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    White Sox vs Blue Jays 5/27 game thread

    This team's baserunning is beyond awful. That and the defense makes them very tough to watch.
  2. clyons

    Rowand will be TV guy this weekend

    QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ May 15, 2015 -> 09:57 AM) When there is a quiet stretch, is he gonna suddenly run into the outfield wall? Assuming there is a quiet stretch when Hawk gets pissed, of course. His announcing will be so grindery.
  3. clyons

    2015-2016 NFL Thread

    QUOTE (Steve9347 @ May 1, 2015 -> 06:18 PM) Please, God, let the Bears get Gregory. I thought he might have had Raiders written all over him.
  4. clyons

    2015-2016 NFL Thread

    Damn, I wanted Landon Collins for the Bears.
  5. clyons

    2015-2016 NFL Thread

    They can medicate ADHD. However, the medication, I imagine, tends to not work quite so well if you mix it with mass quantities of THC.
  6. clyons

    2015-2016 NFL Thread

    QUOTE (scs787 @ May 1, 2015 -> 09:56 AM) Give me Goldman, Kendricks, Collins, or Fisher (or Jordan Phillips). Which Collins do you like?
  7. clyons

    White Sox own worst ERA since Apr 29

    I think I hate this team this year.
  8. clyons

    2015-2016 NFL Thread

    QUOTE (knightni @ May 1, 2015 -> 07:22 AM) Would it be worth a trade up to get Gregory to the Bears? I say no. Way too risky. Just the pick alone might be.
  9. clyons

    Official Boxing Thread

    QUOTE (Brian @ Apr 28, 2015 -> 07:08 PM) I was considering ordering but $90? Pass I hear you, but just invite some buddies and pass the hat. I really think its gonna be fun.
  10. clyons

    Sox/O's postponed again for 4/28.

    The O's should have to forfeit; like the White Sox did during the Chicago Disco Riot.
  11. clyons

    Sox/O's postponed again for 4/28.

    QUOTE (LDF @ Apr 28, 2015 -> 09:45 AM) it has to be played, the powers to be will not let the actions of the rioters take any further control of this situation. the best way, start off with something purely as innocuous as a baseball game. America's #1 past time sport. Respectfully, I completely disagree. There is absolutely no reason for it to be played, and doing so sends no "message" whatsoever. This is not FDR preserving the American way of life on the homefront during WWII. This itself is a war zone.
  12. clyons

    Jarrod Saltalamacchia

    Between him and TFlo, it appears Atlanta sure knows how and when to sell high on its catching prospects.
  13. clyons

    2015 Cubs Catch-All thread

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Apr 23, 2015 -> 07:48 AM) I was watching Kaplan's show the day Russell was called up, and Kap was going on and on, saying the Cubs never thought they would be in this position so soon. One of the other panelists, I think Lazerus, said "what, 7-5?" Kaplan (sigh). In addition to being moronically cub-sessed, he and his bald head physically resemble a penis, which is only fitting given all the junk he spews.
  14. clyons

    4/21- White Sox vs Indians 7:10 PM CT

    Scout Seats, baby!!!
  15. clyons

    2015 Cubs Catch-All thread

    This is a thing right now. http://espn.go.com/chicago/index?addata=1 Which team has the best infield in baseball? 69% Cubs 31% Other Discuss (Total votes: 1,523)
  16. clyons

    2015 Films thread

    QUOTE (CrimsonWeltall @ Apr 20, 2015 -> 04:55 PM) Episode III was crap too. Anakin's turn to Vader could hardly have been handled worse. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'll agree to disagree. You're entitled to your opinion, of course, but mine isn't a fringe one: http://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/star-war...f-the-sith-2005
  17. clyons

    2015 Films thread

    QUOTE (TaylorStSox @ Apr 20, 2015 -> 02:29 PM) At this point, I prefer to pretend the PT never existed. They really are just bad movies in just about every way imaginable. Redlettermedia did a great job of illustrating it, especially the focus being on Anakin. It really should have been Obi Wan's story. Episode III was a good movie. I'd rank it as the third best in the series; not as good as the first original two, but significantly above RotJ. Only Eps 1 and 2 were crap.
  18. clyons

    2015 Cubs Catch-All thread

    Happy "Kris Bryant Day" everyone!!! I'd be excited too if I was a Cubs fan, but sports radio this morning was ridiculous and unlistenable.
  19. clyons

    Sox may air on Cozi TV, Thursday April 23rd

    I'll watch a Blackhawks playoff game over an April MLB game any day of the week and it isn't even close. I'll follow the Sox game on my phone.
  20. clyons

    Official NHL 2014-15 Thread

    Crawford will be in net for Game 2: http://espn.go.com/blog/chicago/blackhawks...ame-2-for-hawks Imo, 100% the right move.
  21. clyons

    2015-16 NCAA Football Thread

    Brian Kelly smokes crack: http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/e...ohio-states-qbs
  22. clyons

    New ownership

    All the best . . .
  23. clyons

    Official NHL 2014-15 Thread

    This news is good: http://www.secondcityhockey.com/2015/4/12/...-predators-2015
  24. clyons

    "Believe" - New documentary about '05 Sox

    QUOTE (GoSox05 @ Apr 13, 2015 -> 09:09 AM) I thought Dustin Hermanson didn't get enough recognition in that documentary. They went from Shingo to Jenks, but didn't really mention the middle of the season. I had this same thought. He was a huge key to the pen that year. 34 is a boatload of saves.
  25. clyons

    "Believe" - New documentary about '05 Sox

    I thought it was good, but I wanted to see more highlights. The ones from the El Duque came were the best for me--hadn't seen those outs in awhile. God, did Chris Berman sound disappointed! I remembered his "Oh No!" when the ball went through Tony G's legs in ALDS2, but I saw ALDS3 in a loud bar, and never heard him outdo that before last night.