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  1. flavum

    White Sox @ Cleveland: Lopez vs Quantrill

    How about a leadoff double from Yoan, just for old times sake?
  2. flavum

    What does a 2021 MLB season look like?

    I printed out the 2021 schedule last night, and the spring training schedule came out last week too. All I can say when I look at that schedule is, “Really?” Hoping for the best, but the Sox being in Anaheim on April 1st is a big “I’ll believe it when I see it”.
  3. flavum

    2021 MLB Draft Thread

    Yeah, they should stick with the same rules for next year. Next CBA, I want anti-tanking rules. I want a draft lottery system. No team can have the 1-1 more than once a decade. No top 3's in back to back years. Can't have a top 5 more than three times in a five year period. And picks should be tradeable pre-draft.
  4. flavum

    Magic Number: Playoffs - 0; Division - 4

    McCullers no hitter thru 5. Going to be tough for the Sox no matter who they play. Hope they can at least finish off the division. It didn’t matter to me when it was bunched up, now I don’t want to see them get passed at the very end.
  5. flavum

    Magic Number: Playoffs - 0; Division - 4

    TB 36-19 (8) Sox 34-20 Oak 33-20 (7) Min 33-22 (4) NY 31-23 (4) Hou 27-27 Cle 30-24 (3) Tor 28-26 Tor at TB; NY at Min Cle at Sox; Hou at Oak
  6. They should’ve let EE go before the series in KC. But then he had one his ten good ABs, and that was that.
  7. I was joking that 54 games is usually the 1/3 point in the season. Obviously being on pace for 102 wins would be great. Hopefully the starting pitchers can carry their weight the rest of the way. It’s not looking good right now. We’ll see how they bounce back.
  8. 34-20 at the one-third mark. Not bad. Oh wait....
  9. Agreed. It was close. Two strikes, swing the bat.
  10. Playoffs start tomorrow. 2 outta 3, three times in a row.
  11. flavum

    Magic Number: Playoffs - 0; Division - 4

    Assume the Twins win tonight. I'll change it if the Cubs win. TB 35-19 (8)- 3 at NYM, off, 3 vs Phi Sox 34-19- 4 at Cle, 3 vs Cubs Oak 33-20 (7-) off, 3 at LA, 4 vs Sea Min 33-22 (4)- off, 2 vs Det, off, 3 vs Cin NY 31-22 (5)- 4 at Buf, 3 vs Mia Hou 27-26- 3 at Sea, 4 at Tex Cle 29-24 (3)- 4 vs Sox, 3 vs Pit Tor 27-26- 4 vs NY, 3 vs Bal Tor at TB; NY at Min Cle at Sox; Hou at Oak