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  1. jenksycat

    2021 Plan for Kopech and Crochet

    Kopech - start in the minors to get confidence back and the extra control year then plop into the rotation. Move to bullpen for playoffs. Crochet- wait out his inevitable TJ, hope that it hits early on so the surgery can happen asap.
  2. I do love that the needs going into this off season (RF, SP, Reliever) are going to be exactly the same next off season because of how cheap the shit owner of this team is.
  3. 1 year rental. We now need Jerry to pony up for RF and he won't so...neat
  4. jenksycat

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    2 of the last 3 managers of the Sox had to be talked into managing if Old Tone is hired. Truly remarkable
  5. jenksycat

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Started looking at who will still be on the team in 2024 after 3 disastrous years with Larussa and they fire the 80 year old to start over fresh yet again.
  6. jenksycat

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    It was almost impossible to screw this up and yet it sounds like they found a way. In utter disbelief we're hiring a drunk senior citizen who hasn't coached in over a decade & failed in the front office to oversee the best group of young talent this franchise has ever had. Completely and totally insane. Nothing says "change the game" and a bunch of young exciting players than Tony Fucking Larussa.
  7. jenksycat

    An honest question about Vaughn

    Dayan Viciedo played RF for many years. My vote would be Vaughn/Eloy/Abreu play some combo of LF/1B/DH. And get a decent RF so the outfield isn't an entire black hole defensively.
  8. What an absolute joke having Edwin in this lineup. Either A) Nobody above Ricky has the ability to tell him to fuck off with these shit lineups B) The people above Ricky agree the .100 hitting Edwin needs to be in the lineup over Mcann (or literally anyone else on the roster)
  9. jenksycat

    White Sox/A's-- Pre-series Discussion

    Cycle through free trials of Youtube TV, Hulu, Sling, Fubo, etc.
  10. jenksycat

    JR worried about 2021 season

    As always and forever: Fuck Jerry Reinsdorf.
  11. You keep pointing to "people won't believe it" but its not really based on beliefs. In the Hollywood accounting examples you can see the games being played to turn things into losses on paper. There's not really any disputing that and the same would go for baseball. Just because its not technically an issue 'legally' in the books doesn't mean its actually losses. Also doesn't factor in any of the sweetheart deals these teams have with cities for their stadiums. For once the owners just have to eat it, sucks for them but that's the situation we're in. If a team randomly stopped drawing fans they'd still have to pay all their contracts out, they couldn't just argue to cancel the season. No difference here, there's some risk in owning a team and it happened this year. Ultimately I just will never feel sorry for a billionaire owner losing the equivalent of a few hundred dollars to me or you its just absurd.
  12. 100% owners and there's not really any argument against that IMO. They own teams that print money - but are still technically a 'business' and sometimes businesses lose money. Eat the lost, start the game back up, and get on with life. Instead they've been spoiled for decades with a 0 risk investment they feel entitled to never lose a dime. Fuck em
  13. jenksycat

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    And in a couple years the owners & idiots running the MLB will continue to cry about how they just don't understand the mystery of why ratings/attendance are down.
  14. jenksycat

    Angels sign Rendon - 7yrs 245

    My pipe dream was Rendon for 3b, Yoan to the OF, Madrigal to 2b. If Eloy is considered an outfielder defensively I don't think Yoan would have any problem.
  15. jenksycat

    More "Hahnspeak" on Robert/Madrigal/Collins coming up

    There is 0 reason why Collins is not the everyday DH at this point.