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  1. LittleHurt05

    2018 MLB catch all thread

    Pretty impressive, the Red Sox have been hitting. Oakland is far from a title, but they have some talent. Beane has done an amazing job there
  2. LittleHurt05

    Farquhar Suffers Brain Hemorrhage

    Whoa, that is awful. Best of luck to him and his family
  3. LittleHurt05

    2018 Celebrity Death thread

    It's still amazing to me how mainstream dance music has become. I used to go to hidden raves where you would have to call a hotline from a pay phone at the last minute to get a location, now DJs are getting world wide obituaries and EDM festivals have 100,000+ people.
  4. LittleHurt05

    Sox at Oakland 2:35 CDT: Fulmer versus Triggs

    Canha is still wearing the face guard like it's freezing out
  5. LittleHurt05

    Sox at Oakland 2:35 CDT: Fulmer versus Triggs

    That CF is wearing a cloth facemask because of the cold? It's 58 f***ing degrees!
  6. LittleHurt05

    2017-2018 NHL discussion thread

    QUOTE (SoxAce @ Apr 13, 2018 -> 12:29 AM) That trade is and still was terrible. Lets hope Saad rebounds next season. But the myth of Panarin not performing in the playoffs can be put to rest. I still wonder why Q never let him have his own line instead of riding shotgun with Kane the whole time. They lost in 2 OT, but he was the best player on the ice again last night. But in 2019-2020, the Hawks will be better off salary cap wise, which is huge because Seabrook, Keith, and Crawford will only be turning 34, 36, and 34. And Crawford still might not know his home address.
  7. LittleHurt05

    Today’s game PPD

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Apr 15, 2018 -> 04:19 PM) Apparently there was only 25 postponements all of last season in MLB. With a leaky roof in Toronto and Cubs/Cards now getting postponed twice this week, they've already hit 25 this season.
  8. LittleHurt05

    2018 MLB catch all thread

    QUOTE (Tony @ Apr 17, 2018 -> 06:52 PM) Man, how about JB Shuck still getting MLB ABs in 2018 I'll call your JB Shuck and raise you a Peter Bourjos
  9. LittleHurt05

    Can I Revise My Seasons Win Total Prediction?

    Remember when this team was 2-0 with a late lead in Toronto? That feels like months ago.
  10. LittleHurt05

    2018 Attendance Thread

    QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Apr 16, 2018 -> 01:25 PM) Yay, more fear-mongering! Tanking is ruining the game! I swear, these writers are acting like this is the NBA. I'm a Passan fan, but I agree, that article is overboard. Ignoring the obvious effects of the cold weather this year, I like how he mentions the Cubs and Indians right away. Hey, the 2016 World Series teams, who fell short in 2017, saw a big drop in attendance to start the 2018 season. Baseball has a problem!! Those were the most predictable attendance drops on the board.
  11. LittleHurt05

    2018 NFL off-season thread

    QUOTE (Jack Parkman @ Apr 14, 2018 -> 07:02 PM) Not enough upside in a guard to take one top 10. He could be Steve Hutchinson, and make 12 pro bowls and still not be worth a top 10 pick. Once you get to around 18-20 it is ok, but not until then. I disagree with that. I get it's not the most important position on the field, but it's not punter we are talking about. If you can lock in an All-Pro guard for 10+ years, I'm all for that, even at the #8 pick. If you go after a CB or LB because they are more important, there's no guarantee that player amounts to anything even though he's rated so high.
  12. LittleHurt05

    2018 Celebrity Death thread

    R. Lee Ermey, 74, the drill instructor from Full Metal Jacket As a youngster, I saw the basic training portion of that movie so many times randomly on TV, but I never realized there was a whole second part of the movie in Vietnam. I thought that was it, lol.
  13. LittleHurt05

    2018 MLB catch all thread

    QUOTE (SoxAce @ Apr 15, 2018 -> 08:49 PM) 44 year old Bartolo Colon perfect through 7 innings... against the ASTROS at that.... The best part of near perfect games is glancing at the all time perfect game list. And seeing Philip f***ing Humber still on that list. Forever.
  14. LittleHurt05

    Today’s game PPD

    QUOTE (flavum @ Apr 15, 2018 -> 12:58 PM) Add the Angels-Royals. That's 21. Angels have to go back to KC on June 25th. Make it 22. Red Sox Patriots Day morning game already called for tomorrow
  15. LittleHurt05

    2018 MLB catch all thread

    Royals/Angels PPD due to fear of Ohtani. Yesterday they played in snow, today it was clear in the 30s and they PPD a few minutes before first pitch. Imagine the Royals saw him warming up and got scared.