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  1. I really like the 15 second pitch clock in one of the A leagues. These guys are going to learn how to play at a faster pace, and hopefully the game moves back to less dead time. That’s the biggest culprit to time of game. 


  2. I'm ok with trying anything at the minor league level. I'm not sure about the pickoff stuff...never really thought about it. But after years of hitters not adjusting to the shift, I'm ok with defensive limitations. Try it out. See what happens. Anything that lowers three true outcomes, time of game and makes the game more enjoyable to watch, I'm interested.

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Chicago White Sox said:

    We’ve had this argument before, but going with a six man rotation when there are like six or seven off-days in the first 40 or so games of the season is crazy IMO.  Pitchers are a creature of habit and pitching on six days rest is likely going to mess with them, not to mention why give our worst two starters more starts than needed.

    The one thing we know about baseball in 2021 is that teams will deploy pitching is various ways this season. There will be 6-man rotations for some. There will be tandem starts, openers, etc. If the Sox started the season with a regular 5-man and planned on The Big 3 getting 33 starts and 215 innings, sign me up if they think they can do it and be ready for October. I tend to think they'll space out some things and get it down to 30-31 starts and 180-190 innings. 

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  4. They could use both if the wanted to. First 40 games, 7 starts for Giolito, Keuchel, Lynn, Cease; 6 starts for Rodon and Lopez. Game 41-43 would be Giolito, Keuchel, and Lynn in Minnesota, and then you make a decision to get it down to a 5-man. 

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  5. 3 minutes ago, Rounding_Third said:

    I'll leave those decisions in the hands of the coaches.  If they think its best to not let a guy exceed his pitch count or not bring in an unscheduled pitcher in a particular inning, so be it.  Pitchers are on strict regiments this early.  Geesh, its just the 1st week of ST; get over it!  If it bothers you so much, don't watch.

    Deal. I won’t watch. 

  6. 2 minutes ago, Rounding_Third said:

    That's just it, there isn't enough pitchers.  They're doing their best to deal with covid.  So many of these pitchers haven't pitched competitively in 2 years and since then have probably not really thrown that much compared to a normal season; majors or minors.  As guys get more innings and/or toss sessions, it'll smooth out. 

    Sorry, not buying it. They have at least 33 pitchers there. Playing 7-inning games is dealing with COVID, and that’s fine. I’m just against pulling a team off the field before three outs are recorded. If these guys are so fragile, then don’t play games, don’t have fans, and don’t broadcast them. 

  7. 12 minutes ago, South Side Hit Men said:



    Managers have slotted scheduled innings for select pitchers for the game. Teams don't have several pitchers in a bullpen available.

    I don't agree with the changes to the 2021 regular season in terms of 7 inning Doubleheader Games and runners on 2nd in extras. Made sense last year, doesn't this year. Was also a major reason I was vehemently opposed to the Owner's proposal to start the season in May with a bunch of bullshit scheduled 7 inning doubleheader games, not to mention unscheduled doubleheaders for rain outs and possible COVID cancellations, to reach 154 games.

    That said, they can and should do whatever is best to prepare the team for Spring Training, and not stretching pitchers beyond 25 pitches in an inning makes sense for the purpose of these games, which is to get pitchers stretched for the season, get hitters timing back and evaluate a few players. They are not for fans or wagering.

    I don’t care about the gambling aspect, but there should be enough pitchers there to play an uninterrupted 7-inning game the first week of games. I saw highlights of a game where the inning ended after 22 pitches and the same pitcher went out the next inning. The fans that are there deserve to see an honest effort even if it doesn’t matter.

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