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  1. Well that's the first time I've ever seen that
  2. almagest

    Iguchi eyes ‘Sweet Home Chicago’

    That would be my hope. I thought Shingo and Tadahito would help us establish an NPB pipeline but it seems most of them only want to play on the west coast. Or their arms fall off soon after they get here. It also doesn't seem like hitters make the jump at all anymore (besides Ohtani).
  3. https://jballallen.com/iguchi-eyes-sweet-home-chicago/
  4. almagest

    Sox Home Opener vs Ms

    Kikuchi has solid stuff. He's tough to hit.
  5. almagest

    2019 MiLB catch all thread

    Delmon Young was a league average hitter for his career. If Robert does that but with more power he's an above average hitter who plays great defense. Sounds good to me!
  6. almagest

    And that’s a White Sox Winner!

    The back action on his delivery reminds me a little of Jon Garland
  7. almagest

    03/26 vs. Arizona 2:40 PM

    He's a troll. just ignore him.
  8. almagest

    Kimbrel in discussions with Brewers

    Yeah, this is a problem but how they got here isn't bad. They built their team well, it got too expensive so now they need to retool. The Red Sox are easily capable of doing this so I don't think they're too worried.
  9. almagest

    Red Line Radio Hahn Interview

    I don't think the big spending will ever happen. They will never be in the running for tier one free agents with their organizational philosophy. The major talent will have to come from within and be supplemented with league average free agents wherever they have holes (and they'll continue to overpay for them). Or they get lucky on reclamation projects or with last gasp 34+ year olds.
  10. almagest

    Dane Dunning had Tommy John today

    Yeah, this is where I'm at. I think the window is more like 2021 at the earliest now. If they go out and make a ton of trades and signings for 2020 to try to become competitive I'm going to be pretty damn frustrated because they'll probably be right back where they were in 2016.
  11. almagest

    New Banner

    Me too. Seems most relevant right now.
  12. almagest

    2019 MLB draft thread

  13. almagest

    2019 MLB draft thread