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  1. I may not be this savvy advanced stats guru, but, isn't Abreu leading the AL in RBIs? On the...10th ranked offense in the AL? Advanced stats be damned. Guys that drive in runs like he does, on a pretty average offensive team, are kind of valuable...
  2. Paulie4Pres

    White Sox ratings: up 40% on TV and streaming up over 100%

    I am watching the Sox again for the first time in years. They are fun to watch. So this makes sense to me.
  3. This kid is pretty good.
  4. Paulie4Pres

    ARod suspended for entire 2014 season

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jul 23, 2013 -> 07:27 PM) If ARoid started juicing at 15-16 couldn't it have been the reason why he was a physical freak when he was 18 and drafted first? And, herein lies the problem... You have no way of knowing or proving either way. Which is why I'm a fan of....you get caught taking them more than once, and you're wiped from the books. Like you never existed at any level of the sport. You get to keep your money, but all of your accomplishments and statistics are null and void. Just my two cents.
  5. Paulie4Pres

    ARod suspended for entire 2014 season

    The thing is....nobody knows how good these guys really are when not on PEDs, except the guys taking them. We have no way of knowing how long they've been using them. Who is to say that they haven't been using some kind of PED since high school, where most PED use starts? That's the problem with using them. Now their entire career is in question... It is my opinion that most of these players have probably been juicing the majority of their careers.
  6. Paulie4Pres

    how would YOU fix the sox attendance woes?

    Concession prices, and parking are the major "f*** off" prices for me.
  7. Paulie4Pres

    KW whining about (OK bringing up) attendance again

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Jun 26, 2012 -> 10:04 PM) Now the real question is whether the Sox care about a comment like this? Do as many Cubs' fans say the same thing, or they're just paying more for the "experience" of being there, like going to Las Vegas or some random hip/trendy/cool/iconic place they can tell their grandkids? Well, the Cubs are more expensive, but they also have more fans across the nation. Wrigley is a tourist attraction. The Cell is not. Like you said, it's the hip/trendy/cool/iconic/historical place to go....
  8. Paulie4Pres

    KW whining about (OK bringing up) attendance again

    Attendance is low because it's still TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE. I'm sorry, but I'm not dropping $300 to take my family to a baseball game...
  9. Paulie4Pres

    The Return of Adam Dunn, 9/05. 12:05

    QUOTE (BigSqwert @ Sep 5, 2011 -> 10:21 AM) People are really complaining about lineups now? The season is over. Who cares who's batting cleanup? Might as well give Dunn at bats to hopefully give him something to build off of going into next year. The pressure is completely off at this point. I think Dunn should play every day from here on out. He has definitely earned that worst batting season of modern day baseball title, and I want to see him get the at bats to qualify for it. I just figured it would be nice to see the Sox bat guys where they project for the future. The season is over, you're right. Which is why now you see what you have for next season. Lillibridge should be playing pretty much every day too.
  10. Paulie4Pres

    The Return of Adam Dunn, 9/05. 12:05

    AJ hitting cleanup? Really?
  11. Paulie4Pres

    ESPN Sunday Night Game

    QUOTE (fathom @ Sep 4, 2011 -> 10:01 PM) 0-3, 3 strikeouts...2 errors for Morel. He looks overmatched out there. Seems like he's not even swinging with a purpose at the plate. By far the worst game of his career. Not going to single out Morel in a disaster of a game like this. The entire team looks defeated, including our leaders, Buehrle and Konerko. This team is done. I expect to see a few games like this.
  12. Paulie4Pres

    Dunn and Rios

    If I'm running this team, I make Dunn play pretty much every day for the rest of the year. I want to see him qualify for the worst batting average of all time, and if he doesn't want that blemish on his resume, he better figure it the f*** out before the season is over. You let Konerko pile up the stats and keep playing as much as he wants, but the rest of the positions you put the kids in and see what you've got. There shouldn't be a single person left here from the coaching staff next season, and KW should be gone too. To choke and underperform this badly is inexplicable. The regression of our young hitters, is inexplicable.
  13. Paulie4Pres

    fire walker

    QUOTE (oldsox @ Aug 19, 2011 -> 09:12 AM) You'r right, Beckham was a line drive machine, or at least I remember him being a lot better hitter then than now. But even in his rookie year, Mark Gonzalez of the Trib talked about his loopy swing and that pitchers would quickly figure out how to get him out. He did this in his Mailbag columns. Geez, he might be a better hitting coach than Walker. Then at the very least, he's not helping our hitters work past flaws in their swing.
  14. Paulie4Pres

    fire walker

    With how many hitters get on the Sox roster, and regress, how does this clown still have a job? Unreal.
  15. Paulie4Pres

    White Sox vs. Indians

    QUOTE (iamshack @ Aug 17, 2011 -> 12:38 AM) He does play hard. He's so damn athletic that he makes it look easy. Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahaha..... Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Phew....that was a good one.