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  1. Boogua

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Any idea if the 20 game plan is refundable? I'd like to show my displeasure by at least doing that.
  2. Boogua

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball thread

    Not a good time for Ayo to have his worst game of the year. Encouraging that the team was right there though.
  3. Boogua

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball thread

    Illinois has actually become pretty fun to watch again.
  4. Clearly the NFL agrees with me and disagrees with you. If Mahomes did the same thing as Kap I think he'd be in tht NFL. Talent wins out. You're probably right about Johnson. I just know he's fast and can catch passes so he seems like a good fit in Nagys offense.
  5. Backup QBs don't really fit my whole talent wins out thing. They're "backup" for a reason. Talent wins out. I can't imagine Johnson goes for higher than a 3rd round pick. If the Bears think he is a good value who knows. I just don't know if he's too redundant with Cohen.
  6. Those guys start a ton of games. Oh, wait.... I wonder if Duke Johnson could fit with the Bears or if he's too similar to Cohen.
  7. What makes me chuckle is the people that thought the video was the reason Ray Rice didn't get signed thought Kareem Hunt also wouldn't get signed. Idiots. Lots of the same people that think kneeling is the whole reason Kap hasn't been signed. Idiots. Talent wins out. Always.
  8. Boogua

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball thread

    I wonder if Illinois would still have gone after Giorgi if they didn't miss on Castleton. That might end up being one of the most fortunate recruiting misses in Illinois history.
  9. Boogua

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball thread

    Would you be willing to wager on this? I mean, I love Ayo but he's a ball dominant guard that isn't a good shooter and isn't an above the rim athlete. His game doesn't translate quite yet
  10. Boogua

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball thread

    The fire Underwood group has gotten pretty quiet.
  11. Boogua

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    I think the Lakers are just posturing. I think they'll give the pelicans whatever they want by Thursday. They need to try to capitalize off of Lebron. Waiting to sign AD when Lebron is 36 could be pretty risky.
  12. Boogua

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Coaching matters much more in football. They're just the perfect duo. I don't think they would have won more than 3 championships with any other coach/QBs in the same situation
  13. Boogua

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Back in front? He's the best football coach ever and has been for a while. Saban is super impressive, but he gets to recruit players. Belichick has a salary cap to deal with. There's nobody in their right mind that thinks the Patriots had more talent than the rams and he still finds ways to win (Brady helps obviously, but still)
  14. Boogua

    Baseball America Top 100 Prospects

    Yup. He said kopech isn't on the list in the interview.
  15. Boogua

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball thread

    There's definite improvement. The Illini finished last year 102nd in KenPom. This year, while their record is worse, they're at 78. All of the best players are freshmen and sophomores too. It almost looks like Indiana has quit on Miller. If you watch any Illinois games you definitely couldn't say the same thing.