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  1. chw42


    The thing with Tim is that he will walk more when he doesn't hit. It was the case last year. I think at minimum you're gonna get a .280 OBP out of him. Now that's pretty bad but with the improvements at the plate he's made this year I doubt he ever goes back to hitting .250 unless he reverts to his old pull happy ways of hitting. The improvements this year have been real. He probably won't hit .330 again but I'm pretty confident he's going to hang around .300.
  2. Lopez has actually been a league average starter this year according to FanGraphs. We can live with him being that as long as we get a big fish starter this off-season and Kopech and Cease take steps forward next year.
  3. chw42

    Cubs thread 2k19

    His peripherals fell quite a bit last year and got even worse this year. His 30th birthday really took a toll on his arm.
  4. chw42

    Machado do-over

    The fact that Yoan's got twice the amount of fWAR as Machado does make me feel great though.
  5. chw42

    Machado do-over

    I said it right after the Padres signed him...but Machado chose the wrong home park to play in. Petco is heavily supressing his numbers. He's got a .359 wOBA on the road and a .303 wOBA at home. I said I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up with a .340 wOBA this year and it's looking like he'll do even worse than that.
  6. chw42

    Goodbye Felipe Vasquez

    Maybe he got tired of banging his sister.
  7. chw42

    2019 MLB Catch All thread

    Seems like Crick got the news of Vazquez being a pedophile a whole week before everyone else.
  8. chw42

    Free Agency - How confident are you?

    I can totally see Calhoun hitting below .200 with us. He doesn't hit for a high average to begin with, but knowing our luck with left handed power hitters...
  9. chw42


    I got banned for a week there cause I said something along the lines of how ridiculous it was that they limited signatures and avatars to basically nothing. Then I got this whole spiel about how much hosting costs and why I didn't appreciate just being able to post there, which makes the stealing bandwidth thing on their main page even more hilarious to me. Then I got permabanned for mentioning that I jailbreak iPhones in the tech thread a few months later. Because god forbid Apple come after them for even mentioning that... I've never seen a mod/admin team so self-important with sticks up their ass.
  10. chw42

    2019 MLB Catch All thread

    Torres vs. Orioles: .414/.485/1.138 for a 1.623 OPS in 16 games Torres vs. everyone else: .261/.326/.421 for a .747 OPS The Orioles are propping his OPS up by about 130 points
  11. Great piece of hitting. Not easy to hit a low change-up like that for a home run.
  12. Whoa Ruiz actually looked good.
  13. Eloy's hitting .208 against lefties. .302 wOBA.
  14. The double play definitely helped his case. The walk to Wilson was so bad though. The last two pitches weren't even close.