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  1. Sockin

    05/29/2022 - Cubs @ White Sox

    Honestly they do have depth at SS. if they replace Harrison and TA with Sosa and Sanchez it might be good enough to get you through until/if TA comes back and lets you know if both of those guys can hit MLB pitching.
  2. Sockin

    05/29/2022 - Cubs @ White Sox

    Get Sanchez and Sosa up here if he has to miss extended time.
  3. Sockin

    4/23 GT: Sox @ MIN (3:05 CST)

    I mean if he’s done for the year they have to go sign Conforto, right?
  4. Hoping this is a domino effect and we see more moves now.
  5. Sockin

    Offseason Part 3 - Because Part 2 Was a Dud

    Same, it’s a good problem to have and you have no clue what Colas and Cespedes are going to be. All reports are Cespedes might not even be a big leaguer.
  6. Sockin

    We should just get Castellanos

    Harold said he was their guy but something tells me they’ve been priced out at this point.
  7. Sockin

    Offseason Part 3 - Because Part 2 Was a Dud

    I know they know people in the org but I don’t know how legit the sources are.
  8. Sockin

    Offseason Part 3 - Because Part 2 Was a Dud

    I know one of the guys who run that account and they’re thinking a Kimbrel for Bellinger swap. I don’t think they have any legit sources though.
  9. The 3 bats the Sox are interested in are Schwarber, Conforto and Castellanos.
  10. I think the Sox would like a bidding war.
  11. Sockin

    Sox Sign Vince Velasquez

    Maybe Lopez is on his way out and he’s the new long man.
  12. Sockin

    MLB 2021-2 off season thread

    This does not at all surprise me. Edit: This comes off as cynical but at this point sure, why not.
  13. Sockin

    Corey Seager to the Rangers: 10Y, 325M

    The Sox will never sign a free agent again at this rate/prices.