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  1. flavum

    Momentum or Big Tease?

    Best chance for a Sox win, especially if the Astros already win a couple. Day game after night game, travel day- going to Atlanta. Probably will have a couple Astros starters getting an off day.
  2. Drew Rasmussen perfect through 7
  3. flavum

    8/13 Games

    Monty homer
  4. Plunk Baez next time. Just cuz.
  5. flavum


    Sweep the Tigers, then go 2-5 vs the Astros and Guardians. Right back to .500.
  6. flavum


    And now they have to play .600 ball to win 86 games. And hope that’s enough. Terrible season.
  7. flavum

    8/11 Games

    I like Colas already if he sticks with #44. Sorry, Seby, you gotta go.
  8. What a shit game and team and organization.
  9. Miss the old Ball beat runner out. No complaining.
  10. They need to drop the scoreboard watching from the booth too. Embarrassing.
  11. So fucking done with this clown show!
  12. Crowd cheers for Frank Menechino
  13. Yes, but in Chicago after a flight…dude
  14. 7pm dinner reservations or something?
  15. Watch Animal House, young man.
  16. flavum

    Predict the Next 19 Games

    🤣 Gotta win the next 4.
  17. I don’t know much about the Charlotte hitting coach, but why not dump Menechino, give Johnson a shot while working with Sosa. Couldn’t hurt.
  18. I tried to be positive after the deadline. It’s over.
  19. Moncada’s contract alone should get Hahn fired. But there’s so many more problems with this organization. Starts all the way at the top. We’re stuck with this shit.
  20. Yeah, Diekman could have done that in the 6th too.