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    SOXFEST Running Thread

    Solid question Wayne from DG

    Renovations to Ballpark

    This section will be money, especially if the team goes on a run and the place starts filling up. Many of us have grown accustom to plenty of space and clear sight lines. It isn't quite as enjoyable of an experience at the park with a 300 pounder 108ing in your lap.
  3. There was about a dozen 2B available but they are all gone
  4. Not with a Miami Heat style intro that people are expecting
  5. Yea, where are the "big slugging lefty from the NL" concerns?
  6. The problem is that alot of the advanced metrics are all-ready essentially crediting him with those home runs (negative park factors).
  7. Dodgers are going to get Realmuto and Harper aren't they?
  8. What? MLBTradeRumors said they're not a match, because they really aren't. That doesn't meant it can't happen, it just doesn't seem to make a ton of sense, especially for the Dodgers. As far as I saw MLBTradeRumors didn't say they didn't have discussions. Also, are your referring to the same Ken Rosenthal that said the deal isn't close?
  9. They know that the Dodgers as currently assembled still need Joc and that most teams in baseball could use him. So him going to the White Sox with only two years remaining deal does not seem to make a ton of sense.
  10. Cheer up. They've hired two young, seemingly forward thinking hitting coaches this offseason. Someone also ran an update on Coop's Ipad so hopefully he can get back on the world wide webs soon.
  11. It is ironic because raBBit has been accused of guessing in the past and he was accusing Chilli of guessing. The irony has nothing to do with Machado.
  12. Not sure if this pertains to Joc or even to catcher framing: The Dodgers had multiple high speed cameras on every practice pitching mound at Camelback. The Sox had zero.