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  1. LongName

    Mike Tyson

    So she endured 7 months of "abuse". If it was so bad, she would have left after the first instance of "abuse" -- and if she chose to stay in spite of it, that's her fault. Try to keep up Clu.. we were not talking about her taking "abuse"... Then what were "we" talking about? Who's "we"..? You got a mouse in your pocket? I was never talking to "you". "Try to keep up Clu" looks a lot like you're talking to me. What was I thinking? Lets make this Box a bit bigger, how about it?
  2. LongName

    Mike Tyson

    Mike Tysons just stupid. :finger
  3. LongName

    Frank Thomas 32nd Man Candidate

    Well, If everybody votes in sox talk about 20 times, Thomas will win. But since not everbody will, we gotta vote about 50 times. Call your friends, family , the pope, dali lama, president, get them all voting fo Thomas!
  4. LongName


    Reasons why courtny killed kurt. 1. MONEY. He was about to retire and was no more use for him 2. MONEY. Nirvana's records would sell in record numbers 3. MONEY. She could easily claim rights to Nirvana 4. MONEY. She could make a Nirvana's best hits albulm, sell all of Kurts journal enteries, and get all the money for it. 5. Kurt was chronicly depressed, so she could easily get away with it. PS - What peson write more than one, let alone 5 suicide notes?
  5. LongName

    Worst movies of all time

    Super Mario Brothers is the best movie ever.