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  1. flavum

    Arizona Fall League - Running Thread - Opens 10/9

    http://www.milb.com/scoreboard/index.jsp?cid=&lid=119&org=&sc=&sid=milb&t=league&ymd=20181009 Game starts in 20 min
  2. 2019 Draft order: Orioles Royals White Sox Marlins Tigers Padres Reds Rangers Braves (comp) Giants Blue Jays Mets Twins Phillies Angels
  3. flavum

    Game 162

    Orioles 47-115
  4. flavum

    Game 162

    Marlins draft 4th. Tigers 5th.
  5. flavum

    Game 162

    Just a personal opinion- tomorrow’s games shouldn’t be considered regular season games where stats count. Regular season stats should be based on 162. Period. It should just be called a tiebreaker.
  6. flavum

    Game 162

    The team K record goes up with every new one. Cheap hr by Kepler. My gawd.
  7. flavum

    Game 162

    Most teams would change hitting coaches. Most.
  8. flavum

    Game 162

    Looks like Rockies at Dodgers tomorrow for the West. Loser goes to Wrigley (I hope).
  9. flavum

    Game 162

    Future Sox catcher, JT Realmuto is managing the Marlins game today. Russell Martin is managing the Jays too.
  10. flavum

    Game 162

    Nice ovation for Mauer.
  11. flavum

    Game 162

    It would be awesome. Disappointed the Cards aren’t playing a couple regulars. And the Nats pulled back Scherzer. I’m expecting both Brewers and Cubs to win. If the Cubs lose Monday and Tuesday night at home...still good.
  12. flavum

    Game 162

    Sox-Twins Cardinals-Cubs Tigers-Brewers Dodgers-Giants Nationals-Rockies
  13. flavum

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    Opening Day, 2019 at KC. Watch him be a Royal taking Rodon deep. That would be so baseball.
  14. flavum

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    Champagne and goggles ready to go (ok, maybe bottled water and reading glasses)
  15. flavum

    9/29/18 White Sox @ Twins

    I heard Hahn say the coaching staff conversations haven’t happened yet.