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  1. almagest

    Rosenthal: Could Harper be headed to the southside

    With the chatter changing to "White Sox on outside looking in" and some reports coming out now about Harper preferring other destinations and/or other teams being in the bidding/being favorites my assumption is Harper is looking to get the final best offers from LAD/Cubs/Phillies to see if they can field a competitive offer (compared to the Sox). If so he'll probably sign with one of them.
  2. almagest

    Bryce Harper Updates

    Kopech is in Vegas right now and apparently he flew there by private jet. https://soxon35th.com/2018/12/08/could-bryce-harper-make-his-decision-this-coming-week/
  3. almagest

    New Baseball Prospectus Hitting Metric

    Avi's DRC+ last year was 118. For fun I mapped that directly to a 118 wRC+, and last year the only player with that score was Shin-Soo Choo with a line of .264 .377 .434
  4. almagest

    Braves sign Donaldson to 1 yr 23M deal pending physical

    Wouldn't mind a 2 year deal with him but Atlanta makes sense for him since they're a playoff team. This probably takes them out of Machado. Harper still an option for them?
  5. almagest

    White Sox Bryce Harper FA pitch spoiler?

    Machado's been more consistent but doesn't have a 9+ fWAR season like Bryce. That's Mike Trout territory. Not sure he'll ever get there again but if he could... man.
  6. I don't know if you guys are watching the game or not but there's been some bad fielding and some lucky hits falling in. He doesn't look bad.
  7. almagest

    The HR Chain

    Man I want a t-shirt version of this.
  8. almagest

    Giolito is saving his season

    Some really nice movement on this 2-seamer GrayAgitatedAztecant-mobile.mp4
  9. He's throwing a lot of strikes. His command is a little off but no one can square him up yet. I don't think he'll ever need to be pinpoint with this stuff but the more he refines his command... whoo boy.
  10. I'm liking this easy 96/97 with movement.
  11. almagest

    32-34 since July 10

    Sure, that's fine. I was assuming 1500 PAs was enough to take an average and that there wasn't a good reason for his lower BABIP this year beyond luck. I think the improvements in just about every other area warrant optimism with Tim entering his prime seasons.
  12. almagest

    32-34 since July 10

    Tim Anderson this year has improved in every way from last year (except BABIP). Higher walk %, lower K %, higher ISO, higher wOBA. If his BABIP was inline with his career average of .331 he'd be (bare minimum of just adding the BABIP difference) around .282/.328/.451/.779. Yeah he could be making consistently shitty contact and swinging at terrible pitches and that's why his BABIP is down but if Anderson ends up around these numbers in his prime I'm perfectly happy. That's probably a 3+ WAR shortstop every year with his overall skillset.
  13. almagest

    Seattle has been scouting Soria/Avilan

    They're still buried now though, aren't they? A bad farm system means you can't trade for impact players to put you over the top. You can only hope to sign free agents (which costs you draft picks) or hope to get lucky in the lower-end free agent or trade market.
  14. almagest

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    Mentor, second unit PG and you're banking on playoff Rondo