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  1. flavum

    8/20 Games

    Madrigal 2-2, .310 in Charlotte
  2. flavum

    Renteria goes on pregame anti-analytics rant

    Now there's some analytics.
  3. flavum

    8/20 Games

    100 runs scored for Robert this season
  4. flavum

    8/20 Games

    The length of this Moncada rehab assignment seems excessive, and with a day game tomorrow, it's looking like a Thursday return. He should bring Collins, Madrigal, and Robert with him.
  5. flavum

    It's That Time Of The Year Again...

    Sox finish the week with the 8th pick position, 1.5 games worse than the Rockies.
  6. flavum

    8/18 Games

    Madrigal walk, Robert HR
  7. flavum

    2019 MLB Catch All thread

    Rays beat the Tigers 1-0 in 13 innings. TB pitchers 24 k and 0 bb.
  8. flavum

    8/17 Games

    Madrigal and Robert not in the lineup for game 2.
  9. flavum

    8/17 Games

    Pretty good rehab start for Banuelos in Winston-Salem.
  10. flavum

    8/17 Games

    Fight at the bat rack to face Jordan Stephens. Tilson double.
  11. flavum

    8/17 Games

    Mercedes homer
  12. flavum

    8/17 Games

    Collins 2-2, just walked. .378 BA since sent down
  13. flavum

    AJ Reed optioned

    What's Banuelos's injury? He's probably the only one that would be considered.