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  1. 4 minutes ago, chw42 said:

    I'm guessing they'd reschedule the game for August 9-11 if it's rained out. Right before our stretch of death in August against the Yankees, A's, Rays, and Jays. 

    I think they’ll do two tomorrow if it gets called. Why risk it in August when it’s the last time there, and they probably don’t want to play late on Aug 11th when the Sox have to go to Iowa after the game.

  2. 23 minutes ago, harkness99 said:

    Hurst pissed that Anderson didn't get in.. but I can't agree.


    he is like 734 OPS or something... other guys ahead of him much higher.

    He means Hurt (Frank Thomas).

    What a waste of 10 minutes on the pregame show. He also thinks Abreu should be an all star because he won the MVP last year. Uh…no, Frank.

  3. 7 minutes ago, greg775 said:

    Gee whiz, another series with the Twins. Oh boy. Please baseball, get rid of the schedule in which teams play their own division so many times!! Why are people OK with this boredom? Sox could be playing more games vs. Milwaukee, Chicago, Cincinnati, St. Louis if they want to keep it regional and reduce the amount of games vs. these divisional teams. Drives me crazy.

    All 19 games with the Twins were scheduled within 3 months. May 11-August 11.  Not a fan.