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    The OU Frat Boys

    QUOTE (bmags @ Mar 11, 2015 -> 11:11 AM) Why would there be a first amendment issue here? Theoretically, you have a public university (i.e., "the government") punishing "free speech" by expelling the students for their offensive chant. However, I think there are numerous reasons why there isn't a real issue (or at least not a "clear" one as the OP claimed). Primarily, because this "speech" was more than merely racial; it referred to lynching black students who tried to pledge the frat. In that case, I think any public school (HS or college is no different) has a right to discipline that arguable intimidation, given its duty to protect other students from same. You aren't necessarily exempt from a violating a school's code of conduct just because your misconduct happens to involve "speech."
  2. clyons

    The OU Frat Boys

    QUOTE (StrangeSox @ Mar 10, 2015 -> 11:06 PM) The university has gone and expelled them, which seems like pretty clear first amendment violations. They weren't just singing about n*****s, they were singing about hanging n*****s (in reference to those fellow students wishing to pledge their fraternity) from a tree. Good luck with that case, but I'll bet one of their rich daddys tries it.
  3. clyons

    No More Hard Tickets for Season Ticket Holders

    I split a full season ticket package just once. I can attest that the feeling depicted in the scene from "Fever Pitch" when that booklet gets delivered was awesome. I can't imagine that diminishes too much over the years, no matter how many times it happens to you. I feel sorry that people will be deprived of that.
  4. clyons

    2015-2016 NFL Thread

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Mar 10, 2015 -> 08:40 AM) The Bears are only 1 season removed from being 2nd in the NFL in points scored with Cutler at QB. Cutler could never live up to his contract. His dopey looks at press conferences and during games does him no good, but this isn't like Moses Moreno is lining up behind center. QFT
  5. clyons

    2015 Films thread

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Mar 6, 2015 -> 05:18 PM) Nicholson and Keaton...Alec Baldwin? Michael Douglas? Pierce Brosnan? Like I said, there are exceptions, and out of the 100 or so romantic comedies made in the last 15 years, those are certainly a whopping 5 (and you left out Tom Hanks and Steve Martin). And as an old person, I am sad to confirm ain't nuthin goin' on.
  6. clyons

    Golfing Thread

    QUOTE (Jenksismyb**** @ Mar 9, 2015 -> 10:00 AM) Anyone ever buy refinished balls? I'm looking at some pro v1's. $45 for 3 dozen in "mint" condition. http://www.rockbottomgolf.com/titleist-gol...golf-balls.html Seems too good to be true. I've never bought them, but that's very tempting at that price. I almost pulled the trigger on the same thing @ $60 for 3 dozen http://www.golfetail.com/p-207060-titleist...nt-3-dozen.aspx
  7. clyons

    2015-2016 NFL Thread

    FWIW--Knighton played for Fox in Denver http://espn.go.com/blog/chicago/bears/post...rrance-knighton
  8. clyons

    2015 Films thread

    QUOTE (LDF @ Mar 5, 2015 -> 10:44 AM) btw, why can't Travolta play a romantic role???? Its not that he can't, but that most of those roles skew much younger. There are exceptions, but for the most part, they don't make many romantic comedies with actors in their 60s.
  9. clyons

    2015-2016 NFL Thread

    QUOTE (SoxPride18 @ Mar 6, 2015 -> 09:25 AM) Aaron Leming ‏@AaronLemingNFL 19m19 minutes ago Separate sources have confirmed that WR Brandon Marshall will be traded to the #Jets for a "late round" pick on Tuesday. #Bears This must be false. I heard Dan Bernstein say on the radio it could not happen.
  10. clyons

    Rodon to start Friday

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Mar 6, 2015 -> 09:00 AM) So what are the odds that Rodon breaks something of Quinten's? I don't want to read "Rodon" and "breaks something" in the same sentence ever again.
  11. clyons

    2014-2015 NBA thread

    For the life of me, I can't figure this Bulls team out.
  12. clyons

    2015 Films thread

    QUOTE (Reddy @ Feb 26, 2015 -> 07:57 AM) Honestly not sure about Scientology, but LDF is right on the money. I disagree. It wasn't a leading role, but audiences (including fans of the mega-popular book) seemed to certainly accept NPH playing the key part of a hetero creep in "Gone Girl," just as TV audiences accepted him playing straight in HIMYM. If its a disqualifier, its only for a small segment of roles (romantic comedies, etc.) that Travolta no longer fits anyway.
  13. clyons

    The darned dress. What color do you see?

    It is white and gold, and I will fight to the death anyone who claims otherwise as I feel very strongly about this important matter.
  14. clyons

    Single game tickets?

    Thank you, ewoks! I'll be in Sec 537 on Opening Day!
  15. clyons

    Official NHL 2014-15 Thread

    If its "only" six weeks, he could be back for the playoffs. Yay.
  16. clyons

    The Fashion Thread

    QUOTE (bigruss22 @ Feb 17, 2015 -> 03:20 PM) Thanks I'll definitely check them out then. Actually, they are having a 40% off sale today! For shoes (I wear 15) have you tried Nordstrom Rack? They have a decent selection year round, but have a "large size" shoe event twice a year that I always try to check out. Again, you can get on a list and they'll let you know when. I have also had some good luck with shoes at 6pm.com. I was hesitant to buy shoes on the internet, but they have a pretty good return policy.
  17. clyons

    The Fashion Thread

    QUOTE (bigruss22 @ Feb 17, 2015 -> 01:17 PM) I'm a bigger guy, so my choices get limited pretty quickly. I typically buy my button down work shirts from Polo online, they have regular sales that make them affordable and I find they fit better and are better quality than what Kohls will offer. I definitely struggle more in the shoe department, 14 extra wides are pretty damn rare out there. I usually end up buying Durhams (owned by New Balance) on Amazon, usually buy a pair or two a year as they are my everyday work shoes. Banana Republic (mentioned earlier in this thread) has extended sizes available on their web site that are not sold in their stores. They have 30 to 40% off sales every couple of weeks. If you get on their email list, they will let you know when.
  18. clyons

    ARod suspended for entire 2014 season

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Feb 17, 2015 -> 12:44 PM) Mark Feinsand ‏@FeinsandNYDN 11m11 minutes ago Alex Rodriguez issues hand-written apology for his PED suspension. Full story: http://nydn.us/1CFfVnB Too bad it was in Alex Trebek's mother's handwriting.
  19. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Feb 17, 2015 -> 12:21 PM) Not only do I feel like not only is he a bad radio guy, I think he personality is moody and surly. It comes off awful on radio. The awkward silences combine with the inane negative rants. blah. Agreed. I liked him though as color man to Rooney (who is obviously as good as they come and can cover for a weaker partner), but he is just not suited to carry the PBP load.
  20. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Feb 17, 2015 -> 11:08 AM) I really don't like Ed Farmer at all. My biggest pet peeve with Farmer is his penchant to call a strike out with a generic "he got him" or "strike three" without specifying whether it was called or swinging. He did that all the time when he took over PBP from Rooney, and while he doesn't do it as much anymore, he still does it once in awhile and that drives me crazy. To me, that's unacceptable for a radio announcer. Just describe what happened; don't let the listener have to assume.
  21. I honestly think it's the Padres, but I'll take the love.
  22. clyons

    White Sox sign Matt Albers

    Albers + Coop + Herm = Gold
  23. clyons

    LLWS Thread

    Mark Mulder chimes in: http://chicago.suntimes.com/baseball/7/71/...ating-long-time
  24. clyons

    Brian Williams suspended 6 months w/o pay

    QUOTE (JPN366 @ Feb 11, 2015 -> 06:45 AM) First, I have to explain to my 5 year old son why a girl is playing Peter Pan. Then, that girl gets her a$$ eaten on pay cable. Now her Dad turns out to be a liar and is taken off air?! What about the children?! Think of the children! I am confused, yet intrigued, by this reference to rim jobs. I am also surprised he does not just resign.
  25. clyons

    2015-16 NCAA Football Thread

    Because the turf at Soldier Field can always stand more use in late November . . . http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/colle...0209-story.html