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    What do you wear to games?

    Usually just a jersey or a cap, but if I wear both, I make sure to vary their styles and eras (i.e, throwback cap with current style jersey/shirt or vice-versa). I'm older, and at the point in my life where I feel dorky going to the game in an "official"-looking half-uniform. That's fine if you're younger, but if you've seen the heard of pot-bellied lemmings leaving Union Station for a Wrigley Field night-game looking all ready to pinch-hit, you know that's a look to avoid.
  2. clyons

    Who Would Your VP Pick Be?

    Interesting question. I have no idea. I don't know that I would pick a friend, or at least a real close one. Friendship, or rather mere compatability, is not always the best attribute in a business partner, and I've often heard it said that you shouldn't go into business with your friends. I would look more for a colleague/acquaintance whom I have been able to work well with in the past, whose judgment, work ethic, and opinions (although not necessarily identical to my own) I respect, and who, most importantly, I could absolutely TRUST. Tall order, I know, but like with a roomates, friendship can complicate a partnership. Or maybe all my friends are just rubberheads.
  3. clyons

    Music Thread

    If there are any fellow geezers on here, the release date for the new AC/DC album, "Black Ice," has been set for October 20th. It will be sold only through the band's website and at Walmart (!?!). A tour has been announced, but no dates have been scheduled. THUNDER !!!!
  4. clyons

    Bought a new TV

    I second the recommendation of Avsforum.com. I'm just a lurker there, but have found it very helpful. Make sure you have your installer hook you up with an over the air (ota) antenna, so you can get WCIU Sox and Bulls games in HD. DirectTV does not offer that channel in HD via satellite. Also, did you get the hd dvr? Once you've had it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.
  5. Greg Maddux is a Dodger? http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=3541723
  6. Good job by MB to minimize the damage
  7. Nice, quick shut down inning by Buhrls
  8. clyons

    How About a Garcia Comeback?

    Minor league Tiger deal done. http://www.sportsline.com/mlb/story/10929063
  9. I don't get the asterisks. There's no way Webb or Beckett are going anywhere this year. Did I misunderstand something?
  10. clyons

    How About a Garcia Comeback?

    Get Freddy here now!!! He's always had big game balls, Ozzie is his kin, he's worked well with Coop, and all it will take is some cash. Pay him what it takes, and if he has even a semblance of velocity, give him the ball every fifth day and let him audition for his next contract on a big stage. In a pennant race, I'd rather take my chances with even 85% of a big game, road warrior rather than a Poreda, Broadway, or Egbert who has never sniffed the bigs.