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    '21 rules discussions

    Want to add one thing about 7-inning doubleheaders...it needs to be fair. If they're going to do it, it needs to be because they're trying to shorten the season by playing an equal amount of scheduled doubleheaders for each team. If a game gets rained out, the make up game still needs to be 9 innings. It can't just be "all doubleheaders are 7 innings". Yes, they did what they had to do in 2020, but it isn't what I would want going forward.
  2. flavum

    '21 rules discussions

    Manfred says prepare for 162 and spring training starting on time, but no clarity on the DH five weeks away from spring training...that's MLB in a nutshell. They both want the DH, but the owners want to hold out for leverage to get something else. 7-inning doubleheaders...never liked them, but understood why they did it last year. if they do it again, I hope it's for the same reason and when the pandemic is over they go back to 9-inning games, because that's what major league players play. Runner on 2nd in extras...ridiculously stupid, but again, understand why they did things to shorten the amount of time at the park. My compromise...play real baseball in the 10th and 11th inning, and start the man on 2nd in the 12th inning, Better yet, only play real baseball, but have ties after 12 innings in the regular season. Half point in each of the win and loss columns. Expanded postseason-- understand why they did it last year, but 162 is the test, and the postseason should be for the teams that excelled over six months. I think 5 out of 15 in Baseball is perfect. I could live with 6 in each league, but wouldn't like it. Anything more than 6 is really bad.
  3. flavum

    Pitchers and Catchers Report

    Tony La Russa’s age days until Opening Day.
  4. flavum

    Pitchers and Catchers Report

    Now Eaton is listed as 12. Hendriks is 31.
  5. flavum

    Corey Kluber to Yanks per Passan

    Not an original thought, but Kluber and Boston match up well.
  6. flavum

    Pitchers and Catchers Report

    I think we may be off on the number/days thing. 34 days if it's Feb. 17. Freddy Garcia days. Speaking of numbers, Madrigal is back to 1, and Eaton is listed as 6 on one of the pages...retired for Lau, but maybe that's done now.
  7. flavum

    Pitchers and Catchers Report

    I prefer Chet Lemon
  8. flavum

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    Wainwright and Molina just makes sense if they want to be here.
  9. flavum

    2021 Hall of Fame Ballot

    Morosi voted for Buehrle, so that's 14 down , 6 to go to stay on the ballot. Someday they'll realize he belongs. Same with Tim Hudson and Johan Santana from that era of baseball,
  10. flavum

    2021 Hall of Fame Ballot

    Buehrle would get my vote. My unapologetic ballot if I had a vote: Curt Schilling, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Omar Vizquel, Scott Rolen, Todd Helton, Jeff Kent, Manny Ramirez, Tim Hudson, Mark Buehrle My no's: Billy Wagner, Gary Sheffield, Andruw Jones, Sammy Sosa, Andy Pettitte, Bobby Abreu, Torii Hunter, Aramis Ramirez Who you got?
  11. flavum

    Old: Mega Hendriks Speculation Thread

    If he does a podcast with Kipnis, Aloha Mr. Hand.
  12. flavum

    Madrigal could be ready for opening day

    Madrigal was pick 4. Vaughn 3. Both will be getting rings as everyday players with the Sox. Enjoy the show.
  13. flavum

    Madrigal could be ready for opening day

    Merkin couldn’t ask him what his new uniform number will be and include that in the article? Come on, Merk. Seriously though, still a fan of Madrigal and I think if he plays 150+ games this year, he’ll win over a lot of people that are obsessed with exit velocity. He’s going to be a great 9-hole hitter on a good team.
  14. flavum

    2021 Celebrity Death Thread

    ...or is she?
  15. flavum

    2021 Hall of Fame Ballot

    Buehrle has 13 known votes, so he’s well on his way to staying in the ballot next year.
  16. flavum

    2021 Hall of Fame Ballot

    ^Eddie Murray got in on the first ballot. 85%
  17. flavum

    2021 Hall of Fame Ballot

    I meant the majority, but Frank did benefit from steroids in his counting stats because he was scoring runs and knocking in runs with players around him that were juiced. To me, 1998-2002, MLB was just off the rails with hardcore steroids.
  18. flavum

    2021 Hall of Fame Ballot

    I don't mind Clemens and Bonds getting in because they were among the best of the best of all time while the entire game was on steroids. But anyone who thinks Sammy Sosa could put up those numbers without taking hardcore steroids is baseball stupid. A vote for Sosa is a bad vote-period. And the Schilling stuff is laughable. He's a douche, but the K to walk ratio and postseason career speak for themselves.
  19. flavum

    2021 Hall of Fame Ballot

    So the "brilliant" Jay Jaffe with a terrible ballot. Please change the process. It's so ridiculous.
  20. flavum

    2020 Celebrity Death Thread

    RIP Phil Niekro Niekro, Ford, Gibson, Seaver, Kaline, Morgan, Brock...and probably Allen in the Hall someday. 2020, man.
  21. flavum

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    100 days until opening day. How’s that DH rule in the NL coming along?
  22. flavum

    Tony LaRussa to plead guilty to lesser charge

    Nothing happened today that wasn’t expected, including issuing a statement that wasn’t going to satisfy some no matter what they stated. Should have never been hired, but it’s over now. Hope they play 162 and Tony gets handed the trophy some October in the next few years.
  23. flavum

    Sports Media discussion

    Garfien podcast with Dan Evans is really good. Great stories.
  24. flavum

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    Here’s an interview Eddie Robinson did with Ben Lindbergh last year. Long career in baseball... https://blogs.fangraphs.com/effectively-wild-episode-1454-where-have-you-gone-mr-robinson/ ...and now he has his own podcast. Good for him! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-golden-age-of-baseball-with-eddie-robinson/id1535227249?i=1000494175588