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    2014-2015 NCAA football thread

    QUOTE (HickoryHuskers @ Aug 28, 2014 -> 03:32 PM) Tommy Rees is the only player I can think of arrested in the past few years. No doubt arrests are infrequent there compared to other places, but Will Mahone was arrested and kicked out just this summer. Clausen and Calabrese had minor but highly-publicized alcohol arrests, and there was a player named "Hand" arrested for soliciting a hooker in the Charlie Weis era (that one I remember because of the jokes that he should have used it). There was also a TE arrested for having weed in his car (but I think he got that charge dismissed by blaming his girlfriend).
  2. clyons

    2014-2015 NFL Football thread

    QUOTE (Brian @ Aug 29, 2014 -> 08:47 AM) We only need 2 preseason games Yes. To think at one time there were six is hard to believe.
  3. One of the writers I follow on twitter tweeted that last night's game was just the 9th all season that Abreu, Garcia, and Eaton started together. Eaton seems like a player whose going to miss time off and on, but its hard to truly gauge "success" when that happens to your newly acquired core. Bullpen aside, things are moving in the right direction, so by that (meager) standard, its still a relative success.
  4. clyons

    (Insert Celeb Here) is Dead

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Aug 24, 2014 -> 05:07 PM) Sir Richard Attenborough, age 90. With the "Scrounger" going last month and now "Big X," its ban a rough stretch for "The Great Escape" alumni. David McCallum should be careful.
  5. clyons

    Angels Acquire Gordon Beckham

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Aug 21, 2014 -> 05:13 PM) Mike Caruso. Sammy Sosa. Mike Cameron. Kenny Williams. Considering he was the supposed centerpiece of the entire "White Flag Trade," I'll go with him. He won 1 crosstown game at Wrigley and after that--nuthin'.
  6. QUOTE (Jerksticks @ Aug 19, 2014 -> 01:44 PM) I think everybody is over thinking this. Stanton, Eaton & Garcia will be just fine. I luv it when you analyze . . .
  7. clyons

    2014 Catch-all Anything thread

    Cheryl Scott is leaving Channel 5: http://www.robertfeder.com/2014/08/16/weat...-leaving-nbc-5/ Life is f***ing cruel.
  8. clyons

    2014-2015 NCAA football thread

    QUOTE (HickoryHuskers @ Aug 15, 2014 -> 02:15 PM) OK, this doesn't sound terribly believable to me, but I'm hearing from several people that this involves a female tutor writing papers for many students, only a few of whom are football players, in exchange for sex. A female tutor is writing papers for students (including non-athletes) and giving them sex? I hope the papers aren't about economics, because that is one dumb tutor.
  9. clyons

    Would you still be a Sox fan if they moved?

    QUOTE (GreatScott82 @ Aug 15, 2014 -> 08:01 AM) I remember the Sox coming close from moving to Sarasota back in the late 80's. I never want a scare like that again. The White Sox belong in Chicago. My best friend and I went out and got s***-faced the night the move was supposed to become official, when Governor Thompson ended up moving the clocks back in Springfield to broker the new stadium deal. I went to sleep (passed out) convinced they were gone. That was crazy.
  10. clyons

    Golfing Thread

    I hate the guy (Tiger), but faking never entered my mind. I guess it would explain the miraculously quick recovery, though. I attributed it to "19 Fever." And he has no business on the Ryder Cup team. NONE. I love Tom Watson, but him even entertaining that notion is ridiculous and probably (hopefully) just for PR. Tiger's record in that event is spotty even when he's been on top of his game.
  11. clyons

    Golfing Thread

    Tiger's got real guts; winning the U.S. Open on a near broken leg proved that, but playing the PGA after what happened last week just doesn't seem real smart.
  12. clyons

    Pick one: Jose Abreu or Chris Sale

    QUOTE (CaliSoxFanViaSWside @ Aug 4, 2014 -> 04:39 PM) Chicks dig the long ball. I dig chicks. Therefore I dig Abreu. Nutshell. This is some kind of impeccable logic, and I support this post 100%. As, I am sure, would Sigmund Freud.
  13. clyons

    *Official* Work Out Thread

    As I have upped my weekly runs to four days a week for marathon training, I have had to cut back on my weightlifting due to lack of time. My normal routine is to lift 4 times a week (1 of them a "leg day"), using heavy weights for 3 sets of 6-10 reps each. I am curious as to what is the "minimum" amount of lifting I can get away with just to "maintain" through October. I am thinking/hoping I should lift just once a week (eliminating leg day altogether), and switch my routine to incorporate lighter weights with more reps. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. clyons

    HOU vs Aiken

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jul 21, 2014 -> 03:57 PM) The Sox didn't lose out on Alex Fernandez. He signed, and spent nearly six years with the club, until he was almost a free agent, and was traded to SF in the White Flag trade. No. He signed with Florida as a free agent and was not a part of that trade.
  15. clyons

    2014 TV thread

    Pretty high body count last night on "24;" which was really only "12"
  16. clyons

    2014-2015 NBA thread

    QUOTE (buhbuhburrrrlz @ Jul 11, 2014 -> 11:58 AM) This is gold.
  17. clyons

    Latest Atrocity; Guy in Georgia

    QUOTE (Jenksismyb**** @ Jul 10, 2014 -> 09:08 AM) Also, let's not forget this guy "forgot" the kid was there, but at some point in the day came back and put stuff in his car. There's no reason he wouldn't have seen the kid at that point. That is something besides google searches that will test any claim of coincidence. Undoubtedly, however, the cops are looking/hoping/waiting for more than that (ideally "hard" evidence), or else they would have charged him by now. This article states there have been multiple "hot car" death nationwide this year, which absolutely boggles the mind. At best, these drivers are negligent, manslaughtering morons, but they can't all be cold-blooded killers. At least I hope not. http://www.hlntv.com/interactive/2014/07/0...deaths-map-2014
  18. clyons

    Chris Sale wins Final Vote

    You know, for a fan-base that is often maligned as "fair-weather" and apathetic, I think getting Sale in would really say something positive about White Sox fans, in view of the track record in these Final Votes. Then again, the haters will say that we have nothing better to do than sit at and click our computers all day.
  19. clyons

    Latest Atrocity; Guy in Georgia

    If this guy did it, I hope they have more evidence on him than Google searches. If so, he deserves a special kind of hell and everything the system can throw at him, but as damningly circumstantial as that is, I'd be uncomfortable finding guilt beyond a reasonable doubt based on only that.
  20. clyons

    Hawk Harrelson Drinking Game Coozies

    IMHO, adorning your scrotum with anything White Sox related inappropriately suggests the team's subservience and is wrong. I would, however, wear a beer koozie featuring Clark the Cub, and I have impaled Packers ones at parties.
  21. clyons

    Sports Media discussion

    There's a long, semi-interesting and gossipy article on Deadspin having to do with our old friend Jay: http://deadspin.com/how-two-infamous-ex-es...l-vi-1598124472
  22. clyons

    2014 Films Thread

    QUOTE (whitesoxfan99 @ Jun 26, 2014 -> 03:41 PM) Star Wars was nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars and Ebert's review of the film was positive. I remember Time Magazine lauding Star Wars on its cover as "The Year's Best Movie." http://content.time.com/time/magazine/arti...,914964,00.html
  23. clyons

    Official NHL 2014-15 Thread

    QUOTE (RockRaines @ Jul 1, 2014 -> 01:24 PM) Iginla to Colorado. That's a solid move for that young team. Ouch.
  24. clyons

    2014-2015 NFL Football thread

    I don't think it matters one bit how a term was "first used." Language is fluid, and what matters is how it's understood today. "f**" used to refer to a cigarette.
  25. clyons

    2014-2015 NFL Football thread

    The USPO took the exact same action in 1999, and was reversed on appeal by a federal court.