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  1. almagest

    8/2 Sox vs Royals GT

    Jose missed two good pitches to hit there.
  2. almagest

    8/2 Sox vs Royals GT

    Wow. Awful called strike.
  3. almagest

    8/2 Sox vs Royals GT

    That's how they're gonna pitch him now for a while. Tons of junk near the plate.
  4. almagest

    8/1 Sox vs Royals GT

    Heuer missing with the fastball now. Don't think I've seen any offspeed either.
  5. almagest

    8/1 Sox vs Royals GT

    10 runs while leaving the bases loaded (5 outs to score) twice. The potential of this team is so bright.
  6. almagest

    8/1 Sox vs Royals GT

    Not sure why Madrigal was swinging 2-0.
  7. almagest

    8/1 Sox vs Royals GT

    Heuer is nasty.
  8. almagest

    8/1 Sox vs Royals GT

    Lot of bad strike calls tonight.
  9. almagest

    8/1 Sox vs Royals GT

    Cishek leaving some in the middle of the plate
  10. almagest

    8/1 Sox vs Royals GT

    The last two hits by Robert were unreal. One handed off-balance double in the gap and an offspeed on his hands he kept fair down the left field line.
  11. almagest

    8/1 Sox vs Royals GT

    This guy has to be hard to hit or see or something. Two awful at-bats.
  12. almagest

    8/1 Sox vs Royals GT

    Yoan picked on that but got underneath it.
  13. almagest

    Kopech sitting out 2020 - files for divorce

    I disagree with probably everyone here on everything except White Sox fandom. Oh, and I agree that this is a private platform so free speech is not guaranteed. The mods can enforce whatever they want and if we don't like it we can go somewhere else. Luckily none of them do that, though. This is and has been the absolute best place to discuss White Sox baseball, and I've been coming here since 2001? 2002? I don't even remember the exact year or even my original account name. What I do know is I'd be happy to chip in a few bucks to help keep the lights on. Ever think about a Patreon or other donation site? Also, man... I sure hope Kopech and Vanessa are doing ok. I can't imagine what this is like for them.
  14. Bad night for the pitching staff. Woof.
  15. This garbage always happens against the Twins.