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  1. ewokpelts

    MLB teams who are most likely to be sellers this Winter

    With the upcoming labor battle, I doubt the Sox move on any players with big price tags. If anything they try and get guys with 1-2 years of control at a discount.
  2. ewokpelts

    Sox to pay employees thru at least 5/31

    The lakers did.
  3. ewokpelts

    Kris Bryant loses grievance

    paul konerko stayed in Chicago because they offered him 60 million dollars. not because he dedicated himself to Chicago and its fans. and in 2005, he was still under team control and had no choice but to play for chicago.
  4. ewokpelts

    2020 Hall of Fame Voting

    Cobb would still be a first ballot guy. Especially since his “reputation” is more or less bullshit.
  5. ewokpelts

    Jean Shepherd's America - White Sox

    Which design? Addison? Pinelas County, Florida?
  6. ewokpelts

    2020 Hall of Fame Voting

    And he was also %#$%@# GOOD.
  7. ewokpelts

    2020 Hall of Fame Voting

    Minnie wasn't on the list that Harold was on.
  8. Do you know what $15 an hour is for a full time worker? 30 grand before taxes Is it that hard to want people to make at LEAST that? An apartment in Chicago is on the low end $1000. Utilities are another 300 a month on the low end. Access to the internet is at least $80 a month(phone or home service). Food for a single person is at least $200. A car payment is at least $200. Gas is likely $50 a week or more. At $15 an hour, you would make $2400 a month pre-tax. In this example, your low end costs are $1980. you have $420 left over to save or spend. Now imagine those same costs making $7.25(the national minumum wage). You would earn $1160 pre tax, and be in the red $820.
  9. ewokpelts

    Rumor: Reinsdorf aims to build second place teams

    They were getting about 500k per game on cable, and roughly 125k on Wgn. Since figures weren’t released, we don’t know. But if the per game rates hits 1 million per game, then they would have roughly $150 million just in local tv money in 2020.
  10. Not really. You still select the best available out there. There isn’t a need to draft for need just yet.
  11. Peavey was ALREADY INJURED when the Sox made the trade. That’s why padres took the Sox offer at the deadline, because Williams offered the exact package as he did in May. In retrospect he was decent when when he was healthy. And he also foolishly took a smaller below rate deal from the Sox, which ultimately allowed the Sox to not only get out from under the contract in the 2013 dumpster fire, but also get avi Garcia in the process. (To be fair, he ended up being on two WS winning clubs while under that deal).
  12. ewokpelts

    Machado do-over

    this times 100. rodon is done.
  13. ewokpelts

    Rumor: Reinsdorf aims to build second place teams

    that $125 million payroll was them trying to "win" yet they lost badly.
  14. ewokpelts

    Rumor: Reinsdorf aims to build second place teams

    both those clubs had bad contracts for a while in the first phase of each rebuild. the cubs had alfonso soriano until 2014. the sox were lucky enough to move team friendly contracts for prospects quickly, and used a dumpster find (kahnle) to move the real bad paper (robertson and fraizer). big difference when the "dump salary mode" i less than a calendar year. as for the attendance and ratings? they still draw less than 2013, which was a dumpster fire, but when your team is slighly better than dogshit for the first time in a few years and the sox keep offering flash sales and ballpark passes, you draw a little better. i mean, they were offering summer weekend games for $7.04! in the lower deck!
  15. ewokpelts

    Rumor: Reinsdorf aims to build second place teams

    that was a completely different time and place. the way teams were built (and bought) and postseason alignment was radically different then. The yankees were able to sign ANYONE of value and if they needed depth, they just went to their farm team the Kansas city athletics and poached what they wanted. If there was a two division format then, the sox would have made several ALCS type playoff rounds.