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  1. QUOTE (TheTruth05 @ Aug 8, 2016 -> 01:32 PM)
    Anyway, Suicide Squad wasn't amazing but it sure as hell was decent and a fun time. Robbie was ridiculously good.


    My take as well.


    Also, did anyone catch the factoid in Harley Quinn's on-screen dossier that

    she was an accomplice to Robin's murder


  2. QUOTE (Middle Buffalo @ Aug 10, 2016 -> 07:52 AM)
    That is what he implied, and I don't really see how one can read the words he said or watch video of it and come to any other conclusion.


    Did he mean it? I'd guess not, but Trump routinely says something one day, and then walks it back the next. We really can't have that in our President.

    Yeah, I think that implication was there. He clearly was NOT speaking about mobilizing voters, as his official campaign spin stated. He was talking about her appointment of judges, which obviously happens after the election.

  3. QUOTE (bighurt574 @ Aug 1, 2016 -> 03:01 PM)
    Get ready for a few off season tweaks and taking one more run at it in 2017. If they actually found another big bat somewhere, and the old Abreu came back, maybe it works, but otherwise we'll be in this exact same spot a year from now.


    Well, at least we'll have a new manager, so there's that.

  4. QUOTE (WhiteSoxLifer @ Jul 28, 2016 -> 05:18 PM)
    Sale making his first start since the all star game. How many teams will be in attendance watching sale tonight?


    The All-Star game was 7/12. He's pitched since then, but you're lucky to have forgotten about what happened in that game, or should I say the 9th inning of that game?

  5. QUOTE (bmags @ Jul 17, 2016 -> 08:08 AM)
    It wasn't. And after thinking about it last night one of the biggest was havin. 4 comedians that they treated all as equitable. Bill Murray was the star of ghostbusters and he shined obviously. This had Kristin Wiig playing the straight person basically (huge waste) while Kate McKinnon was electric but I don't think they knew what they had there and she was not given much at all. Script was really just a mess.

    Your point about it lacking a standout performance like Bill Murray's is a very good one. I still liked it a lot though; more than I thought I would.