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  1. aprec32

    White Sox Winner!

    Crazy question here......is there a data source that tracks how many times a team has scored the most runs in a day in MLB? I see today we led the league in runs and also know that on opening day we did as well. Just curious to weenie many other times we've done that. Also, what team has done it the most times.
  2. aprec32

    Gamethread: White Sox vs Rangers

    http://www.dadgummit.com/ Maybe just promoting his site.........
  3. aprec32

    Gamethread: White Sox vs Rangers

    Rios + Dunn = Rallykillers!
  4. aprec32

    White Sox Soggy Winner!

    My post only being th 7th in a white sox winner.........man this is an off year!
  5. aprec32

    Sox need to bale now!

    QUOTE (Rooftop Shots @ Jul 30, 2011 -> 10:44 PM) Unless we play to our potential...............in the AL Central, we'll be hot on the trail unless we fail to unveil our talent in detail. You simply get tired of watching this team have at bats where they flail and run the bases at the pace of a snail.
  6. aprec32

    Sox @ Indians 7/24/11 Gamethread

    QUOTE (elrockinMT @ Jul 24, 2011 -> 01:44 PM) Sometimes we get the breaks Imagine the outrage if that was Rios!
  7. aprec32

    Sox versus Tigers Game thread

    Are these the 2011 Chicago White Sox?
  8. aprec32

    Sox versus Tigers Game Thread

    Watch..... We will win this game, then lose the series.
  9. aprec32

    7/5 Sox v. Royals

    Anyone catch the KC broadcast there?
  10. aprec32

    Sox/Royals 7/4 - Sox gain independence from being under .500

    Why should we be voting for Ethier?
  11. aprec32

    Paul Konerko not named to the AllStar Game

    QUOTE (Quinarvy @ Jul 3, 2011 -> 07:11 PM) Tex isn't in the final vote, so that helps Paulie a lot. As for Humber and Santos, Felix, Verlander, and Shields are all pitching Sunday. CC will replace one, Humber should get one spot, and League's wife is due soon so that could help Santos. CC also pitches on Sunday
  12. aprec32

    White Sox vs Cubs First Pitch 3:10 CT

    If we got no-hit, but still won......would you be happy?