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  1. I guess I was thinking about something like this in the case where somebody would say it in a work environment. If I said anything racially derogatory at work, I'd probably get a call from HR regardless of my race. Whether or not they do anything about is another thing. But come to think of it, if I told someone to go fuck themselves, I'd definitely get punished by HR. Whereas Kyle Schwarber (the most recent example of this) got no added punishment from MLB.
  2. I think it's fine to for MLB to disallow it, but they need to be clear on it and set boundaries. But to set a precedent like this against a black player, on Jackie Robinson week, and over an incident where said player was wrongfully ejected for basically doing nothing wrong just looks so bad it's mind-numbing.
  3. And this instance is a terrible time and place to decide that. I don't think I need to spell the optics of this out to you.
  4. And you wonder why there's not a lot of African Americans in pro baseball. This kind of just adds to it.
  5. Only baseball would suspend a black man calling a white man the n word.
  6. Joe West is basically a dirty cop at this point.
  7. Yeah but I doubt they go back and look at video to look for it. MLB is so out of touch.
  8. Oh boy only MLB would suspend a black person for saying the N word.
  9. Managers swear at umpires all the time after getting tossed. Getting suspended for language is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
  10. Fuck this shit. MLB can go fuck itself.
  11. chw42

    Chris Sale

    He's back...
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    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    The lack of accountability in both organizations is astounding.
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    Yeah but he was throwing 92-93 most of the game wasn't he? That's pretty far off from how hard he was throwing last year.
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    What's wrong with Reynaldo? He's gotta be hurt right?