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  1. flavum

    Spring Training thread

    Madrigal turns 24 today. Konerko is 45. Damn.
  2. flavum

    Spring Training thread

    No, seriously. I’m not watching spring training games. I’ll watch highlights. See ya April 1!
  3. flavum

    Spring Training thread

    Deal. I won’t watch.
  4. flavum

    Spring Training thread

    Sorry, not buying it. They have at least 33 pitchers there. Playing 7-inning games is dealing with COVID, and that’s fine. I’m just against pulling a team off the field before three outs are recorded. If these guys are so fragile, then don’t play games, don’t have fans, and don’t broadcast them.
  5. flavum

    Spring Training thread

    I don’t care about the gambling aspect, but there should be enough pitchers there to play an uninterrupted 7-inning game the first week of games. I saw highlights of a game where the inning ended after 22 pitches and the same pitcher went out the next inning. The fans that are there deserve to see an honest effort even if it doesn’t matter.
  6. flavum

    Spring Training thread

    Agreed. If they need to shorten the games to seven innings the first week of games, fine, but play real baseball for seven innings.
  7. flavum

    Spring Training thread

    Potash with a great response.
  8. flavum

    White Sox v. Angels 3/1

    Madrigal is ok, but they planned this late start for games. March 8-11 is the target for his first game.
  9. Was mostly going for a laugh, but I’ll take it. It really is tough to read.
  10. Raise your hand if you’ve had enough of the calligraphy bullshit. I just want to see the full names of the players, mmkay?
  11. flavum

    Spring training broadcast schedule

    MLB Network- 3/1 1am (2/28 game) 3/1 3pm 3/2 5am (3/1 game) 3/3 5am (3/2 game)
  12. flavum

    2021 Plan for Kopech and Crochet

    It’s a puzzle to distribute 1460 innings. Kopech and Crochet can both get 100 innings out of the pen/spot starting and be fresh for October too.
  13. flavum

    TLR publicity train

  14. Saturday, March 20 is correct. The Nationals/MASN will not be doing any spring training games. Wonder if MLB Network will be showing fewer games this year. I noticed they have a game to show on Sunday, but they haven’t announced a broadcast schedule yet.
  15. flavum

    Spring Training thread

    Is Jimmy Cordero still suspended for 3 games for hitting Willson Contreras, or did that get lowered?