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  1. jenksycat

    Rendon Thread

    My pipe dream was Rendon for 3b, Yoan to the OF, Madrigal to 2b. If Eloy is considered an outfielder defensively I don't think Yoan would have any problem.
  2. jenksycat

    More "Hahnspeak" on Robert/Madrigal/Collins coming up

    There is 0 reason why Collins is not the everyday DH at this point.
  3. jenksycat

    The 2020 Rotation - What’s Your Plan?

    So they get brownie points now just for an offer even if they know the offer is low? That's an interesting take.
  4. jenksycat

    UNVERIFIED: Eloy Jimenez Expected to Miss At Least 6 Weeks

    Should never sniff an outfield again. He makes Viciedo look like Griffey.
  5. jenksycat

    Ervin Santana has been DFA

    Maybe if they had just pitched of "Manny" & "Machado" as 2 different guys each making $17.5m/yr old moneybags Jerry would have signed off in a heartbeat.
  6. jenksycat

    The Anderson Saga (continued from game thread)

    It's all so incredibly stupid that I can't believe MLB hasn't fixed in the last decade. It's not 1950. Let guys celebrate and have some fun. If you hate bat flips, don't throw meatballs. Also, NEVER celebrate a big strikeout as a pitcher because it's the exact same thing. 30 day suspension for leaving the bench for a 'brawl' 30 day suspension for intentionally hitting a batter Done
  7. Baseball is truly the stupidest sport sometimes. Celebrate big strike out? All good Celebrate a big homerun? You are a disgrace to the game and will have a ball thrown at you. Get angry at said ball being thrown at you? Take a seat
  8. jenksycat

    The Rick Hahn Dynasty

    Jerry Reinsdorf has been in charge of this team since 1981. 37+ years. They have 5 post season appearances in those 37 years. That sucks
  9. jenksycat

    The Rick Hahn Dynasty

    We have a Jerry Reinsdorf problem plain and simple. Starts with him employing competent people and not keeping idiots around for decades because he's "loyal" ++ being able to occasionally write a large check for quality talent. They don't have "250m to spend on parts we need" when they A) Can't identify what a quality part even is B) There are not enough quality parts available. They need ALL of these prospects to hit + lock more up with long term deals as after this batch its going to be a much darker period because they don't have a Sale/Q/Eaton dump to reload with.
  10. jenksycat

    The Rick Hahn Dynasty

    Because they have a proven track record of a couple decades that they don't have a clue how to draft or develop prospects + add in that they are still hamstrung by a cheapass billionaire owner = they need every single one of these players to pan out to have any real chance at more than 1-2 playoff appearances because there will not be another wave of talent behind them. Also - Manny wasn't signed over 5 million f'ing dollars a year ultimately. Meanwhile: Nova, Santana, Alonso, Jay are on this roster costing 3-4x that amount and over the next decade there will ALWAYS be guys like that wasting space and money on the roster
  11. jenksycat

    Eloy officially got paid

    Nice, a piece to trade after 5 more losing years when he's a superstar on a cheap contract
  12. jenksycat

    Eloy officially got paid

    If this is real (which I don't believe it is) it is 100000% a "see we spent money!!!" move. Nothing more
  13. jenksycat

    Eloy officially got paid

    Feels like a quick "shit ALL our fans hate us cause we're cheap & shitty at our jobs so lets try and drum up some excitement for this season"
  14. jenksycat

    Eloy officially got paid

    Seems extremely high for what would be arb + 1 extra year even if he is a superstar?
  15. jenksycat

    Dunning to Meet with Dr. Andrews

    Good thing we got such a low payroll so we can withstand hits like these and fill holes over the next 5 years