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  1. flavum

    6/23 Games

    Must have been a scoring change for Robert. Madrigal CS
  2. flavum

    Sox and Rangers Game #2

    Free Kubat
  3. flavum

    6/22 Games

    Robert (7)
  4. flavum

    Sox and Rangers Game #2

    2:05 tomorrow, but it’s gotta be 8:05 tonight. F off. Oh well, last year there.
  5. flavum

    Schedule from now through the ASB: How many Wins?

    5-4 so far vs Was 1-1 vs NY 2-2 at Cubs 1-1 at Tex 1-0 To the break: 2 at Tex, 3 at Bos, 3 vs Min, 4 vs Det, 2 vs Cubs 8-6 to be over .500 at the break
  6. flavum

    Rangers and Sox Game Thread

    They did get to 34-34, so a sweep to get over .500 would be nice going to Boston.
  7. flavum

    6/21 Games

  8. flavum

    Sox sign OF Jacob Scavuzzo

    Up ya nose wit a rubbah hose
  9. flavum

    Collins getting called up

    Nope. Good ole number 38.
  10. flavum

    Collins getting called up

    Yeah, they’re at 39. Collins will probably be added Tuesday.
  11. flavum

    Collins getting called up

    Good ole number 24, I’ll guess
  12. flavum

    6/16 Games Happy Father's Day

  13. flavum

    Sox vs Yankees - 6/15 6:10pm

    Nova and Giolito are facing the Cubs. Banuelos isn’t needed as a starter for a while. Not Cease related.