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  1. jenksycat

    Eloy officially got paid

    Nice, a piece to trade after 5 more losing years when he's a superstar on a cheap contract
  2. jenksycat

    Eloy officially got paid

    If this is real (which I don't believe it is) it is 100000% a "see we spent money!!!" move. Nothing more
  3. jenksycat

    Eloy officially got paid

    Feels like a quick "shit ALL our fans hate us cause we're cheap & shitty at our jobs so lets try and drum up some excitement for this season"
  4. jenksycat

    Eloy officially got paid

    Seems extremely high for what would be arb + 1 extra year even if he is a superstar?
  5. jenksycat

    Dunning to Meet with Dr. Andrews

    Good thing we got such a low payroll so we can withstand hits like these and fill holes over the next 5 years
  6. jenksycat

    What Kind of Rebuild is This?

    2006 would have been a wild card most years too just caught a super hot division. If they don't make at least the wild card 2-3 times over the next decade in this shit division they should just be relegated to a minor league team.
  7. jenksycat

    What Kind of Rebuild is This?

    Precisely why I can't muster any excitement for this team under its current owner/FO. All of the potential "star" assets the Sox currently have were acquired trading MULTIPLE HoF/insane contract players that are nearly impossible to have happen again like it did Best case over the next 10 years: Sox make the playoffs 2-3 times and maybe catch lightning in a bottle once for a real run. So invested in this shit franchise for so long and now I couldn't give less of a shit. FU Jerry
  8. jenksycat

    Sox Therapy Thread-Enter at your own risk

    Ask the PR dept if they'll have a dedicated anti-gay section in the park where you guys can smash some people that get too close maybe?
  9. jenksycat

    Sox Therapy Thread-Enter at your own risk

    Pretty sure I'd be on board for Miggy's aged 26 - 36 seasons. You know, the ones where he was an absolute monster for 6 straight years, multiple MVPs, triple crowns. That stuff's pretty neat. "Well, well, these guys are going to suck in the 2027 season!!!!'" is the stupidest possible argument and gives to much credit to this garbage front office and ownership. I could give less of a shit about the 2028 payroll if you have a HoF player in his prime to combine with your (hopeful) young talented core. Not to mention 25m in 2028 isn't going to be the same as in 2019. This franchise as currently constructed has a ~5-6 year window to win and they needed to maximize the chance at that by spending money. They have proven over multiple decades that they cannot draft, scout, or develop players. The likelihood of having a solid farm system & young core ever again after this batch runs out is about 0% when you don't have HoF/amazing contract players to trade for other team's assets. FU forever Reinsdorf you cheap bastard.
  10. jenksycat

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    Seems fairly straight forward: no contracts longer than 8 years and no money more than 250m, and if you do want to offer both of those the player better weep in gratitude for being so generous to him. Hard caps from moneybags JR
  11. "WE'RE NOT CHEAP" says pres/GM of team that will have the 5th or lower payroll for the next 10 years.
  12. jenksycat

    2019 fan engagement poll

    Jerry will never get another cent from me.
  13. jenksycat

    Hahn on Manny Loss...

    I said months ago the only way this whole offseason would end up embarrassing is if the Sox weren't the clear and way top bidder. They were not. This franchise is an absolute dumpster fire and will never get a cent from me until its under new ownership. They can't draft, they can't scout, they can't develop, they can't spend. They will never put a good product on the field outside of the occasional flash in the pan season every few decades. I hate that Jerry's "legacy" will be that of a winner. That cheap bastard has done nothing other than fall ass backwards into MJ when he should go down as the worst owner in the history of pro sports when you consider market + control over 2 teams.
  14. jenksycat

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    I, for one, am super happy this Sox team is going to 5-10m in financial flexibility in 2028 (when that money will look like 1-3m in current day spending). Really smart move by this A+ franchise. F' Jerry forever.