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  1. Baines is not a HOF player:


    He led the league in SLG Pct in 1984 and that's the only statistical category he ever led the league.


    No batting titles. No 30 HR seasons. No Top 5 MVP's (only two top 10's).


    Statistically he's closest to Tony Perez, who is in the Hall. But Perez had seven 100 RBI seasons and four top 10 MVP's, and played on championship teams. It's arguable that he belongs.


    Baines is a Hall of Good player, but the Hall of Fame should be reserved for the very best of the best. That said, the Hall of Fame is filled with a lot of players that don't belong, and there are some that are out that DO belong. A lot of it is politics.



  2. Lyon would be a nice pickup..certainly a lot more reliable than Russell, Jimenez, or Wassermann. The chances of Linebrink and Dotel making it through this season without injuries would be low too. I like the idea of another veteran arm.


    Anyone confirm these rumors?

  3. QUOTE (Kenny Hates Prospects @ Dec 10, 2008 -> 07:26 AM)
    Is that your crazy prediction (because it's not all that crazy) or do you know something the rest of us don't?


    I guess the crazy part is that it will happen today. The way it was shot down, it will be surprising if the Sox do anything big the next couple days.

  4. QUOTE (AWhiteSoxinNJ @ Dec 8, 2008 -> 08:01 PM)
    It's too quiet on the Kenny Williams front.


    I think the Dye to the Reds thing is dead.


    I'm thinking the Sox won't do anything this week. Nothing is going to happen until Teixeira and Sabathia sign, and then the dominoes will fall. If Teixeira leaves the Angels, maybe they will get into discussions about Konerko or Dye.

  5. QUOTE (Tony82087 @ Dec 4, 2008 -> 05:27 PM)
    It's possible, but thats an odd slip by Williams.


    BTW, the conference call is up on WhiteSox.com. I listented to it about an hour ago, and I swore Williams said they wanted 20 pounds dropped by Viciedo.


    I think he said ten pounds. There's a good chance Viciedo will play some OF in spring training.


  6. QUOTE (RockRaines @ Nov 25, 2008 -> 01:32 PM)
    The only reason it took him that long to break the starting lineup is because of Juan Uribe. I will bet on Viciedo starting for us out of ST.


    I'd put Viciedo's chance of breaking ST with the Sox at about 10%...maybe less.


    20 year old 3rd baseman? No way. Give him at least a year at AA. If he has a monster season, bring him up in September.


  7. Bailey's stock may be down, but look where Gavin Floyd was in people's minds a year ago at this time.


    I'm not saying this would be a great trade, but I wouldn't bash it right off the bat either.


    I think with these Dye rumors pretty rampant, he'll be moved by the end of the winter meetings.