scary. They transformed the second they added Holiday. I has been my though for months, but everyone kept talking about the cubs winning the division easily and no way the cards could keep it up
  9. rokimar

    Red Sox @ White Sox, 7:11PM, WCIU

    We gotta put up some more runs... cards have 14
  10. rokimar

    Red Sox @ White Sox, 7:11PM, WCIU

    QUOTE (greg775 @ Sep 4, 2009 -> 09:10 PM) That was reminiscent of former Sox ss Alan Bannister back in the day. Lexi throws it away. Nix
  11. I really like seeing Ramirez and Rios run the bases
  12. rokimar

    Chicago @ Seattle Gamethread

    lets pinch run rios
  13. QUOTE (spiderman @ Aug 7, 2009 -> 06:30 PM) When will this mystery be resolved? is there a deadline after a player is claimed that they must come to terms?
  14. QUOTE (daa84 @ Jun 11, 2009 -> 06:36 PM) should have let raburn catch it....there 0 way from that angle with the tarp right in front of him that he throws brian out....especially if he's leaning into the stands the way he was is he allowed to tagg on that?