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    2014-2015 NFL Football thread

    QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Jan 8, 2015 -> 03:23 PM) HE is in fact the youngest GM in the league. Now the next exciting part...who will the coach be. The Trib has a picture of him up on its website. He looks like he's 23. I know its ridiculous and I sound like an old man, but seeing that didn't exactly fill me with confidence.
  2. clyons

    Opening Day '15 - Blackout?

    I had a nice Opening Day streak going for awhile, but haven't been to one in years. The last may have been in 2005 (coincidence?; I think not). Have they announced when single game tickets go on sale? I looked, but couldn't find anything on the team's website.
  3. clyons

    Hello to the new Soxtalk posters!

    Welcome all! And thanks SS2k5 for starting this thread and posting that info. I never even knew about the Facebook or Twitter pages.
  4. clyons

    2014 Films Thread

    QUOTE (Chilihead90 @ Dec 27, 2014 -> 01:52 PM) Saw The Imitation Game yesterday. I thought it was really, really good. I loved everything except for how the ending dragged on a bit. Could have shaved about 20 minutes off, but it was under 2 hours anyway, so the extra 20 minutes wasn't unbearable. I enjoyed it, although I docked it some points for lazily rehashing a couple of trite, movie clich├ęs.
  5. clyons

    Should #13 be put back in circulation?

    Seems to me there's a difference between retiring it altogether and just keeping it out of circulation for a while as a sign of respect; perhaps even for as long as the "main wearer" is alive. I'd be fine with either for 13, but would vote to retire 56 and 14 first.
  6. clyons

    2014-2015 NFL Football thread

    QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Dec 29, 2014 -> 09:22 AM) i just dont think you can play the "well he could have moved down and gotten him later" game like that. A few teams came out and said they really liked Long and considered him late in the first round. Regardless of hindsight. Long was a really good pick. It was a great pick. It was also a reach. Those don't have to be mutually exclusive.
  7. clyons

    2014-2015 NFL Football thread

    Kudos to George. These were absolutely the right moves. Years ago, I would have been celebrating. Today, as an old man with a family and mortgage, I hate to see anyone lose their jobs, even ones with a bit of contractual security to cushion the blow.
  8. clyons

    speaking of Hahn

    Not defending RV, but I am entertained by victories, not press conferences. Marshawn Lynch is kinda bland during interviews, too.
  9. clyons

    2014-2015 NBA thread

    QUOTE (kev211 @ Dec 26, 2014 -> 12:44 AM) Are the bulls the best team in the NBA when healthy? FWIW, Sir Charles said he thought so last night.
  10. clyons

    memories of the 2005 World Series

    It was awesome. You have to consider that unlike St. Louis, which has won multiple pennants and WS Championships in your lifetime, this was the first WS in Chicago since 1959, and the first championship since 1917. It was a really big deal, and in some ways cause for relief as much as celebration.
  11. clyons

    2014-2015 NFL Football thread

    Sounds like Harbaugh is afflicted with the "Mike Keenan" syndrome. He wins, but he wears on you.
  12. clyons

    2014 Films Thread

    Late to the party on Interstellar. Thought it was pretty good, but certainly not great. I am a huge Nolan fan, but it was not one of his better efforts. Its possible that I went in expecting too much.
  13. clyons

    2014-2015 NFL Football thread

    Why exactly is Jim Harbaugh allegedly being fired/allowed to leave the 49ers? What is the purported nature of his rift with upper management, and how can it be so bad that they would want him gone after just one down year? The 49ers are not dumb. Should their reasons signal red flags to other NFL teams?
  14. clyons

    2014-2015 NFL Football thread

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Dec 19, 2014 -> 12:34 PM) I agree with this. Sometimes guys try to think too far out of the box when the answers are in the box. I don't know if he wants to look smarter or what, but at this point, he's made enough bad decisions to where most teams wouldn't want him making decisions anymore. I agree, too. Some people have a need to prove that they're smarter than the average Bear.
  15. clyons

    2014-2015 NFL Football thread

    QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Dec 19, 2014 -> 10:52 AM) It is much different though in the sense that Schneider, by all accounts, is extremely involved and handles the vast majority of the personell moves, with Pete having contractual control but largely he relies on Schneider. Harbaugh has indicated he isn't all that interested in those aspects, would want some say, but mainly wants to be with an organization where he is appreciated, has people who support him and let him do his thing and allow him to get to his goal of winning a superbowl. I actually think for all of those reasons, Chicago is literally the perfect place for him because we tend to have an ownership group who is pretty patient with its people, etc. We just need to let the people our ownership group hands the reigns to be football people. I think we need a good pro consultant though to help with this process (Wolf / Holmgren / Polian). Yeah, I get that Schneider is more of a partner than a puppet. Title semantics asides, I was trying to use Carroll as an example of a successful, former college coach who was lured to the NFL (ahead of the NCAA posse, I know) with more than your "average" head coach authority. I was not sure whether that would be needed to get Harbaugh, or if he was even interested in that. By many accounts (I think it was mentioned earlier in the thread), the McCaskey's reportedly love him like a son, so I assume appreciation (the kind that isn't measure with $$$$) would not be a problem here.
  16. clyons

    2014-2015 NFL Football thread

    QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Dec 19, 2014 -> 10:20 AM) That pretty much never works. And Carroll is not the GM. Well, Carroll is Vice President of Football Operations. Pete hired John Schneider, who has the title of GM, but reports to him. So Pete's pretty much the man who runs the Seahawks.
  17. clyons

    2014-2015 NFL Football thread

    Does Jim Harbaugh have what it takes to be Head Coach and GM? Does it make sense to offer him both positions with the Bears? Is that even the ideal arrangement? IIRC, only Pete Carroll has won a Super Bowl under it.
  18. clyons

    Soxtalk Demographics Poll

    When I was 16, the White Sox debuted their new free agent catcher, Carlton Ernest Fisk.
  19. I don't care to analyze or debate the geo-political ramifications. All I want to know is: When can I get the Cohibas!!!
  20. clyons

    Should I?

    QUOTE (Steve9347 @ Dec 15, 2014 -> 05:09 PM) I'd go for someone with a longer contract. Yup.
  21. clyons

    Hey Guys

    Welcome to Soxtalk.
  22. clyons

    2014-2015 NCAA football thread

    QUOTE (Soxbadger @ Dec 10, 2014 -> 05:34 PM) ? Since 1990 Wisconsin has had 3 head coaches. Bielema left because fans were pretty upset with him and prior to the Big10 championship that year there were rumors he was on his last leg there. Andersen is kind of shocking but it happens. I think that implication is rooted in speculation that the one who coached from 1990 to 2005 left shoes that are difficult to fill and thus has proven tough to work right under. I have no idea whether that has any validity to it, but I have seen the question raised by others (perhaps irresponsibly).
  23. clyons

    2014-2015 NCAA football thread

    QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Dec 10, 2014 -> 12:53 PM) Show me this "law", because it makes no sense. DV arrests can happen well after the fact, and there is no per se requirement for hospitalization to occur. Those things I know. Beyond that, I see virtually no chance the law says anything like what you are saying here. But I am open to be corrected - show me. I know the law to be similar in Illinois; the police have extremely limited (if no actual) discretion. If there is probable cause to believe DV has occurred (a very low bar which is cleared even by "He said/She said"), arrests are to be made so that the courts, not the cops, can sort it out.
  24. clyons

    2014-2015 NCAA football thread

    QUOTE (RockRaines @ Dec 10, 2014 -> 11:33 AM) The details are the best, he was outside waiting for cops saying "one of my girlfriends is in there tripping and wont leave." PLaya And the Deadspin article implied he called the cops first; that's generally not the behavior of a criminal (other than a gangsta of luv).
  25. clyons

    And "it" begins once again

    Victorious World Series General Manager Rick Hahn would be ok with me.