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  1. LittleHurt05

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Meh. His final kick of the Eagles game was just as shitty as Parkeys was. Hes not bad, but not really good either. Thought they would try to upgrade.
  2. LittleHurt05

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    1. No video 2. He's really f'n good
  3. LittleHurt05

    Eloy officially got paid

    Maybe the Sox forsee big changes in the upcoming labor dispute, so they want to lock him up before it would get 2x more expensive if the control time is changed. But that's giving the Sox front office a little too much credit.
  4. LittleHurt05

    Eloy officially got paid

    They are gonna get a HUGE package for him at the 2022 trade deadline when the rebuild finally takes full steam.
  5. LittleHurt05

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Rumor is the Browns are creeping near the altar to steal the bride away Yes, the Cleveland Browns.
  6. LittleHurt05

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    AFC North favorites at this point. They were a decent field goal kicker away from making the playoffs
  7. LittleHurt05

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    I like the signing, assuming Nagy is smart enough to use Patterson correctly and not put him in positions to fail. Like the old Devin Hester to receiver experiment.
  8. LittleHurt05

    College Cheating Scandal F.Huffman/L.Loughlin

    This story is just amazing. Some of the kids didn't even know about it, then their parents created fake pictures of them pole vaulting. 😃
  9. LittleHurt05

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    If the Packers are doing it, maybe there's hope for White Sox fans in free agency one day too! 😃
  10. LittleHurt05

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Gotcha. See I thought it was the reverse, like you pay him all this money right now and somehow it's carried over to a previous year in reverse, but whatever. Amos to the Pack
  11. LittleHurt05

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    The NFL salary cap is so confusing, I'm not even gonna pretend to act like I understand what this tweet means. Other than more salary cap money, I think.
  12. LittleHurt05

    2018-9 MLB off season free agency thread

    Thank goodness. It shows you how bad the MLBPA is when they choose a 33 year old outfielder as their poster child instead of the 26 year old Cy Young winner making $500k.
  13. LittleHurt05

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    I liked the Amari Cooper trade for the Raiders, even if he exceeded expectations with the Cowboys. But it kind of defeats the purpose if you trade draft picks for a 31 years old wide receiver with drama after that. And then you give him bags and bags of money. When you wouldn't pay 27 year old Khalil Mack for missing some OTAS. Only 9 years left on the Gruden deal.
  14. LittleHurt05

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    That is true, he did his job to a T. Now everyone's talking about the guy who had nothing to do with the actual crime. Kraft >>> Trump
  15. LittleHurt05

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Lol, no he wasnt. Being friends with the old owner is nothing like the "involvement" Kraft had. It was disappointingly Schefter playing damage control for his buddy Bob.
  16. LittleHurt05

    All of a sudden I want to sign Kimbrel

    You can want to sign Kimbrel all you want, but just a reminder of the odds you are facing for it to actually happen: https://www.mlb.com/whitesox/team/front-office
  17. LittleHurt05

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    And Martellus Bennett is talking about coming out of retirement to play with his brother in NE.
  18. LittleHurt05

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    You Get a Safety! You Get A Safety! You Get a Safety! It's a good offseason for the Bears to be looking to sign one.
  19. LittleHurt05

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Wow, major fail by Rapoport, better double check those sauces. edit: Sounds like there was a deal agreed upon, but AB said thanks, but no thanks.
  20. LittleHurt05

    Official NHL COVID season thread

    Haha, that's good stuff right there. The Hawks sure are milking every penny they can out of Patrick Sharp's good looks. He's in every ad they run everywhere.
  21. LittleHurt05

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    If Brown is not a top 10 receiver, then you must be watching a different sport than me.
  22. LittleHurt05

    Signing Luke Heimlich: Acceptable or Quit being a fan worthy?

    Well, I guess I can cross Dos Laredos Tecolotes off my list for replacing the White Sox as my favorite team.
  23. LittleHurt05

    The Challenge: Vendettas Thread

    The Cara-Paulie-Kyle stuff is so uncomfortable and doesn't seem real, but that's reality TV for you. This season has been outstanding though. Just having each episode consist of a challenge, tribunal, then elimination is great. The drama is fun, but they have made it about the competition again.
  24. LittleHurt05

    2019 Catch-All

    How is it sitting in the balcony for that show? I was thinking about finally ponying up for some tickets. Is it worth it to spend $150+ to sit up there?
  25. LittleHurt05

    KW: "It's a shame" the Sox are being portrayed as cheap

    Very close to going all in on the Brewers. Nice stadium, hate the Cubs, like to drink beer and they actually acquire talent and spend money in the off season. They have given away several contracts bigger than the largest contract the White Sox ever have.