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  1. chw42

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    Right? They had the time to block accounts, but no time to delete the Tweet? Even if Caruso didn't get injured, they should have known to take it down long before that news. Instead they stood their ground and blocked people for calling them out.
  2. chw42

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    I was gonna go to San Antonio to watch this team next Friday, but now I'm not sure I want to spend my money and risk getting COVID to watch a team this bad. Getting blown out by the Warriors and Nets? Fine. Getting blown out by the Magic? Unacceptable.
  3. chw42

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    Can't challenge it either cause they wasted it on the offensive foul on Vucevic earlier.
  4. chw42

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    He's dead to me. I know he's the only length we have, but there are better stretch big men you can sign in the future to get similar production for way less than what they're paying Vucevic.
  5. chw42

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    I've given Vucevic the benefit of the doubt most of the year despite him being basically a below average starter all season, but it's hard not to fault him when he drops a game this bad against the worst team in basketball and gets humiliated by the guy that we traded to get him. With so many injuries, you need a guy like Vucevic to step up, but he's done the exact opposite. DeMar was basically out there playing by himself tonight on offense.
  6. chw42

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    Realistically, how many games should they suspend Allen? 3 games? 5 games? They can't suspend him for 2 months, that's not gonna happen.
  7. chw42

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    I don't care how many guys are out...you can't be losing by 16 to Orlando at half while scoring 37 points. Half of those are from DeRozan. Vucevic needs to stop playing like a little b****. WCJ is absolutely destroying him in the paint.
  8. chw42

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    With how close the East is bundled up, the difference between the 7th seed and the 3rd seed might not be that much. Hell, right now the difference is only about 3 games.
  9. chw42

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    This team went from being a contender for the top seed to being maybe a play-in tournament team in the span of a week. Fuck this man. I can't believe we've lost 2 guys this year cause of flagrant fouls. Fouls like Allen's needs a much harsher penalty. Play like that has to be discouraged beyond getting ejected.
  10. chw42

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    Also can I just say that I hope somebody kicks Grayson Allen in the nuts so he can never have kids? People like him shouldn't be able to have kids.
  11. chw42

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    I knew something was off when he missed the 2 free throws and then shot like shit the rest of the game. Bulls are so screwed now. No Lonzo and AC means the defense will go to complete shit.
  12. chw42

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    This was a game out of the early 2000s. It's pretty rare to see a close game where both teams struggle to score 90 nowadays.
  13. chw42

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    Really dumb of Vucevic to not back down Holiday. He's almost got a foot of height on him.
  14. chw42

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    Guess he shouldn't have gone ring chasing. He sucked so bad with the Nets I don't even want him.
  15. chw42

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    I really do wonder how he'll hold up. He's been missing a ton of free throws recently. I wonder if that's fatigue.