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  1. On the bolded... How many times have you been able to say that about this Bears team? I know traveling means nothing to you and the team should perform like robots, but just maybe it had something to do with it. Also, the Patriots lost to the dolphins last year too. Nfl teams aren't as far apart as you seem to think they are. Small advantages are pretty important.
  2. Ah, I thought the Raiders flew out there on Sunday and spent the week getting acclimated to the time difference. My bad
  3. They didn't show up. The jetlag seems like an easy excuse, but if you can point to another time that front 7 got absolutely manhandled I would like to see it. I saw Mack get solo blocked by a fullback for goodness sake.
  4. Game really reminded me of the Giants game of last year. Hopefully it's just a blip like that one was.
  5. What happens when you try to shove a mobile QB though?
  6. Is Vic Fangio the most overrated defensive coach in football?
  7. That Vic Fangio defense didn't look so great last night.
  8. So before JuJu was drafted, let alone have a 1400 yard season. Maybe they would have kept increasing. We'll never really know. If you come up with some number that tops Julio, who knows, he could still get it. It only takes one organization...
  9. He wants his cake and to eat it too. We also have no idea if Pittsburgh would have given him that money. They do pretty well with WRs and have JuJu. He very well could make the same amount that Pittsburgh or Oakland would have given him. We'll see.
  10. Yes. I believe the bolded parts were the issue.
  11. It all depends. If he plays this year out and makes the 15 million, he'd be a 2 year 39 mil contract with 20 mil guaranteed to make it equal. Julio Jones just set the WR market at 22 mil per year. If Brown is successful in New England he could definitely find himself getting a big contract from someone (maybe think of Revis after he left Tampa to stay with New England for a year. I think the odds of it happening are less than 50/50 because it's hard for me to believe that he gets through the season with the Patriots. However, if he does, and if he's as good as usual, he's going to get paid.
  12. Boogua

    Cubs thread 2k19

    That WAR is skyrocketing and might hit 2.0 very soon. The Babe is back!!
  13. For the raiders organization it is actually normal.