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  1. LittleHurt05

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    That is gonna be one highly entertaining trainwreck.
  2. LittleHurt05

    **President Trump 2018 Thread**

    Between his ex wives, mistresses and alimony, I imagine he spends half a million a month in keeping people quiet.
  3. LittleHurt05

    The Challenge: Vendettas Thread

    You cant vote for Brad, that takes food away from his kids! Lol. Remember when they used to have an elimination every episode? Those were the days.
  4. LittleHurt05

    Your first Album collection/First concert attended

    First CDs were MC Hammer and The Simpsons Sing the Blues. First concert was Do or Die, Crucial Conflict and Big Pun at International Amphitheatre on 43rd and Halsted, since has been torn down.
  5. LittleHurt05

    2018 Cubs catch-all thread

    Can Jace Fry hit?
  6. LittleHurt05

    PA Catholic Church child abuse

    Its not just Catholicism and these accusations, its everything about organized religion, the power and control. I was raised Catholic and part Jewish, I have no problem with believing in God or religion, it's when the belief in what someone else tells you about religion overrides your own thoughts and opinions.
  7. LittleHurt05

    2018 Cubs catch-all thread

    Meanwhile on the other side of town...
  8. LittleHurt05

    2018 MLB catch all thread

    Such a shitty move by Urena just cause the guy is better than your pitchers. And sucks to see Thome being a meathead for TV.
  9. LittleHurt05

    PA Catholic Church child abuse

    I'm going to steer my children as far away from organized religion as I can.
  10. LittleHurt05

    OT: Sale

    Is this the Chris Sale thread or the Jake Peavy thread?
  11. LittleHurt05

    Brandon McCarthy to retire

    Man did I hate that trade, partly because I was such a big BMac fan. It turned out to be one of KW's best moves.
  12. LittleHurt05

    2018 Cubs catch-all thread

    It's $10.5 million, what are they gonna spend that money on, the next Tyler Chatwood? Of course they are going to pick up his 2019 option, it would be downright silly not to.
  13. LittleHurt05

    Expanded September Roster - Who Gets the Call?

    Worst rule in sports...
  14. LittleHurt05

    2018 Democrats thread

    I hope fakediplomanow.com gave her a refund, that's some piss poor work on their end between the dean's sig and the non-existent major.
  15. LittleHurt05

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Their APA is my #1 go to right now