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  1. chw42


    I got banned for a week there cause I said something along the lines of how ridiculous it was that they limited signatures and avatars to basically nothing. Then I got this whole spiel about how much hosting costs and why I didn't appreciate just being able to post there, which makes the stealing bandwidth thing on their main page even more hilarious to me. Then I got permabanned for mentioning that I jailbreak iPhones in the tech thread a few months later. Because god forbid Apple come after them for even mentioning that... I've never seen a mod/admin team so self-important with sticks up their ass.
  2. chw42

    2019 MLB Catch All thread

    Torres vs. Orioles: .414/.485/1.138 for a 1.623 OPS in 16 games Torres vs. everyone else: .261/.326/.421 for a .747 OPS The Orioles are propping his OPS up by about 130 points
  3. Great piece of hitting. Not easy to hit a low change-up like that for a home run.
  4. Whoa Ruiz actually looked good.
  5. Eloy's hitting .208 against lefties. .302 wOBA.
  6. The double play definitely helped his case. The walk to Wilson was so bad though. The last two pitches weren't even close.
  7. Nothing would make me happier than for us to end up with the same record as the Cubs going into the ASB. Just sayin'...
  8. Jason's got some Hawk in him
  9. Fuckin' Gardenhire. Really?
  10. Yoan looked like he swung his back out the previous pitch.
  11. Damn, no doubles defense actually did its job there.
  12. You bust Gordon high and in with a good fastball and he's not gonna do much with it. That's been the book on him forever.