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  1. almagest

    Lucas Giolito Reddit AMA

    Sounds like he's spoken with LaRussa and it went well:
  2. almagest

    Old: Mega Hendriks Speculation Thread

    Not at all!
  3. almagest

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    Mitch fits the "and a player" part
  4. almagest

    Joe Musgrove Thread

    I like Musgrove fine, but no thanks on that.
  5. almagest

    Blake Snell and Yu Darvish traded to San Diego

    How do these prospects compare to our system? What would an equivalent return be? If the Sox were in on Darvish at all, any deal probably fell apart due to requiring the Cubs to kick some money in.
  6. almagest

    July 2nd Latest from Futuresox & our James

    Given all the Sox stuff he's wearing, this seems to indicate the Sox got both Colas and Cespedes, right?
  7. almagest

    Cincinnati Reds Fire Sale Thread

    Any ideas on the ask from the Reds? Assuming Kopech + Vaughn was their starting point.
  8. almagest

    Old: Mega Hendriks Speculation Thread

    Yeah, and his age is part of why I wouldn't do both of them. I also think it shortens the window as I think Cease still has a chance to be a solid starter.
  9. almagest

    Old: Mega Hendriks Speculation Thread

    I wouldn't add Cease. He's part of the extended window to me, hopefully. Let's see what Katz can do with him.
  10. almagest

    Old: Mega Hendriks Speculation Thread

    I'd be ok with both.
  11. almagest

    Old: Mega Hendriks Speculation Thread

    I'm onboard with Steiver +, depending on the +. Don't want to mortgage the farm, and if the Sox absorb most/all of that deal it shouldn't cost too much.
  12. almagest

    Old: Mega Hendriks Speculation Thread

    How did you infer that I think Robert is prone to slumping due to "a mental thing"? I said absolutely nothing of the sort, nor does anything I said come close to that. I also wouldn't agree it's because he's vulnerable to velocity or lacks plate discipline, because he showed both at times last year. I have no idea WHY he slumped, only that he was hot, then slumped, and our offense suffered a large amount as a result. I'm also trying to project forward trends based on the only data we have. Otherwise you can't predict his performance at all, and I don't see how that's any different or makes anyone feel better about him carrying a large part of the offense next year. If he runs hot and cold next year or otherwise is not the player people are expecting him to be this offense isn't built to absorb that, as we saw last season, and you can't convince me Adam Eaton is the answer to that.
  13. almagest

    Old: Mega Hendriks Speculation Thread

    It's the only reference point we have. By your logic there's nothing we can predict with him, as his entire MLB career is also based on 2 months of baseball in a bizarre year.
  14. almagest

    Old: Mega Hendriks Speculation Thread

    Robert has also shown to be vulnerable to extended slumps. I honestly don't know what we'll get from him on offense, and we saw how the team tanked once he stopped hitting.