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    GT 9/21: SOX @ DET, 12:10

    I'd skip Keuchel next time out. He just can't miss enough barrels. No point in him pitching anymore this season. I'd roll the dice with Reynaldo or some sort of Mike Wright bullpen game if Rodon can't go in the playoffs. I'm sure Dallas won't have anything to say when he is left off the roster either 😜.

    GT 9/21: SOX @ DET, 12:10

    It is part of the unmeasurable, unquantifiable case for (often pointless) hustling all the time. I think you could speculate that when guys subscribe to the "don't overdue it unless you have to" thought process on effort and pointless hustle that when it actually comes time to bust your butt.... you hesitate. If you are going 100 miles per hour all the time you don't have to worry about it.

    Rodon Contract Value

    Rodon will get the 4/68 that Eovaldi received after the Sox won/win the WS.
  4. If Kimbrel stays dominant through the playoffs I predict his value on the open market would be similar to Hendricks 4/55. Maybe a tad less. So on a 1/16 deal there is real value there. With only maybe a dozen teams shopping at the deadline for relief help and many clubs already way over the luxury tax threshold, it seems reasonable that there should be equal to or more of a market for an elite reliever next offseason. I personally think it is unlikely the Sox will keep two relievers making 30 million dollars on the roster next season, I predict the Sox get a similar or better return for Kimbrel than they paid yesterday. The biggest risk to this deal is the chance that Kimbrel struggles or gets hurt and damages his value.
  5. Sox can trade Kimbrel for a player better than Madrigal this winter.
  6. Hendricks would have cost a fortune on a one year deal last offseason. Kimbrel has value.
  7. Jerry didn't pick up any money... did he?
  8. Kimbrel has value for a team that would like a 16 million dollar reliever again next season. On the open market he'd likely get a multi year deal similar to Liam's. So there is definitely surplus value there. I'm not sure the Sox would want to pay that next year. So if Kaplan is correct, I'd think we'd be trading him in the offseason. I asked a few days ago if Burger & Kelley would be too much to give up and the overwhelming response was that it was.

    7/29/21 White Sox @ Royals @1:10

    Gave everyone else a day off, why didn't we skip Rodon?
  10. We wanted Pequods We would have settled for Lou's We got Little Cesar Pizza Pizza
  11. This is on Yermin. Someone explained to him that he is like 6th choice DH right now and he got upset.
  12. GREEDY

    7/20 Gamethread: Keuchel vs. Ober

    Burr just attacking without command of the zone has finally caught up to him.
  13. GREEDY

    Engel back, Eaton DFA

    I look for Eaton to get back on whatever he quit taking the last few years, have strong remainder of the season and make another few million in 2022.
  14. More like get ketel one tonight