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  1. 5 minutes ago, Dick Allen said:

    If you don't want a guy to swing against you 3-0, put him on first. You can do that without a pitch these days.

    Manfred literally should send a memo to everyone- when it comes to 3-0 pitches during what you perceive to be a blowout, you are not to give a take sign to the player. The pitcher and his team should not expect a take in any situation, and nobody is allowed to be offended publicly at swinging at a pitch. Retaliation will be met with severe punishment. There. One unwritten rule solved.

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  2. The thing with the schedule is that the Sox are probably getting things that they wanted with the 2021 schedule. They took some inconveniences during the rebuild because they knew it didn't matter. This year they have road trips that make sense. They started on the West Coast to get it over with. They have Monday and Thursday off the last week of the season, and are home the final weekend. These are good things and not just random coincidences. They were bargained years ago. 

  3. Just now, tray said:

    What would you have done if you were Baldelli? Nothing?

    He was given a free pass to be offended because of our idiot manager. If Tony did nothing, I really think the Twins would have ignored it. It was a position player!!!

  4. 1 minute ago, Saufley said:

    Front office needs to step in before LaRussa alienates the entire team! Personally I'd like to see him fired but if not then can he be impeached and removed?

    The entire team needs to tell him his opinion about 3-0 taking in today’s baseball is wrong, and he needs to change his opinion because the next time it happens, we’re hitting whether you give the sign or not. And if you don’t like it, retire again.

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  5. I wonder how much Joe McEwing can be the bridge between the players and La Russa. He’s been around these guys and the day-to-day game for years now. This team badly needs a meeting in New York and Tony needs to start understanding the game has changed whether he likes it or not. The 3-0 take in a blowout vs a position player should have been universally panned. Even against a regular pitcher, why is that respect? The pitcher should be trying to execute a pitch, and the hitter is trying to get on base...I’d say that’s respecting the game more than taking a pitch. 

  6. It was really stupid for Tony to call for a take 3-0. How about this memo to everyone in baseball...as a matter of respect, taking 3-0 is out the window for everyone. Yes, there will still be takes as a matter of strategy, but as long as everyone is on the same page, no more grooving 3-0 fastballs and expecting a take.

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  7. 12 minutes ago, macsandz said:

    It's Target field and we'll see a different side of Yermin tonight after he gets drilled because it's coming.  

    If Yermin gets hit in the tush, I hope he just goes to first without saying a word. It’s stupid that they’d retaliate over this, but the Sox have bigger fish to fry. 

  8. MLB is 6 players away from 20,000 all time according to baseball-rererence. Think about a 40,000 seat stadium, and it seats every player who ever wore a uniform in a big league game, and the stadium would only be half filled. And yet we say “this guy sucks” all the time.