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  1. LittleHurt05

    Sergio Romo to start for Tampa tomorrow

    Theroetically yes, but realistically The best hitter on the planet always hits 2nd in the Angels lineup.
  2. LittleHurt05

    Sergio Romo to start for Tampa tomorrow

    The "starter" only had to face the Angels top 3 hitters twice, instead of 3 times. They guaranteed a better matchup for those first at bats.
  3. If that's the case, then Rick Hahn wont be the GM either. Actually, he might be because Reinsdorf. I'll revise that to: If that's the case, the. Rick Hahn shouldn't be the GM either
  4. LittleHurt05

    2018 Travel Thread

    Can your wife not stay with Snoopy while you leave for a weekend? Those are quite the trips she is heading on.
  5. We've had lots of talk about how starters aren't pitching very long anymore, specifically avoiding the 3rd time up against a lineup. The Rays have been taken it to a new extreme, having multiple bullpen days where guys are only expected to pitch 3 or 4 innings. Now they are going further and having Sergio Romo, a late inning set up guy, start the game vs LA tomorrow. Partly because his off speed stuff matches up well with the top of their order. This is the future of baseball I think. http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/rays/2018/05/18/rays-have-another-new-different-pitching-plan-starting-sergio-romo-vs-angels/
  6. LittleHurt05

    Gun Violence in America

    Looking back at that vote, other than a couple Senators, it was a mostly straight down party line vote, just like every other important bill it seems. Then maybe it shouldn't have brought it for vote yet if it was obviously gonna be filibustered. I don't know where the middle ground is given how many guns are already out there, you can't just pull an Australia in this country and take away all guns. But instead we just keep repeating this voting cycle, where one side is a majority, passes some laws, the voters get pissed and make the other side majority, then they vote in different laws, rinse and repeat.
  7. LittleHurt05

    Gun Violence in America

    To be fair, Chicago isn't really doing anything about it.
  8. LittleHurt05

    Gun Violence in America

    Because they are too busy picking left or right while pleasing their lobbyists to actually sit down and work on legislature together. Washington's refusal to compromise and work on a solution together is maddening.
  9. LittleHurt05

    Gun Violence in America

    Here we go again: Republican politicians offer thoughts and prayers, while Democrat politicians trot out victims to make you cry. Then at night they go all home and sleep next to piles of money while the citizens bury the dead.
  10. LittleHurt05

    2018 Cubs catch-all thread

    We all know the Orioles front office is a joke so it could happen, but trading for Russell would make zero sense for them. The cupboard is Baltimore is empty, by the time they compete again Russell would be hitting free agency. They need more controllable talent.
  11. LittleHurt05

    FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

    I'm still mad about that US game in Trinidad, the fact that they failed to qualify out of the easiest qualification tourney in the world drives me crazy. But I'll still watch, it's always entertaining. Both of my parents are from Poland, so that's my second team to root for, hopefully they can make a run, I think they have a relatively easier group.
  12. LittleHurt05

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    The Cardinals are #1 in the majors at calling up minor leaguers nobody has ever heard of and having them produce in the majors. You are absolutely right that rebuilds aren't the only way to go, but consistent development of your young players is mandatory, especially lower rated depth guys, not just your blue chippers. And the Sox have been absolutely horrendous at it.,
  13. LittleHurt05

    2018 Cubs catch-all thread

    I see your point and the next few years will show us if they get on the level of the Bumgarner Giants or just another one time WS winner. It really depends on how their pitching holds up. If Lester and Darvish can keep it going, and if Q can go back to his South Side form. But winning the one WS with the Cubs is enough for Theos legacy there, just given the history. The other thing is we hype up these franchises and rebuilds and prospects so much now, most of them have to fail.on some level. Between the Astros, Cubs, Braves, Yankees, and White Sox, 10 of the next 6 World Series are already spoken for. And that doesn't count the high payroll Red Sox, Nationals, Dodgers, etc, nor other fluky teams that get hot in the postseason and play spoiler.
  14. LittleHurt05

    **President Trump 2018 Thread**

    The problems the ACA has caused fall on deaf ears here, I've tried to mention all the people it's affected negatively, including my family, and you'd have more luck talking negatively about Mark Buehrle in PHT.
  15. LittleHurt05

    2018 Cubs catch-all thread

    Making 3 straight LCS trips and winning one World Series is close to a juggernaut to me. Do you know how hard that is in baseball? Winning in the playoffs requires just as much luck as skill. While they don't look great now, they are still on a pace to win 91 games and on paper are more talented than the two teams ahead of them. They have still have time left in this group.