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  1. And with that, I’m sorry I even mentioned it. People suck. Happy 4th.
  2. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they postponed tonight’s game because of the shooting/active shooter situation. It would be justified.
  3. flavum

    Yermin claimed by SFG

    He was up last week. He’s 2-5 in three games with SF.
  4. I’d be satisfied if the Sox are 54-50 a month from now. 16-11 the next 27…minimum.
  5. Gotta like a 4-2 west coast trip. Now it’s time to come home and at least go 5-2 this week, and 4-4 on the road next week before the break. Hopefully better.
  6. flavum

    Who should Sox fear the most, CLE or Minny?

    Guardians walk off the Twins. Sox could have a lot of say in reducing the win total it will take to get the 3-seed. Get healthy. Stop sucking. Win games.
  7. flavum

    6/29 Games

    Kath with his 18th error. Two walks too. (tried to link box score)
  8. Great AB by Abreu. Look at all that leadership.
  9. 90 games left. 16 with the Twins. 54-36 (.600), including going 9-7 vs the Twins to be 88-74 and hope that’s enough. That’s the math we’re looking at now. I think we’re done. Sell anyone you can (within reason).
  10. I hear you. 4 hours on a plane? How are they even fielding a team tonight? Hope they hydrated.
  11. flavum

    Old Sock Drawer, ex Sox player discussion

    Yolmer Sanchez up with Bosox
  12. Sox need to play .600 ball the rest of the season, so…good luck, guys.
  13. flavum

    Old Sock Drawer, ex Sox player discussion

    Keuchel had a pretty typical start. 4.1, 6 hits, 3 bb, 4 runs 7 k but it’s the Tigers
  14. Yes, I’m just saying this team has been so bad I wouldn’t care if they did blow it up…even though that’s not realistic. Apathy has settled in for me. If they get hot by some miracle, great. Otherwise I’m ok if they just keep losing, make a couple sell moves for the future, and hope that La Russa is gone after this season.
  15. Either go 6-1 or better or 1-6 or worse the next week…but nothing in between. I’m ready to see them blow this up tbh.