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  1. Well my birthday is tomorrow so a Machado signing would probably be about the best present I could ask for.
  2. It really has been a roller coaster ride up to this point.
  3. John is not legit, he is a troll.
  4. So that other teams don't think they have to go over to get him. Keeps the price low and allows the Sox to get him for 8 or 9 years and less money.
  5. I mean they could have very well been using this guys info and Rosenthal just credited him.
  6. This is the guy who broke the Segura trade.
  7. Well they finally got a reputable writer to say it.
  8. This. They're running the risk if he signs elsewhere of a fanbase calling for everyone's jobs and not going to a game.
  9. If they strike out on this with the way they're going about it, there will be such a fanbase revolt thats going to make Disco Demolition look like childsplay.
  10. It's 100% this. They knew they had the strongest offer and now the Phillies or another team can top them. They're going to keep doing this until the number gets close to 300 M.
  11. Because the Sox are upset at the Passan report.