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    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    It definitely appears that our front office wanted to strike early and get *their* guys. We paid more than a fair price for Lynn, Eaton and Hendriks, it will be interesting to see how the remainder of the off season plays out but I don't think you could say we were value shopping with any of those moves. It is surprising that they don't have a strong preference for any of the remaining veteran starters where one would think a slight overpay would lock *their* guy up. Of all spots to value shop this one makes the least sense to me. It makes me wonder if they were in on any of the starters that signed early for good money like Morton, Minor or Smyly?

    Corey Kluber to Yanks per Passan

    Two taeks: If I was negotiating a Kluber deal I'd REALLY want a team option for year 2 and/or 3. Similar to what Eaton got. Even if it meant overpaying by a few million for year one or the buyout. If he goes full Klubot this year he is definitely getting 2/40 or 3/55 this time next year. And if you are confident enough to gamble on him this year at 1/10 or something, what is a couple million in a buyout for the right to pay him 1/12 in 2021? Also, if he gets a penny more than 1/10 he makes Charlie Morton at 1/15 seem relatively reasonable correct?

    Lucas Giolito Reddit AMA

    I'm saying EVERYONE knows the "usefulness of being a tough out AND getting hits consistently". We are properly valuing that skill set, maybe overvaluing it when it comes to Madrigal. To be above average as I stated it (walks) does, or he has to hit .350+..... or the power needs to increase. I am not a doubter. In fact quite the opposite. I am a realist who pointed out that if the small sample size (my words which I guess you missed) of dumb baserunning and poor defense perpetuates over a full season then Madrigal's offensive production would need an unrealistic improvement to allow for him to be an above average 2nd basemen. There is a difference between mediocre, above average and superstar. Never did I (or anyone) claim Madrigal needed to be a superstar. I sometimes wonder if you even read what you are responding to? It is like you create a pretend narrative, and then argue against that. I won't fall for it again.

    Lucas Giolito Reddit AMA

    I can see this train of thought but in this case we'd 100% be calling for Hahn to sign a 2B and for that exotic prospect to start the season in Charlotte.

    Lucas Giolito Reddit AMA

    I strongly disagree with almost everything you post here. And this take is no different. I think in the history of this sub, the fanbase has never been more aware of a young players "approach" and "intangibles" than we have of Madrigal's. If Nick were Latin our fanbase would be 5X more critical of the small sample size baserunning & defense we saw in 2020. He is getting a major benefit of the doubt because of his college resume and grindy scouting reports. His ceiling is only so high with limited power and zero walk rate. If Madrigal ends up with anything less than elite intangibles and great defense he just can't be an above average second baseman.

    Corey Kluber to Yanks per Passan

    88-90 in January, with a legit gun, and legal ball is impressive. We have become desensitized to velo when every 19 year old is touching mid 90s on twitter... catch is they are doing it with a light ball and often times a huge sample size where even a rapsodo or gun will spit out an inaccurate reading.

    DH Options

    I'd be very happy with adding a depth player like La Stella and utilizing a rotating DH but Reinsdorf seems to love buying Closers and DHs. I almost expect us to sign a full time DH.
  8. Yep, anytime a big time middle reliever is being debated someone will look up their stats and post that they have 3 career saves and 8 blown saves as proof they will choke in big situations 🤣

    Kris Bryant

    Some of the best moves in the past two decades have occurred when a team takes advantage of another's "need" to sell. This offseason has and should bring plenty of these opportunities. By a stroke of luck the Sox were/are positioned beautifully to strike during this offseason. So far, we seemingly paid top dollar for Eaton and traded value away for an underpaid Lynn. I feel like the Brewers, Rockies, Dbacks, Reds, Cubs and maybe the Red Sox could all still sell this offseason. Take advantage Rick. It doesn't need to be a perfect fit. Stack up some talent and win.
  10. GREEDY

    Old: Mega Hendriks Speculation Thread

    What are the chances this is the owner of the twitter account?
  11. GREEDY

    Old: Mega Hendriks Speculation Thread

    Obviously, I'm not privy to the last negotiations but the MLBPA likely did this to themselves. Like most player unions that are led by veterans they didn't seem to look out for their young players. So, a front office's options are to play kid they likely drafted and developed OR pay a vet 2 or 3X that amount.... easy decision. MLB needs to AT LEAST double the pre-arb salaries.
  12. GREEDY

    Joe Musgrove Thread

    Why debate Musgrove's value and ability then? I'm glad your taek is a simple one: don't trade assets, spend. Which if you go back and see was my exact take as well.
  13. GREEDY

    Joe Musgrove Thread

    How about where I said in the exact same paragraph "IF HAHN IS ON A TIGHT BUDGET"? I prefer Bauer... so there. Find the other 20 million per year. You know they have the money to spend.
  14. GREEDY

    Joe Musgrove Thread

    I can't decide if you are underwhelmed by Musgrove or just don't want him in particular? He makes sense if Hahn is on a tight budget. The veteran free agent equivalent option (under 4 million) will not be a peach. Those claiming to prefer Quintana or Richards as the alternative will need to find 5 million+ in the couch cushions.
  15. GREEDY

    Oscar Colas declared free agent

    For years we've been mad at Jerry not spending cash but I'm starting to think he just might be a Bitcoin guy. Marco Paddy is either hypnotizing these Cubans or Padd(y)ing some pockets with that crypto.